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ఆంధ్ర రాష్ట్ర రోడ్డు రవాణా సంస్థ
Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation
Native name
ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర రోడ్డు రవాణా సంస్థ
Company typePublic Sector Corporation under the Ministry of Transport of the State Government of Andhra Pradesh
IndustryPublic transport bus service
Founded11 January 1958
(66 years ago)
 (1958-01-11) Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
FounderGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
HeadquartersRTC House, Vijayawada,
Area served
Andhra Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Yanam (Puducherry)
Key people
ProductsBus transport, courier and parcel service
RevenueIncrease 130,600,000 (US$1.6 million)[1]
SubsidiariesAPSRTC courier and parcel service, APSRTC city buses

Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (abbreviated as APSRTC), officially Andhra Pradesh Raastra Roadu Ravaana Samstha, is the state-owned road transport corporation in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.[2] Its headquarters is located at NTR Administrative Block of RTC House in Pandit Nehru bus station of Vijayawada.[3] Many other Indian metro towns in Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Odisha, Yanam, Kerala, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh are also linked with the APSRTC services.


APSRTC was formed on 11 January 1958 as per "Road Transport Corporations Act 1950". Earlier, it was a part of Nizam State Rail and Road Transport Department.[4] Consequent upon bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh state into Telangana and residual Andhra Pradesh, TSRTC is operated as a separate entity from 3 June 2015. APSRTC is working from Vijayawada (Pandit Nehru Bus Stand) as Headquarters for the state of Andhra Pradesh. APSRTC has a target to convert its entire bus fleet to electric buses - using both battery electric buses and fuel cell buses - by the year 2029.[5]

1932 Deccan Queen bus in Vijayawada Bus Station


The organisation is divided into four zones with twelve Regional Managers. It has a total of 11,678 buses (government-owned 8964; hire on rental 2714)[6] operating in 44.15 lakh kilometers and has a total of 426 bus stations and 129 bus depots.[4] From 30 January 2019, all the APSRTC vehicles in the state are registered as AP–39, followed by "Z" and four digits.[7]

Types of services

The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation operates various services both for urban transport as well as intercity and village transport, and cargo services.

Bus Service Types in APSRTC
Service Type Description Facilities
NON - OPRS Non-Reservation short distance services include a range of bus options like Pallevelugu, Ultra Pallevelugu, Express, Saptagiri Express, Green Saptagiri, Ultra Deluxe, Super Luxury, Indra A/C and city services includes City Ordinary, Metro Express, Metro Deluxe, and Metro Luxury A/C. Live tracking[8]
OPRS Online Passenger Reservation System for long-distance services, operated day and night. Includes Express, Saptagiri Express, Ultra Deluxe, Super Luxury, Indra A/C, Metro Luxury A/C, Garuda A/C, Garuda Plus, Amaravati, Dolphin Cruise, Star Liner, Night Rider, Vennela Sleeper A/C.[9] Online and Offline Reservation Facility, Live Bus Tracking in APSRTC LIVE TRACK app.[10]
Cargo Rapid cargo services for transporting bulk goods. Uses Depot Goods Trucks (DGT) for bulk goods materials. To book cargo services[11]

Description of various bus types and services

Various bus services operated by the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation.[12][13]

