Road signs in Şabat

Road signs in Turkmenistan are similar to the road sign system of other post-Soviet states (e.g. Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan) that ensure that transport vehicles move safely and orderly, as well as to inform the participants of traffic built-in graphic icons. They generally conform to the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals.[1] Turkmenistan acceded to the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals on June 14, 1993.[2]

Road signs in Turkmenistan are based on the ГОСТ 10807-78[3][4] and ГОСТ 23457-86 Soviet standards (both of them are no longer valid in Russia) and are defined in Ýol hereketi we howpsuzlygy but with inscriptions in Turkmen language and in Latin script only.[5] However, there are road signs in Turkmenistan that are similar in design to Turkish ones and the FHWA or Arial typeface is used.[6] Road signs in Turkmenistan are a mix of post-Soviet and Turkish road sign systems.

Road signs are divided into 7 categories:

# Category name Category name (in Turkmen)
1 Warning signs Duýduryjy belgiler
2 Priority signs Artykmaçlyk beriji belgiler
3 Prohibitory signs Gadagan ediji belgiler
4 Mandatory signs Buýrujy belgiler
5 Information signs Habardar ediji – görkeziji belgiler
6 Service signs Hyzmat belgileri
7 Additional panels Goşmaça maglumat belgileri (tabliçkalar)

Warning signs

Priority signs

Prohibitory signs

Mandatory signs

Special regulations signs

Service signs

Additional plates


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