Native toIndia
Extinct(date missing)[1]
DialectsAndro, Sengmai (Sekmai), Phayeng, Chairel
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Chakpa (Meitei exonym: Loi) is an extinct Sino-Tibetan language that was spoken in the Imphal valley of Manipur, India. It belonged to the Luish branch of the Sino-Tibetan family. Chakpa speakers have been shifted to that of Meitei language.[1] Varieties of the language included Sengmai and Andro.[2]

Chakpa was spoken in villages such as Andro, Sekmai (Sengmai), Phayeng, and Chairel, all of which are now Meitei-speaking villages.[1]

Other names

Further information: Loi

Loi (or Lui; hence "Luish") is a Meithei exonym that includes Chakpa. Although Chakpa are typically considered to be Loi, not all Loi are Chakpa. For example, Kakching and Kwakta are Loi villages that are not Chakpa.[1]


Chakpa is preserved in written manuscripts that are recited by religious scholars during traditional ceremonies, such as those of the Lai Haraoba festival.[1]

Chakpa word lists can be found in McCulloch (1859)[3] and Basanta (1998).[4]

The Chairel variety is documented in a word list by McCulloch (1859).[3]


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