East Riding of Yorkshire
Arms of East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Founded1 April 1996
Chair of the Council
John Whittle, Independent
Leader of the Council
Anne Handley, Conservative
Interim Chief Executive
Alan Menzies
Seats67 councillors
East Riding of Yorkshire Council political makeup
Political groups
  Conservative (29)
Other parties
  Liberal Democrats (22)
  Independent (9)
  Labour (4)
  Yorkshire Party (3)
First past the post
Last election
4 May 2023
Next election
May 2027
Meeting place
County Hall, Beverley
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East Riding of Yorkshire Council is the local authority of the East Riding of Yorkshire. It is a unitary authority, having the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined. It provides a full range of local government services including Council Tax billing, libraries, social services, processing planning applications, waste collection and disposal, and it is a local education authority.

Powers and functions

The local authority derives its powers and functions from the Local Government Act 1972 and subsequent legislation. For the purposes of local government, the East Riding of Yorkshire is within a non-metropolitan area of England. As a unitary authority, East Riding of Yorkshire Council has the powers and functions of both a non-metropolitan county and district council combined. In its capacity as a district council it is a billing authority collecting Council Tax and business rates; it processes local planning applications; and it is responsible for housing, waste collection and environmental health. In its capacity as a county council it is a local education authority, responsible for social services, libraries and waste disposal.


Further information: East Riding of Yorkshire Council elections

Elections to the authority are held every four years, with all of the 67 seats, representing 26 wards, on the council being filled. It was under no overall control from 1995 to 2007; the Conservative Party regained a majority at the 2007 election, which it then increased in 2011.[1] The composition of the council after the elections on 2 May 2019 and 4 May 2023 is as follows:

Year Conservative Liberal Democrat Independent Labour Yorkshire Party Notes
2023 29 22 9 4 3
2019 49 8 8 0 2 [a]


The council consists of 67 councillors who are elected every four years from 26 wards, each ward returning up to three councillors.[6] The council was led by Stephen Parnaby of the Conservative Party from its creation until his retirement at the 2019 election,[7][8] when Richard Burton was elected as his replacement.[9] On 13 May 2021, Jonathan Owen was elected as the new leader of the council.[10] Following the 2023 election the Conservative Group elected former deputy, Anne Handley, to be leader of the group.[11] At the annual general meeting of the council on 18 May 2023 Handley was elected as leader of the council, with the Conservative Party running a minority administration with support of the independents.[12]

John Whittle is the chairman of the authority.[13]

East Riding of Yorkshire wards
Ward Councillors Map location
Beverley Rural 3 20
Bridlington North 3 26
Bridlington South 3 24
Bridlington Central and Old Town 2 25
Cottingham North 2 12
Cottingham South 2 11
Dale 3 6
Driffield and Rural 3 22
East Wolds and Coastal 3 23
Goole North 2 3
Goole South 2 2
Hessle 3 8
Howden 1 4
Howdenshire 3 5
Mid Holderness 3 17
Minster and Woodmansey 3 13
North Holderness 2 21
Pocklington Provincial 3 18
Snaith, Airmyn, Rawcliffe and Marshland 2 1
South East Holderness 3 15
South Hunsley 2 7
South West Holderness 3 16
St Mary's 3 14
Tranby 2 9
Willerby and Kirk Ella 3 10
Wolds Weighton 3 19


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