Government of Gujarat
Gujarāta sarakāra
Seat of GovernmentGandhinagar
Legislative branch
SpeakerShankar Chaudhary
Members in Assembly182
Executive branch
GovernorAcharya Devvrat
Chief MinisterBhupendrabhai Patel
Deputy Chief MinisterVacant
Chief SecretaryRaj Kumar, IAS
Judiciary branch
High CourtGujarat High Court
Chief JusticeSunita Agarwal

The Government of Gujarat, also known as Gujarat Government, is the supreme governing authority of the Indian state of Gujarat and its 33 districts. It consists of an executive of the legislators appointed by the Governor of Gujarat, a judiciary and of a publicly elected legislative body.

Like other states in India, the head of state of Gujarat is the Governor, appointed by the President of India on the advice of the Central (Union) government. The governor's role is largely ceremonial, but the governor considers the legislative composition and appoints the Chief Minister, who is the main head of government, as chair of the Council of Ministers of Gujarat and is vested, in some instances alone but as to most executive powers by Council consensus with virtually all of the executive powers.

Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, houses the relevant Vidhan Sabha (also known as the Gujarat Legislative Assembly) and the secretariat. The Gujarat High Court in Ahmedabad, has jurisdiction over the state as to state laws.[1]

The present legislative assembly is unicameral, consisting of 182 Members of the Legislative Assembly (M.L.As). Its term is 5 years, unless sooner dissolved.[2][3]


Further information: Gujarat Council of Ministers

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Cabinet Minister

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Chief Minister

Administration and Administrative Reforms
Training and Planning
Housing and Police Housing
Revenue and Disaster Management
Urban Development and Urban Housing
Roads and Building and Capital
Mines and Minerals
Pilgrimage Development
Narmada and Kalpsar
Information and Broadcasting Narcotics and Excise
Science and Technology

Departments not allotted to any Minister
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Energy & Petrochemicals
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Small, Micro and Medium Industries
Kutir, Khadi and Village Industries
Civil Aviation
Labour and Employment
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Family Welfare and Medical Education
Higher and Technical Education
Judiciary, Statutory and Parliamentary Affairs
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Animal Husbandry and Cattle Breeding
Village Housing and Village Development
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Water Supply, Water Resource
Food and Civil Supplies
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Social Justice and Empowerment
Women and Child Development
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Forest and Environment
Climate Change
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Tribal Development
Primary, Secondary and Old-age Education
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP

Minister of State (Independent Charges)

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Sports and Youth Service
Civil Defence
Home Guard
Gram Rakshak
Border Security
Non-Resident Gujarati Development
Voluntary Organisations Coordination
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Salt Industry
Printing and Writing Materials
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP

Minister of State

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Police Housing
Cultural Activities
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Micro, Small and Medium Scale Industries
Kutir, Khadi and Rural industries
Civil Aviation
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Forest, Environmentand Climate Change
Water Resources and Supply
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Parliamentary Affairs
Primary, Secondary and Old-age Education
Higher Education
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Food and Civil Supplies
Social Defence and Empowerment
Bhikhusinh Parmar
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Animal Husbandry
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP
Tribal Development
Rural Development
Labour and Employment
Kunwarji Halpati
12 December 2022Incumbent BJP

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Prime Ministers of Kathiawar/Saurashtra (1948-50)

No Portrait Name Constituency Term of office Assembly


1 U. N. Dhebar 15 February 1948 26 January 1950 1 year, 345 days Interim Indian National Congress

Chief Ministers of Saurashtra (1950-56)

No Portrait Name Constituency Term of office Assembly


1 U. N. Dhebar 26 January 1950 19 December 1954 4 years, 327 days Interim Indian National Congress

(1952 election)

