Traffic sign in Macau

Road signs in Macau are regulated in the Regulamento do Trânsito Rodoviário (Chinese: 道路交通規章; pinyin: Dào Lù Jiāo Tōng Guī Zhāng) and standardised by the Secretary for Transport and Public Works.[1] Due to being a former Portuguese territory, the road signage in Macau is similar to road signs used in Portugal until 1998, with the addition of traditional Chinese characters and some signs reversed to reflect driving on the left. After the transfer of sovereignty over Macau in 1999, the old style of Portuguese road signs was retained and still used. Road signs conform to the general pattern of those as set out in the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, although Macau is not a signatory to it, but Portugal is.[2] Macau drives on the left.

Warning signs

Prohibitory signs

Mandatory signs

Information signs

Other signs


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