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Vana Tallinn
Country of origin USSR
Alcohol by volume 40%, 45%, 50%
Proof (US)80, 90, 100
Colourdark brown
IngredientsRum, herbs, oranges, lemons, vanilla pods, and various other spices
VariantsVana Tallinn
Vana Tallinn Winter Spice
Vana Tallinn Heritage Edition
Vana Tallinn Cream
Vana Tallinn Ice Cream
Related productsViru Valge

Vana Tallinn (Literal translation: "Old Tallinn") is an Estonian brand of liqueur manufactured continuously by Liviko since 1960. The recipe contains Jamaican rum and a variety of herbs and spices.[2]

Vana Tallinn is typically served on the rocks but may also be used for cocktails, food, coffee or mulled wine.[citation needed]


The recipe for Vana Tallinn (45% vol) was invented in 1960 by the master distiller Ilse Maar, the bottling manager Bernhard Jürno and the distillery specialist Jaan Siimo. Vana Tallinn (45% vol) was the only drink in the Vana Tallinn product family until 1999, with liqueurs with an alcohol content of 40% and 50% vol added at a later time. More than 115 million bottles of Vana Tallinn liqueur have been sold since the production began in 1960.[2]

As of 2022, Vana Tallinn liqueur is sold in 60 countries around the world.[2] In 2018 Liviko announced they started to export Vana Tallinn to Spain,[3][4] and in 2019 to India.[5]


Vana Tallinn liqueurs:

Vana Tallinn Cream liqueurs:

Other variants:

Vana Tallinn Grand Prix

Vana Tallinn Baltic Sommelier Grand Prix is an annual sommelier competition to find the best sommelier in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). The competition was named after Vana Tallinn.[10] Sommelier competition has been organized since 2006 by Liviko in cooperation with the Sommelier Associations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.[11] Finalists of the competition undertake a series of skill tests including blind tasting, decanting, serving wine, food matching and correcting mistakes on a wine list.[12]



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