1967 Nobel Peace Prize
"to the person (or group) who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."
LocationOslo, Norway
Presented byNorwegian Nobel Committee
First awarded1901
WebsiteOfficial website
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The 1967 Nobel Peace Prize was not awarded because the Norwegian Nobel Committee decided that none of the nominations met the criteria in Nobel's will. Instead, the prize money was allocated with 1/3 to the Main Fund and with 2/3 to the Special Fund of this prize section.[1]



In total, the Norwegian Nobel Committee received 95 nominations for 37 individuals and 10 organizations such as Vinoba Bhave, Grenville Clark, Norman Cousins, Danilo Dolci, Pope Paul VI, Bertrand Russell (awarded the 1950 Nobel Prize in Literature), U Thant, the International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade and the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA). The highest number of nominations – 11 recommendation letters – was for the Austrian–Japanese politician Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi.[2]

Twenty five of these nominees were nominated for the first time such as Abbé Pierre, Ernest Gruening, Kurt Hahn, Thích Nhất Hạnh, İsmet İnönü, Danny Kaye, Sargent Shriver, Geoffrey Leonard Cheshire, Binay Ranjan Sen, Amnesty International (awarded in 1977), the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) and the Islands of Peace. The British philanthropist Sue Ryder was the only female nominee. Notable figures such as Félicien Challaye, Che Guevara, Woody Guthrie, Florence Jaffray Harriman, Harold Holt, Kathleen Innes, Annette Kolb, Mohammad Mosaddegh, Abraham Johannes Muste and Georges Vanier died in 1967 without having been nominated for the peace prize while the American philosopher William Ernest Hocking was nominated posthumously.[2]