Service Name Description Facilities Image
Amaravathi (Multi Axle A/C)[14] Named after the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Operates as inter-city services, both night and day. Reservation, Live tracking, Water bottle, Tissues.
Dolphin Cruise (Multi Axle A/C)[15] Named after Dolphin Nose Hills in Visakhapatnam. Connects Visakhapatnam with major cities. Longest buses in fleet. Water bottle, Newspaper, Tissues, Reservation, Live tracking.
Vennela (Sleeper A/C)[16] Long-distance sleeper services operated during the night. Travels to major cities. Water bottle, Napkins, Reading lamp, Soft cushioned berths, Reservation, Live tracking.
Night Rider (Seater Cum Sleeper A/C)[17] Sleeper Cum Seater A/C coaches for night services. Available with berths and seats. Reading Lamp, Soft Cushioned Berths & Seats, Water bottle, Napkins, Blankets, Reservation, Live tracking.
Star Liner (Non A/C Sleeper)[18] Non A/C Sleeper Coaches. Introduced in November 2022. Soft Cushioned Sleeper Berths, Reading lamps, Bed lamps, Pillows, Bed Sheets, Reservation, Live tracking.
Garuda Plus (Multi Axle A/C) Replaced and Discontinued: Similar facilities to Amaravathi and Dolphin Cruise. Replaced and discontinued, replaced by Amaravathi and Dolphin Cruise (Multi Axle). Same as Amaravathi and Dolphin Cruise (Multi Axle).
Garuda (A/C)[19] Day and night inter-city services to various cities. Semi Sleeper Seats, Soft Cushioned Seats. Reservation, Live tracking.
Indra (A/C)[20] Cost-effective A/C services for night reservation from small towns to major cities. Semi Sleeper/Rectilinear Seats, Reservation, Live tracking.
Metro Luxury (A/C)[21] Inter-city A/C services between major towns. Also operates as Airport Services. Reservation, Live Tracking.
Super Luxury (Non A/C Seater) Night and day reservation services between main towns. Majority in the reservation category. Soft Cushioned Rectilinear Seats, Air Suspension Coach, TV, Reservation, Live tracking.
Ultra Deluxe/Deluxe (Non A/C) Inter-city reservation and non-reservation services. 2+2 seating Non A/C. Much higher fare than Express and Pallevelugu. 2+2 Semi Sleeper Rectilinear Seats, Reservation, Live tracking.
Express (Non A/C) Inter-city services with 3+2 seating. Higher fare than ordinary "Palle velugu" services. 3+2 seating Non A/C, Reservation, Live tracking.
Saptagiri Express (Green Saptagiri Electric) First electric buses to reduce pollution in Tirumala Tirupathi route. Operating between various cities. Online Reservation, Soft cushioned seats, A/C coach, Live tracking.
Saptagiri Express (Non A/C) Operates along Tirumala ghat section to carry pilgrims from major cities. Some services to neighboring states. Online Reservation, Live tracking.
Ultra Pallevelugu (Non A/C) Limited Halt (L.H) ordinary services with fewer stops. Fare between "Pallevelugu" and "Express" services. Limited stops, fare between "Pallevelugu" and "Express".
Telugu Velugu (Non A/C) Rural ordinary services connecting mandals, villages, towns, and district headquarters. Majority in APSRTC fleet. Connects rural areas, primary service in APSRTC.

City servies include

Service Name Description Facilities Image
Metro Express (City Service) Limited Halt city express services operating on city routes and inter-city L.H services. Limited bus passes for students and citizens. Operates in cities like Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada.
City Ordinary (City Service) Ordinary services operated by APSRTC in major cities of Andhra Pradesh. Operates in Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur, Tirupati as city ordinary services. More rushed due to providing bus passes to students and citizens. Services most bus stops.
Metro Deluxe (Replaced and Discontinued) City express services operated as limited Halt (L.H) service. A/C and non A/C services in major cities connecting important areas and tourist spots. Operated under JNNURM Scheme. Replaced and Discontinued. Replaced by "Metro Express" and "Metro Luxury" services.

DGT (Depot Goods Truck)

These services offered by APSRTC to carry parcels, couriers, goods and bulk materials. These services can be booked and utilised by public for shifting their goods and valuables. Every bus depot in APSRTC having one DGT Bus. These Services having door step cargo delivery facility.

Performance and earnings

As of March 2019, the organisation had gross earnings of ₹5,995 crores, and with an accumulated loss of ₹6,445 crores.


