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Venom Energy
Venom Energy2.png
TypeEnergy drink
ManufacturerKeurig Dr Pepper
2008 (relaunched)
VariantsBlack Mamba (red), Mojave Rattler (purple), Killer Taipan (yellow), Death Adder (orange), Mango (yellow), Venom Bite (Energy shot), Citrus (white/green), Strawberry Apple (white/red), Black Cherry Kiwi (magenta/green), Watermelon Lime (pink/green), Golden Viper (white/yellow).

Venom Energy is an American brand of energy drink that is produced and distributed by Keurig Dr Pepper of Plano, Texas. It is one of the few energy drinks that uses a thick aluminum bottle. Venom Energy was released in 2002 in a more typical beverage container and was relaunched in the new aluminum bottle and with a new taste in early 2008.[1]

Originally known as Elements Energy, but later rebranded after sales began to wane.

Some of the original Elements flavors did survive the rebranding: Black Mamba (Venom), Mango (Infusion), Citrus (Voltage), Strawberry Apple (Atomic), Black Cherry Kiwi (Subzero).

In 2008, Venom Energy entered into a partnership with the Arena Football League to promote the product during the 2008 playoffs on ESPN and ABC.[2] In addition, Terrell Owens is now a spokesman for the brand.[3] The company also sponsors the Andretti Autosport IndyCar Series team with driver Marco Andretti,[4] Pavel Datsyuk[5] of the Detroit Red Wings, Max Talbot[5] of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Milan Lucic[5] of the Boston Bruins, all from the NHL as well as Jordan Farmar[5] of the New Jersey Nets (NBA) and Lance Berkman[5] of the St. Louis Cardinals (MLB).


Venom Energy contains large doses of taurine, glucuronolactone, and guarana, with L-carnitine, inositol and maltodextrin as additional ingredients. The caffeine content of Venom energy drinks is roughly 162 mg per bottle, or approximately equal to that found in sixteen ounces of plain Starbucks coffee.

Venom was historically bottled in half-liter aluminum bottles (16.9 fluid ounces). In 2012, Venom downsized the bottles to 16 fluid ounces, the standard size of most other energy drink single-serve cans.

Flavor Types

Flavors types Color
Black Mamba Red
Mojave Rattler Purple (low cal)
Killer Taipan Mango Yellow
Death Adder Fruit Punch Orange
Venom Bite Energy shot
Citrus Green/White (low cal)
Strawberry Apple Red/White (low cal)
Black Cherry Kiwi Magenta/Green
Watermelon Lime Pink/Green (low cal)


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