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Earl of Cavan is a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created in 1647 for Charles Lambart, 2nd Baron Lambart.[1] He was made Viscount Kilcoursie, in the King's County, at the same time, also in the Peerage of Ireland. Lord Cavan was the son of Oliver Lambart, who had been elevated to the Peerage of Ireland as Lord Lambart, Baron of Cavan in the County of Cavan, in 1618.

The 2nd Earl of Cavan was insane for much of his adult life. The 7th Earl of Cavan was a general during the Napoleonic Wars, he was succeeded by his grandson the 8th Earl.[2] The 10th Earl was an army commander during the First World War and later a British Field Marshal and Chief of the Imperial General Staff.[3][4] As he died without male issue, he was succeeded by his youngest brother the 11th Earl. When the 12th Earl died, the title passed to Roger Cavan Lambart, a descendant of the 7th Earl. The title is contested by the Lambertini family, an eminent Italian family, who are descendants of the 1st Earl of Cavan.[5]

Barons Lambart (1618)

Earls of Cavan (1647)

The heir presumptive is Cavan C.E. Lambart (born 1957, see below line of succession), the present Earl's eighth cousin once removed.

Line of succession, simplified)
  • Charles Lambart, 1st Earl of Cavan (1600–1660)[6]
    • Richard Lambart, 2nd Earl of Cavan (1628–1690)[6]
      • Charles Lambart, 3rd Earl of Cavan (1649–1702)[6]
        • Hon. Henry Lambart[6]
          • Richard Lambart, 6th Earl of Cavan (d. 1778)[6]
            • Richard Lambart, 7th Earl of Cavan (1763–1837)[6]
              • Hon. Oliver William Matthew Lambart (1822–1863)[6]
                • Frederick Richard Henry Lambart (1850–1888)[6]
                  • Charles Edward Kilcoursie Lambart (1877–1916)[6]
                    • Frederick Cavan Lambart (1902–1963)[6]
                      • Roger Lambart, 13th Earl of Cavan (born 1944)[6]
    • Hon. Oliver Lambart (d. 1700)[7]
      • Charles Lambart (d. 1753)[7]
        • Gustavus Lambart[7]
          • Charles Lambart[7]
            • Gustavus Lambart (1772–1850)[7]
              • Gustavus William (1814–1886)[7]
                • Sir Gustavus Francis William Lambart, 1st Baronet (1848–1926)
                • Cyril Henry Edward Lambart (born 1866)[7]
                  • Terence Edward William Lambart (1903–1965)[8]
                    • (1). Cavan Cyril Ernest Lambart (born 1957)
                      • (2). Julian Stuart Lambart (born 1993)

There are further heirs in line descended from Cyril Lambart.


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