2 Rasiklal Parikh 19 December 1954 31 October 1956 1 year, 317 days

Chief Ministers of Gujarat

No Portrait Name Constituency Term of office Assembly


1 Jivraj Mehta Amreli 1 May 1960 3 March 1962 2 years, 300 days 1st/Interim
(1957 election)
Indian National Congress
3 March 1962 25 February 1963 2nd
(1962 election)
2 Balwantrai Mehta Bhavnagar 25 February 1963 19 September 1965 2 years, 206 days
3 Hitendra Desai Olpad 19 September 1965 3 April 1967 5 years, 245 days
3 April 1967 12 November 1969 3rd
(1967 election)
12 November 1969 12 May 1971 Indian National Congress (O)
(President's rule)
N/A 13 May 1971 17 March 1972 309 days Dissolved N/A
4 Ghanshyam Oza Dahegam 17 March 1972 17 July 1973 1 year, 122 days 4th
(1972 election)
Indian National Congress
5 Chimanbhai Patel Sankheda 17 July 1973 9 February 1974 207 days
(President's rule)
N/A 9 February 1974 18 June 1975 1 year, 129 days Dissolved N/A
6 Babubhai Patel Sabarmati 18 June 1975 12 March 1976 268 days 5th
(1975 election)
Indian National Congress (O)
(President's rule)
N/A 12 March 1976 24 December 1976 287 days N/A
7 Madhav Singh Solanki Bhadran 24 December 1976 10 April 1977 107 days Indian National Congress
(6) Babubhai Patel Sabarmati 11 April 1977 17 February 1980 2 years, 312 days Janata Party
(President's rule)
N/A 17 February 1980 6 June 1980 110 days N/A
(7) Madhav Singh Solanki Bhadran 7 June 1980 10 March 1985 5 years, 29 days 6th
(1980 election)
Indian National Congress
11 March 1985 6 July 1985 7th

(1985 election)

8 Amarsinh Chaudhary Vyara 6 July 1985 9 December 1989 4 years, 156 days
(7) Madhav Singh Solanki Bhadran 10 December 1989 3 March 1990 83 days
(5) Chimanbhai Patel Sankheda 4 March 1990 25 October 1990 3 years, 350 days 8th
(1990 election)
Janata Dal
25 October 1990 17 February 1994 Indian National Congress
9 Chhabildas Mehta Mahuva 17 February 1994 13 March 1995 1 year, 24 days
10 Keshubhai Patel Visavadar 14 March 1995 21 October 1995 221 days 9th
(1995 election)
Bharatiya Janata Party
11 Suresh Mehta Mandvi 21 October 1995 19 September 1996 334 days
(President's rule)
N/A 19 September 1996 23 October 1996 27 days N/A
12 Shankersinh Vaghela Radhanpur 23 October 1996 27 October 1997 1 year, 4 days Rashtriya Janata Party
13 Dilip Parikh Dhandhuka 28 October 1997 4 March 1998 188 days
(10) Keshubhai Patel Visavadar 4 March 1998 6 October 2001 3 years, 216 days 10th
(1998 election)
Bharatiya Janata Party
14 Narendra Modi Rajkot West 7 October 2001 22 December 2002 12 years, 227 days
Maninagar 22 December 2002 22 December 2007 11th
(2002 election)
23 December 2007 20 December 2012 12th
(2007 election)
20 December 2012 22 May 2014 13th
(2012 election)
15 Anandiben Patel Ghatlodia 22 May 2014 7 August 2016 2 years, 77 days
16 Vijay Rupani Rajkot West 7 August 2016 26 December 2017 5 years, 37 days
26 December 2017 13 September 2021 14th
(2017 election)
17 Bhupendrabhai Patel Ghatlodia 13 September 2021 12 December 2022 2 years, 277 days
12 December 2022 Incumbent 15th
(2022 election)


Further information: Gujarat Legislative Assembly and 14th Gujarat Assembly

The Gujarat Legislative Assembly or Gujarat Vidhan Sabha is the unicameral legislature of the Indian state of Gujarat, in the state capital Gandhinagar. Presently, 182 members of the Legislative Assembly are directly elected from single-member constituencies (seats). It has a term of 5 years unless it is dissolved sooner. 13 constituencies are reserved for scheduled castes and 27 constituencies for scheduled tribes. From its majority party group or by way of a grand coalition cabinet of its prominent members, the state's Executive namely the Government of Gujarat is formed.

Since 1995, the Gujarat Legislative Assembly has been controlled by the Bharatiya Janata Party with an absolute majority in the House.

Administration and Local governments

Local governments function at the basic level. It is the third level of government apart from union and state governments. It consists of panchayats in rural areas and municipalities in urban areas. They are elected directly or indirectly by the people. "Structurally Gujarat is divided into districts (Zila), Prant (subdivisions), Taluka (blocks) & villages. The state is divided into 33 districts, 122 prants, 248 talukas.[6] There are 08 municipal corporations, 156 municipalities and 14,273 Panchayats, for administrative purposes.'

Municipal Corporations
(Mahanagar Palika)
(Nagar Palika)
Town Council
(Nagar Panchayat)

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  1. ^ This column only names the chief minister's party. The state government he heads may be a complex coalition of several parties and independents; these are not listed here.
  2. ^ a b c d e President's rule may be imposed when the "government in a state is not able to function as per the Constitution", which often happens because no party or coalition has a majority in the assembly. When President's rule is in force in a state, its council of ministers stands dissolved. The office of chief minister thus lies vacant, and the administration is taken over by the governor, who functions on behalf of the central government. At times, the legislative assembly also stands dissolved.[5]


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