Colgate toothpaste pump dispenser

The toothpaste pump, also known as a toothpaste pump dispenser, is a device used to contain and dispense toothpaste, akin to a tube. An automatic toothpaste dispenser is a self-starting way to dispense toothpaste.


Several innovative designs have been developed[1] [2][3][4] depending on the flow properties of the toothpaste.[5] One involves a rigid toothpaste pump made of a hard plastic and functions by pressing a knob on top rather than squeezing the tube.[6] Henkel were the first to sell their toothpaste in a pump in West Germany, and it was marketed in the United States beginning in 1984. A toothpaste pump was first marketed by Marks & Spencer in the United Kingdom in 1982.[6] Unilever and Colgate began marketing their toothpaste pumps soon after.[6]

Automated dispenser

An automatic toothpaste dispenser is a wall-mounted or counter-top device used to dispense toothpaste by pressing the toothbrush against the inside plates of the dispenser, so it automatically squeezes an appropriate amount of toothpaste and avoids waste.[7][8][9] [10] Most modern automatic dispensers incorporate a toothbrush holder, and in some of the advanced models the holder also functions as a toothbrush sanitizer.[11]

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