Road signs in Yerevan

Road signs in Armenia are similar to the signs of other post-Soviet states and most European road sign systems. Armenia is a signatory of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic and the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals. The Ministry of Transport regulates these icons, while the police enforces them. Road signs ensure transport vehicles move safely and orderly, as well as, to inform both pedestrians and motorists of traffic rules.


Road signs in Armenia are the same as in Russia and are based on the ГОСТ 32945-2014, ГОСТ Р 52289-2019 and ГОСТ Р 52290-2004 standards with the exception that inscriptions on road signs are in Armenian and English and the stop sign is bilingual (ԿԱՆԳ kang and STOP). The rules for the use of road signs and their technical requirements are governed by the Russian standards ГОСТ Р 52289-2019, ГОСТ Р 52290-2004 and the interstate standard ГОСТ 32945-2014.[1][2][3][4][5] Road signs in Armenia are divided into eight categories:

  1. Warning signs;
  2. Priority signs;
  3. Prohibitory signs;
  4. Mandatory signs;
  5. Special regulations signs;
  6. Information signs;
  7. Service signs;
  8. Additional signs (tables).


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