1999 United States elections
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Off-year elections
Election dayNovember 2
Congressional special elections
Seats contested3
Net seat change0
Gubernatorial elections
Seats contested3
Net seat changeDemocratic +1
1999 Kentucky gubernatorial election1999 Louisiana gubernatorial election1999 Mississippi gubernatorial election
1999 Gubernatorial election results map
  Democratic hold   Republican hold
  Democratic gain   No election

The 1999 United States elections, which were held on Tuesday, November 2, were off-year elections in which no members of the Congress were standing for election. However, there were three gubernatorial races, state legislative elections in four states, numerous citizen initiatives, mayoral races in several major cities, and a variety of local offices on the ballot.

Federal elections

U.S. House of Representatives special elections

In 1999, three special elections to fill vacancies in the House of Representatives were held. They were for California's 42nd congressional district, Georgia's 6th congressional district, and Louisiana's 1st congressional district.

State elections

Gubernatorial elections

Main article: 1999 United States gubernatorial elections

Three states held elections for governor in 1999. Kentucky and Mississippi voted on November 2. Louisiana's election dates do not coincide with that of most states: Louisiana held its open primary on October 23. A runoff election was not needed.

Other statewide elections

In the three states which held regularly scheduled state general elections, elections for state executive branch offices of Lieutenant Governor (in a separate election in Louisiana and Mississippi and on the same ticket as the gubernatorial nominee in Kentucky), Secretary of state, state Treasurer, state Auditor, state Attorney General, and Commissioners of Insurance and Agriculture were held. In addition, there was also elections for each states' respective state Supreme Courts and state appellate courts.

State legislative elections

Four states and one territory held elections for their state legislatures.

Initiatives and referendums

Local elections

Mayoral elections

Many major American cities held their mayoral elections in 1999.


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