Official list of nominees and their nominators for the prize
No. Nominee Country/
Motivations Nominator(s)
1 Abbé Pierre, O.F.M.Cap
 France No motivation included. Bodil Koch
Poul Hartling
Julius Bomholt
2 Vinoba Bhave
 India No motivation included. Dominique Pire, O.P.
3 Charles Braibant
 France No motivation included. Gabriel Le Bras
4 Frederick Burdick (?)
(prob. Eugene Burdick (1918–1965))
 United States No motivation included. Paul Douglas
Watkins Abbitt
Kenneth J. Gray
5 Sanjib Chaudhuri (?)  India No motivation included. Thakur Bateshwar Singh (?)
6 Leonard Cheshire
 United Kingdom No motivation included. Bob Cotton
7 Grenville Clark
 United States No motivation included. Henry Hicks
Brunson MacChesney
Arthur Larson
Norman MacKenzie
Joseph S. Clark Jr.
Robert Kastenmeier
Louis Susky (?)
Arturo Orzábal de la Quintana
Harold J. Berman
8 Walter Corti
  Switzerland No motivation included. Max Goldener (?)
9 Norman Cousins
 United States No motivation included. Norman St John-Stevas
Mervyn Stockwood
10 Danilo Dolci
 Italy No motivation included. John Kay
(b. 1942)
members of the Swedish Parliament
11 Harry Elias Edmonds
 United States No motivation included. Oliver Kitson
12 J. William Fulbright
 United States No motivation included. Giannēs Koutsocheras
13 Ernest Gruening
 United States No motivation included. Denna Frank Fleming
14 Kurt Hahn
 Germany No motivation included. Helmut Haussmann
(b. 1943)
Hugh Trevor-Roper
15 Thích Nhất Hạnh
 Vietnam "for his lifelong efforts to promote peace, social justice and reconciliation in between North and South Vietnam." George McTurnan Kahin
Martin Luther King Jr. (1929–1968)
Walter Nash
Jim Cairns
John G. Dow
Lawrence Fuchs
Horace L. Friess
16 William Ernest Hocking
 United States No motivation included. Bob Wilson
17 William P. Holman
 United States No motivation included. Odin Langen
18 Robert Maynard Hutchins
 United States No motivation included. J. William Fulbright
19 İsmet İnönü
 Turkey No motivation included. members of Turkish Parliament
20 Marc Joux (?)  France No motivation included. Auguste Billiemaz
21 Danny Kaye
 United States "for his role as the first UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador." John H. Lavely
(b. 1943)
22 Wayne Morse
 United States No motivation included. Denna Frank Fleming
23 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
 Iran No motivation included. members of the British Parliament
24 Pope Paul VI
 Vatican City No motivation included. José María Gil-Robles y Quiñones
25 Charles Rhyne
 United States No motivation included. Frank Moss
26 Das Moni Roy (1895–?)  India No motivation included. Subimal Kunnar Mukherjee (?)
27 Bertrand Russell
 United Kingdom No motivation included. Ivan Petrovsky
28 Sue Ryder
 United Kingdom No motivation included. Rab Butler
Bob Cotton
29 Binay Ranjan Sen
 India No motivation included. Rakel Seweriin
30 Sargent Shriver
 United States No motivation included. Richard Ottinger
(b. 1929)
31 Isidor Feinstein Stone
 United States No motivation included. Linus Pauling
32 Clarence Streit
 United States No motivation included. Geoffrey de Freitas
33 U Thant
 Burma No motivation included. American Friends Service Committee[a]
Friends Service Council[b]
professors at the Leiden University
5 members of the Norwegian Parliament
34 Östen Undén
 Sweden No motivation included. members of the Swedish Parliament
35 Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi
No motivation included. Gaston Eyskens
Victor Larock
John Biggs-Davison
Arthur Gibson (?)
Rudolf Suter
François Perin
Hans-Joachim von Merkatz
Erich Mende
Friedrich Heer
Franz Josef Strauss
Leopoldo Rubinacci
36 Quincy Wright
 United States No motivation included. J. David Singer
37 Shigeru Yoshida
 Japan No motivation included. 3 members of the Permanent Court of Arbitration
Shigeru Kuriyama
38 Amnesty International
(founded in 1961)
London No motivation included. 4 members of the Norwegian Parliament
9 professors at the University of Oslo
39 Islands of Peace
(founded in 1958)
Huy No motivation included. Willy De Clercq
Raymond Vander Elst
40 Lions Clubs International
(founded in 1917)
Oak Brook No motivation included. Howard Cannon
Kaare Meland
Karl Boo
41 International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
(founded in 1952)
London No motivation included. 6 members of the Swedish Parliament
42 International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade (The IU)
(founded in 1926)
London No motivation included. Johan Møller Warmedal
43 Organization of American States (OAS)
(founded in 1948)
Washington, D.C. No motivation included. Carlos Dunshee de Abranches
B. J. Tennery (?)
44 United Poets Laureate International (UPLI)
(founded in 1963)
Manila "for promoting world brotherhood and peace through poetry" Angel Macapagal
45 Universal Esperanto Association (UEA)
(founded in 1908)
Rotterdam No motivation included. Werner Kubitza
Karl Geldner
members of the Swedish Parliament
Émile Durieux
Louis Philibert
Franz Stein
5 members of the Norwegian Parliament
Kjell Bondevik
46 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
(founded in 1915)
Geneva No motivation included. Marie Lous Mohr
47 World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA)
(founded in 1946)
New York City No motivation included. Paul Guggenheim

Norwegian Nobel Committee

The following members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee appointed by the Storting were responsible for the selection of the 1969 Nobel laureate in accordance with the will of Alfred Nobel:[3]

1969 Norwegian Nobel Committee
Picture Name Position Political Party Other posts
Nils Langhelle[c]
(until August)
Labour former Minister of Defence (1952–1954)
President of the Storting (1958–1965)
Bernt Ingvaldsen
(from August)
Conservative President of the Storting (1965–1972)
Aase Lionæs
Member Labour Vice President of the Lagting (1965–1973)
Helge Refsum
Member Centre former Judge at the Gulating Court (1922–1949)
Helge Rognlien
Member Liberal former Leader of the Young Liberals of Norway (1946–1948)
Erling Wikborg[c]
Member Christian People former Leader of the Christian Democratic Party (1951–1955)


  1. ^ The nomination was made by Colin W Bell on behalf of American Friends Service Committee.
  2. ^ The nomination was made by George W Whiteman on behalf of Friends Service Council.
  3. ^ a b "When Langhelle died in August 1967, Ingvaldsen replaced him as chairman and Erling Wikborg became a new member of the Committee."