APSRTC has 129 depots across the state. All the 129 depots are 100% computerized.[24]

APSRTC bus depots across Andhra Pradesh state

List of Depots in APSRTC

  1. Addanki
  2. Adoni
  3. Alipiri
  4. Allagadda
  5. Amalapuram
  6. Anantapur
  7. Anakapalli
  8. Atmakur, Nandyal district
  9. Atmakur, Nellore district
  10. Avanigadda
  11. Badvel
  12. Banaganapally
  13. Bapatla
  14. Bhimavaram
  15. BHEL Ramachandrapuram (Hyderabad)
  16. Chilakaluripeta
  17. Chirala
  18. Chittoor -1
  19. Chittoor -2
  20. Dharmavaram
  21. Dhone
  22. Eleswaram
  23. Eluru
  24. Giddaluru
  25. Gokavaram
  26. Gooty
  27. Gudivada
  28. Gudur
  29. Guntakal
  30. Guntur -1
  31. Guntur -2
  32. Hindupur
  33. Jagayyapeta
  34. Jammalamadugu
  35. Jangareddygudem
  36. Kadapa
  37. Kadiri
  38. Kakinada
  39. Kalyandurgam
  40. Kandukur
  41. kanigiri
  42. Kavali
  43. Koilakuntla
  44. Kovvur
  45. Kuppam
  46. Kurnool -1
  47. Kurnool -2
  48. Macherla
  49. Machilipatnam
  50. Madanapally -1
  51. Madanapally -2
  52. Madakasira
  53. Mangalagiri
  54. Markapur
  55. Mydukuru
  56. Nandikotkur
  57. Nandyal
  58. Narsipatnam
  59. Narsapuram
  60. Narsaraopeta
  61. Nellore -1
  62. Nellore -2
  63. Nidadavole
  64. Nuzvidu
  65. Ongole
  66. Paderu
  67. Palakonda
  68. Palamaneru
  69. Palasa
  70. Parvathipuram
  71. Pattikonda
  72. Penukonda
  73. Piduguralla
  74. Pileru
  75. Podili
  76. Ponnur
  77. Proddatur
  78. Pulivendula
  79. Punganur
  80. Puttaparthy
  81. Puttur
  82. Rajamahendravaram
  83. Rajampeta
  84. Razole
  85. Ramachandrapuram
  86. Rapur
  87. Ravulapalem
  88. Rayachoty
  89. Rayadurgam
  90. Repalle
  91. S.kota
  92. Salur
  93. Sattenapalle
  94. Satyavedu
  95. Srikakulam -1
  96. Srikakulam -2
  97. Srikalahasti
  98. Sullurpeta
  99. Tadepalligudem
  100. Tadipatri
  101. Tanuku
  102. Tekkali
  103. Tenali
  104. Tirumala (Tirupathi)
  105. Mangalam (Tirupathi)
  106. Tiruvuru
  107. Tuni
  108. Udayagiri
  109. Uravakonda
  110. Vakadu
  111. Venkatagiri
  112. Jawahar Autonagar (Vijayawada)
  113. Governorpeta -1 (Vijayawada)
  114. Governorpeta -2 (Vijayawada)
  115. Ibrahimpatnam (Vijayawada)
  116. Gannavaram (Vijayawada)
  117. Pandit Nehru bus station, Krishna Lanka (Vijayawada)
  118. Vidyadharapuram (Vijayawada)
  119. Vinukonda
  120. Dwaraka Nagar (Visakhapatnam)
  121. Gajuwaka (Visakhapatnam)
  122. Madurawada (Visakhapatnam)
  123. Maddilapalem (Visakhapatnam)
  124. Simhachalam (Visakhapatnam)
  125. VSC Steel city (Visakhapatnam)
  126. Waltair (Visakhapatnam)
  127. Vizianagaram
  128. Vuyyuru
  129. Yemmiganur


APSRTC having 4 Zones . Maintenance and refurbishment of buses are carried out here. These Zonal workshops having High technology featured equipment for maintenance and refurbishment of buses.[25]


APSRTC having 12 regions across the state. Following are the 12 regions of APSRTC.[26]

Passenger Amenities and Mobile App's from APSRTC

Mobile App / web Page to Book (OPRS) Reservation Ticket

APSRTC Live Track App / Web Page for Passengers

Amenities Provided for Passengers at Bus Stands/Stations

APSRTC city bus stand at PNBS Vijayawada

APSRTC Digital Payments

Awards and achievements

Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation has a number of firsts to its credit in India.[4]

See also


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