Road signs in Jamaica are standardized by the Traffic Control Devices Manual developed by the Ministry of Transport and Mining (formerly the Ministry of Transport and Works).[1] They generally follow both US signs based on the MUTCD,[2] including diamond-shaped warning signs, and European signs based on the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals. Jamaica drives on the left.

Regulatory signs

Regulatory signs are used to inform the road users of various restrictions. Unless otherwise is indicated on an additional panel, the restriction starts to apply at the point the sign is erected.

Priority signs

Prohibitory signs

Mandatory signs

Parking and stopping signs

Lane designation signs

Warning signs

Warning signs are used to give warning of possible road hazards that are difficult for a driver proceeding at a normal pace to perceive in time.

Warning of roadway conditions

Warning at intersections

Construction signs

Advisory signs

Advisory signs are part of the broader category of informative signs, which provide information to drivers about the destinations and types of facilities along the roadway, as well as general information about how to use the road.

Service facility signs


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