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Road signs in Turkey conform to the general pattern of those used in most other European countries and set out in the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals.[1] They are regulated by the Trafik İşaretleri Elkitabi (Traffic Signage Manual).[2][3]

Road signs in Istanbul

On May 17, 2023 Turkey acceded to the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals under the name Türkiye, after the country changed its official name from Turkey to Türkiye at the United Nations on June 2, 2022.[4][5] At the time of accession, Turkey declared three reservations and one declaration, the latter in respect of the ongoing territorial dispute in Cyprus which was escalated in 1974 by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and the declaration of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Warning signs

Regulatory signs

Information signs

Parking signs

Additional signs

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