Mission typeTechnology demonstration
OperatorRyman Sat Project
COSPAR ID1998-067SB Edit this at Wikidata
SATCAT no.47925
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft typeCubeSat
Start of mission
Launch date20 February 2021, 17:36:50 UTC
RocketAntares 230+
Launch siteMARS, Pad 0A
Deployed fromISS Kibō
Delivered by Cygnus NG-15
Deployment date14 March 2021
End of mission
Decay date10 June 2022
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
RegimeLow Earth

RSP-01, nicknamed Selfie-sh was a nanosatellite developed by Ryman Sat Project. RSP-01 launched from Wallops Flight Facility on board a Cygnus spacecraft on 20 February 2021.[1][2]

The satellite decayed from orbit on 10 June 2022.[3]


RSP-01 was Ryman Sat Project's second satellite. It was a 1U CubeSat weighing around 1.3 kg, and was equipped with an arm that could extend up to 10 cm.[4] The CubeSat had three transceivers.[2] The on board computer used Arduino and Raspberry Pi.[5]

The project began in 2017, and development was completed by 2020.[6][7] Part of the development cost was covered by a crowdfunding campaign in 2019.[8][9] The RSP-01 project was led by Ryuichi Mitsui and Shuichi Ito.[5]


RSP-01's main mission was to extend an arm carrying a camera, and photograph RSP-01 with the Earth in the background, taking selfies.[5][9] The arm had a pantograph design to allow contraction after being extended.[2]

Additionally, RSP-01 conducted image recognition by machine learning, and also had a chat function.[2][9] The CubeSat used its reaction wheel to demonstrate attitude control.[2]

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