Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council
Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council logo
Preceded byLangburgh-on-Tees Borough Council (before 1996)
Mayor of Redcar & Cleveland
Councillor Malcolm Head, Liberal Democrats
since May 2023
Deputy Mayor
Councillor Neil Bendelow, Labour
since May 2023
Leader of the Council
Councillor Alec Brown
since May 2023
Deputy Leader
Councillor Carrie Richardson
since May 2023
Managing Director
John Sampson
Seats59 councillors
Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council composition
Political groups
Administration (23)
  Labour (23)
Other Parties (36)
  Conservative (12)
  Liberal Democrat (11)
  The Independent Group (9)
  Independent (4)
Length of term
4 years
Last election
May 2023
Next election
May 2027
Meeting place
Redcar & Cleveland Leisure and Community Heart, Redcar

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council is the local authority of Redcar and Cleveland. It is a unitary authority, having the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined.

After the 2023 Local Elections, a new executive has been formed, by the Labour, although they are short of the needed seats for a majority, [1] a new cabinet was also formed by Labour.

Political control

Further information: Redcar and Cleveland local elections

Since 1995 political control of the council has been held by the following parties:[2]

Groups in control Years
  Labour 1995–2003
  No overall control 2003–2011
  Labour 2011 – 2013[3]
  No overall control 2013–2019
  Liberal Democrats &   The Independent Group 2019–2023
  Labour (Minority) 2023–present

Other administrations within Redcar and Cleveland

Within Redcar and Cleveland are several parish councils, these manage events and facilities such as Christmas lights, parish shows, some local parks and allotments.

The Parish Councils within Redcar and Cleveland are:

Guisborough Town Council

Lockwood Parish Council

Loftus Town Council

Saltburn Marske and New Marske Parish Council

Skelton and Brotton Parish Council

Council Chamber

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council sit in a parliamentary-style seating arrangement, as opposed to the more common hemispherical arrangement of council seating. The incumbent minority Labour administration sit on the right side to the mayor and deputy whereas the opposition Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Independent Group and non-grouped Independents sit on the left to the mayor.

Until 2019, the Chamber had a raised seating plan, however as an act of cost-cutting the administration ceased this and they now all sit on the ground level after it was revealed it had high costs.[4]

The Council has both a mayor and deputy who sit alongside Council officials on a stage between the incumbent administration and the Opposition parties.


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