Gangrel Dam
Gangrel Dam
Location of Gangrel Dam in Chhattisgarh
LocationDhamtari District
Coordinates20°37′36″N 81°33′36″E / 20.62667°N 81.56000°E / 20.62667; 81.56000Coordinates: 20°37′36″N 81°33′36″E / 20.62667°N 81.56000°E / 20.62667; 81.56000
Opening date1979
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment, earth-fill
ImpoundsMahanadi River
Height30.5 m (100 ft)
Length1,830 m (6,004 ft)
Dam volume1,776,000 m3 (2,322,920 cu yd)
Spillway capacity17,230 m3/s (608,472 cu ft/s)
CreatesRavishankar Reservoir
Total capacity910,500,000 m3 (1.190889039×109 cu yd)
Active capacity766,890,000 m3 (1.003054250×109 cu yd)
Surface area95 km2 (37 sq mi)[1]
Normal elevation333 m (1,093 ft)

Gangrel Dam (हिन्दी: गंगरेल बाँध) also known as the Ravishankar Sagar named in the name of Ravishankar Shukla located in Chhattisgarh, India. It is built across the Mahanadi River. It is located in Dhamtari district, about 17 km from Dhamtari and about 90 km from Raipur. It is the longest dam in Chhattisgarh. This dam supplies year round irrigation, allowing farmers to harvest two crops per year and key water supplier of Bhilai Steel Plant. The dam also supplies 10 MW of hydro-electric power capacity.[2]

The chief Engineer of this projet was Mr Dev raj Sikka. The dam consists of 14 gates (spillways) .


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