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Government of Andhra Pradesh
Legislative branch
Deputy SpeakerVacant
Members in Assembly175
CouncilAndhra Pradesh Legislative Council
ChairmanKoyye Moshenu Raju
Deputy ChairZakia Khanam
Members in Council58
Executive branch
GovernorS. Abdul Nazeer
Chief MinisterN. Chandrababu Naidu (TDP)
Deputy Chief MinisterPawan Kalyan (JSP)
Chief SecretaryNeerab Kumar Prasad, IAS[1]
High CourtAndhra Pradesh High Court
Chief JusticeDhiraj Singh Thakur

The Government of Andhra Pradesh, abbreviated as GoAP, is the state government and the administrative body responsible for the governance of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Amaravati is the capital of the state and houses the state executive, legislature and head of judiciary.

Under the Constitution of India, de jure executive authority lies with the governor, although this authority is exercised only by, or on the advice of, the chief minister, the de facto authority and the cabinet. Following elections to the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, the state's governor usually invites the party (or coalition) with a majority of seats to form the government. The governor appoints the chief minister, whose council of ministers are collectively responsible to the assembly.

It is an elected government with 175 MLAs elected to the Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh for a five-year term. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is a democratically elected body that governs the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.



See also: Andhra Pradesh Council of Ministers and Fourth N. Chandrababu Naidu ministry

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is a democratically elected body with the governor as the constitutional head. The governor who is appointed for a period of five years appoints the chief minister and his council of ministers. Even though the governor remains the ceremonial head of the state, the day-to-day running of the government is taken care of by the chief minister and his council of ministers in whom a great deal of legislative powers is vested.

Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India), Syed Abdul Nazeer (Governor of Andhra Pradesh) and N. Chandrababu Naidu(Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh) along with the council of ministers at the swearing-in ceremony.

Council of Ministers

Portfolio Minister Constituency Tenure Party
Took office Left office
Chief Minister
  • GAD.
  • Law & Order.
  • Public Enterprises.
  • Other departments not allocated to any Minister.

N. Chandrababu Naidu
Kuppam 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
Deputy Chief Minister
  • Panchayati Raj.
  • Rural Development & Rural Water Supply.
  • Environment.
  • Forest.
  • Science & Technology.

Pawan Kalyan
Pithapuram 12 June 2024 Incumbent JSP
Cabinet Ministers
  • Human Resources Development.
  • Information Technology.
  • Electronics & Communication.
  • RTG.

Nara Lokesh
Mangalagiri 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Agriculture.
  • Co-operation.
  • Marketing.
  • Animal Husbandry.
  • Dairy Development & Fisheries.

Kinjarapu Atchannaidu
Tekkali 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Mines and Geology.
  • Excise.

Kollu Ravindra
Machilipatnam 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Food and Civil Supplies.
  • Consumer Affairs.

Nadendla Manohar
Tenali 12 June 2024 Incumbent JSP
  • Municipal Administration & Urban Development.

Ponguru Narayana
Nellore City 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Home Affairs & Disaster Management.

Vangalapudi Anitha
Payakaraopet 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Health.
  • Family Welfare & Medical Education.
Satya Kumar Yadav Dharmavaram 12 June 2024 Incumbent BJP
  • Water Resources Development.

Nimmala Ramanaidu
Palakollu 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Law & Justice.
  • Minority Welfare

N. M. D. Farooq
Nandyal 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Endowments.

Anam Ramanarayana Reddy
Atmakuru 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Finance.
  • Planning.
  • Commercial Taxes
  • Legislative Affairs.

Payyavula Keshav
Uravakonda 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Revenue.
  • Registration & Stamps.

Anagani Satya Prasad
Repalle 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Housing.
  • I&PR.

Kolusu Parthasarathy
Nuzvidu 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Social Welfare .
  • Disabled and Senior Citizen Welfare.
  • Sachivalayam & Village Volunteer.
Dola Sree Bala Veeranjaneya Swamy Kondepi 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Energy.
Gottipati Ravi Kumar Addanki 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Tourism.
  • Culture.
  • Cinematography.
Kandula Durgesh Nidadavolu 12 June 2024 Incumbent JSP
  • Women & Child Welfare.
  • Tribal Welfare.
Gummadi Sandhya Rani Saluru 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Roads & Buildings.
  • Infrastructure & Investments.
B.C. Janardhan Reddy Banaganapalle 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Industries & Commerce.
  • Food Processing.
T. G. Bharath Kurnool 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • B.C. Welfare.
  • Economically Weaker Sections Welfare.
  • Handlooms & Textiles.
S. Savitha Penukonda 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Labour.
  • Factories.
  • Boilers & Insurance Medical Services.
Vasamsetti Subhash Ramachandrapuram 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • MSME.
  • SERP.
  • NRI Empowerment & Relations.
Kondapalli Srinivas Gajapathinagaram 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP
  • Transport.
  • Youth & Sports.
Mandipalli Ramprasad Reddy Rayachoti 12 June 2024 Incumbent TDP


State has about 8 lakh employees. This comprises 5.6 lakh regular employees (1.3 lakh new employees at village and ward Secretariate) employees), 2 lakh contract and outsourcing employees, apart from more than 60,000 employees working in corporations and public sector undertakings.[2]


Main article: Andhra Pradesh Legislature

Assembly Building
The Andhra Pradesh Legislature is currently bicameral consisting of:


Main articles: Andhra Pradesh High Court and District Courts of India

File:High Court of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati
High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad was the highest court of appeal at the state level till 2019. After Andhra Pradesh High Court was inaugurated in Amaravati on 1 January 2019, it became the High Court for the State of Andhra Pradesh. It has subordinate Civil and Criminal Courts in every District.[3] Decisions of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh can be appealed in the Supreme Court of India.


Main article: Emblem of Andhra Pradesh

The emblem consists of “Dhamma Chakra" (Wheel of law), decorated with a string of triratnas alternating with pinnate leaves and precious stones. Three circles of decorative beads surround the wheel. “Purna Ghataka” (The vase of plenty) is at the hub of the wheel. The national emblem is at the bottom. The word ‘Andhra Pradesh Prabhutvam’ (Government of Andhra Pradesh) in Telugu script is at the top. It is flanked by the word "Andhra Pradesh" written in English and Devanagari lipi. The word 'Satyameva Jayathe' in Telugu scripts appears at the bottom.[4][5]

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