Road signs in Sihanoukville

Road signs in Cambodia (Khmer: ឧបសម្ព័ន្ធស្តីពីសញ្ញាចរាចរផ្លូវគោក) are standardized road signs are similar to those used in Europe but much of it resembles road signage systems used in South American countries with certain differences.[citation needed] The designs of road signage match their neighbours of Thailand and Malaysia, both of which adopt a modified version of the South American road signage system (despite both Thailand and Malaysia being part of Asia).[citation needed] Until the early 1980s, Cambodia closely followed American, European, Australian, and Japanese practices in road sign design, with diamond-shaped warning signs and circular restrictive signs to regulate traffic. Unlike Thailand and Malaysia, Cambodia does not use the FHWA Series fonts ("Highway Gothic") typeface, favouring Helvetica instead.[citation needed]

Cambodian traffic signs use Khmer, the national language of Cambodia, however, English is also used for stop and important public places such as tourist attractions, airports, railway stations, and immigration checkpoints. Both Khmer and English are used on directional signage. Cambodia signed the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, but has yet to ratify the convention.[1]

Prohibitory signs

Mandatory signs

Priority signs

Warning signs

Temporary signs

Direction signs

Built-up area and boundary signs

Street name signs

Information signs

Supplementary signs


Road markings


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