2023 United States elections
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Off-year elections
Election dayNovember 7
Gubernatorial elections
Seats contested3
Net seat change0
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The 2023 United States elections are scheduled to be held, in large part, on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. The off-year election includes gubernatorial and state legislative elections in a few states, as well as numerous citizen initiatives, mayoral races, and a variety of other local offices on the ballot. Special elections to the United States Congress may be scheduled if any vacancies arise.

State elections

Gubernatorial elections

Main article: 2023 United States gubernatorial elections

Three states will hold gubernatorial elections in 2023:

Attorney general elections

Three states will hold attorney general elections in 2023:

Secretary of state elections

Three states will hold secretary of state elections in 2023:

State treasurer elections

Three states will hold state treasurer elections in 2023:

State agriculture commissioner elections

Three states will hold agriculture commissioner elections in 2023:

State supreme court elections

One state, Wisconsin, will hold Supreme Court elections in 2023:


Main article: 2023 United States state legislative elections

Legislative elections will be held for both houses of the Louisiana State Legislature, the Mississippi Legislature, the New Jersey Legislature, and the Virginia General Assembly. Kentucky, which holds gubernatorial elections in off-years, holds state legislative elections concurrent with presidential and midterm elections.

Local elections

Mayoral elections

A number of major U.S. cities will hold mayoral elections in 2023.

Eligible incumbents

Ineligible or retiring incumbents

Other municipal elections

Tribal elections

Several notable Native American tribes will hold elections for tribal executive positions during 2023, including the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.



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