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Wooden box with full cleated ends (Style 2)
Man with wooden box or chest, 1625

A wooden box is a container made of wood for storage or as a shipping container.

Construction may include several types of wood; lumber (timber), plywood, engineered woods, etc. For some purposes, decorative woods are used.

Boxes as shipping containers

Wooden boxes are often used for heavy duty packaging[1] when

Boxes and crates are not the same. If the sheathing of the container (plywood, lumber, etc.) can be removed, and a framed structure will remain standing, the container would likely be termed a crate. If removal of the sheathing resulted in there being no way of fastening the lumber around the edges of the container, the container would likely be termed a wooden box.

The strength of a wooden box is rated based on the weight it can carry before the cap (top, ends, and sides) is installed. "Skids" or thick bottom runners, are sometimes specified to allow forklift trucks access for lifting.

Performance is strongly influenced by the specific design, type of wood, type of fasteners (nails, etc.), workmanship, etc.

Some boxes have handles, hand holes, or hand holds.

Ammunition in wooden boxes, steel strapping

Nailed wood box

Cleated box

A cleated box has five or six panel faces with wood strips attached to them. The panels can be made of plywood, solid or corrugated fiberboard, etc. Wooden cleats reinforce the panels.

Wirebound box

Very thin lumber is used for a wirebound box. Wires are stapled or stitched to the girth and to wood cleats. These are sometimes used for produce and for heavy loose items for military or export use. These are lighter than wood boxes or crates. They have excellent tensile strength to contain items but not much stacking strength.

Skid box

Main article: Bulk box

A skid box is a wood, corrugated fiberboard, or metal box attached to a heavy duty pallet or platform on a skid (parallel wood runners)

Other wooden boxes

Decorative boxes

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ASTM standards

Performance testing a wood shipping container: Rotational corner drop test, ASTM D6179

ASTM standards:

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