1:1 scale model of OREX and the Vehicle Evaluation Payload within the H-II fairing, at the Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum
Mission typeTechnology
COSPAR ID1994-007A Edit this at Wikidata
SATCAT no.22978
Mission duration2 hours
Spacecraft properties
Launch mass865 kilograms (1,907 lb)
Landing mass761 kilograms (1,678 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date3 February 1994, 22:20 (1994-02-03UTC22:20Z) UTC[1]
Launch siteTanegashima Yoshinobu 1
End of mission
Landing date4 February 1994, 00:30 (1994-02-04UTC00:31Z) UTC[2]
Landing sitePacific Ocean
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
RegimeLow Earth
Perigee altitude448 kilometres (278 mi)
Apogee altitude458 kilometres (285 mi)
Inclination30.5 degrees
Period93.64 minutes
Epoch3 February 1994[3]

OREX (Orbital Re-entry Experiment) was a NASDA re-entry demonstrator prototype which was launched in 1994 on the H-II launcher; the satellite was renamed Ryūsei (りゅうせい, Shooting star). It was a precursor for the Japanese space shuttle HOPE.

OREX tested various communications systems, heating profiles and heat shielding components for HOPE.

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