Wuxi Metro
Native name无锡地铁
LocaleWuxi, China
Transit typeRapid transit
Number of lines5 【A total of 11 routes are planned in the future】
Number of stations97
Daily ridership1,103,200 (31 December 2023), record paying[1]
Annual ridership184,600 million (2023)[2]
Began operationJuly 1, 2014; 9 years ago (2014-07-01)[3]
Operator(s)Wuxi Metro Corporation
CharacterMostly underground, with some elevated alignment
Train length6–cars
System length145 km (90 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) standard gauge
Electrification1,500 V DC third rail

Wuxi Metro is the rapid transit system of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China. Line 1 began operations on 1 July 2014,[3] and Line 2 on 28 December 2014.[4][5] Line 3 opened on 28 October 2020. Line 4 opened on 17 December 2021.

Wuxi Metro (Wuxi Metro) is an urban rail transit system serving Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China. Its first line, Wuxi Metro Line 1, was officially opened for operation on July 1, 2014, making Wuxi the 22nd in mainland China. It is the third city in Jiangsu Province to open rail transit.

As of December 2021, there are 4 operating lines in Wuxi Metro, namely Wuxi Metro Line 1, Wuxi Metro Line 2, Wuxi Metro Line 3 Phase I, and Wuxi Metro Line 4 Phase I, all of which are metro lines covering Liangxi District, Binhu District, Xishan District, Xinwu District, and Huishan District are five municipal districts, with an operating mileage of 113.53 kilometers and a total of 85 stations.

As of December 2023, there are 4 lines under construction in Wuxi Metro, namely Wuxi Metro Line 4 Phase 2, Wuxi Metro Line 5 Phase 1, Wuxi Metro Line 6 Phase 1, S2, and S1.

In 2016, the annual passenger volume of Wuxi Metro was 81.468 million, with an average daily passenger volume of more than 223,200. In 2015, its annual passenger volume was 71 million, with an average daily passenger volume of more than 195,000. In the second half of 2014, its annual passenger volume was 17.7025 million, with an average daily passenger volume of more than 97,000. On February 10, 2024, the average daily passenger flow of Wuxi subway lines reached 1,233,400 passengers (but free), exceeding the previous record of 1,103,200 passengers (paying) on December 31, 2023, setting a new record high.

On February 16, 2024, the Wuxi subway network carried 1.4112 million passengers, a record high.[6]

Lines in operation

Map of Wuxi Metro
Map of Wuxi Metro
Line Termini
Commencement Newest
 1  Yanqiao
2014 2019 34.6 27
 2  Meiyuan Kaiyuan Temple
Wuxi East Railway Station
2014 26.3[7] 21[a]
 3  Sumiao
Sunan Shuofang International Airport
2020 28.5 21
 4  Liutan Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center 2021 25.4 18
Yanqiao Jiangyin Waitan 2024 30.4 km 10 [8]
Total 145 97
  1. ^ Anzhen station is not opened.
Map of Wuxi Metro with lines under construction.

Line 1

Main article: Line 1 (Wuxi Metro)

Line 1 runs north to south for 34.6 kilometers (21.5 mi) serving 27 stations. Most of the route is underground, with only 5 stations[3] and 7 kilometers (4.3 mi) running on an elevated alignment. CSR Zhuzhou supplied 23 six-car trainsets for the line.[9]

Line 2

Main article: Line 2 (Wuxi Metro)

Line 2 runs east to west for 26.3 kilometers (16.3 mi)[7] with 21 stations (originally 22 stations, but Anzhen station is not opened), with 6.7 kilometers (4.2 mi) being elevated[7] and the remainder underground. CSR Puzhen supplied a fleet of 120m-long six-car Type B metro trains for the line.[5]

Line 3

Main article: Line 3 (Wuxi Metro)

Line 3 runs east to west for 28.5 kilometers (17.7 mi) with 21 stations. The entire line is underground.

Line 4

Main article: Line 4 (Wuxi Metro)

Line 4 is 25.4 kilometers in length with 18 stations. The entire line is underground.

Line S1

Line S1 of Wuxi Metro, also known as Wuxi–Jiangyin intercity railway (无锡至江阴城际轨道交通) or Xicheng line (锡澄线) started construction on October 17, 2019.[10] It will be 30.4 km in length with 9 new stations, including 5 underground stations and 4 elevated stations. The line will run from Yanqiao station on Line 1 to Jiangyin Waitan station in Jiangyin (a county-level city administered by Wuxi).[8] Line S1 will through-operate with Line 1.[10] The line will have distinct express and local services.[11]

Future development

Wuxi Metro Overall Planning

According to the long-term planning of Wuxi Metro, it will form a network of 8 lines and 1 branch line, S1、S2 and the network would be 350 km (220 mi) long in long-term planning.[12]

Lines 1, 2 and 3 would be the main lines, radiating from the city center, while Lines 4,5,6,7,8would be the tangential lines for suburb to suburb traffic. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient designs will be integrated into construction and design of the stations.[13]

Under construction

Route Name Termini Planned Opening Length Stations Status Ref.
 S2  Wuxi–Yixing intercity railway or Xiyi line Zhoutie Yixing Railway Station 2029 59.56 km 9 Under construction[14] [14]

Line S2

Line S2 of Wuxi Metro, also known as Wuxi–Yixing intercity railway (无锡至宜兴城际轨道交通) or Xiyi line (锡宜线) is under construction. Yixing is a county-level city administered by Wuxi. It will be 59.56 km in length from Yixing railway station to Taihu Xincheng station. Construction of the first phase (Yixing railway station to Zhoutie, about 26 km) started in January 2023.[14]

Phase 3 construction plan (2021-2026)

The Phase 3 construction plan (2021-2026) of Wuxi Metro will add 59.8 km of new lines and extensions.[12]

Route Name Termini Planned Opening Length Stations Status References
 4  2nd Phase Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center Xishi Road 2025 12.4 km 8 Under Construction [12]
 5  1st Phase Tangcheng Xinyun Road 2026 28.9 km 22 Under Construction [12]
 6  1st Phase Gonghu Wetland Park Guangyuan Road 2028 22.3 km 16 Reviewing [12]

Long-term plans

Further plans(The Phase 4)to build 11 more lines(including Line 7 and Line 8)and to connect system with the Shanghai Metro and Suzhou Metro are part of long-term planning.[15][16]

Route Name Termini Planned Opening Length Stations Status References
 2  Wuxi East Railway Station Anzhen
 3  2nd Phase Sumiao Tangpinghu 13.52 8
 3  Branch line Sumiao Hudai
 4  3rd Phase Xishi Road Yingyuehu Park
 5  2nd Phase
 6  2nd Phase Guangyuan Road Shixin Road 6.2 4
 7  Planning North Yunlin Guansheshan
 8  Planning Jinghui Temple Yanqiao

Special metro cards

In March 2019, the Wuxi Metro began selling "Twin City" metro cards that could be used on both the Ningbo Metro and Wuxi Metro.[17]


Line 1 station
Changguangxi Station
Line 1

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