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Surubalijora or Surubalijore is a small river (Jora or Jore) located in the Subalaya area of Birmaharajpur subdivision of Subarnapur district of Odisha, India.[1][2][3][4] It is originating from a mountain and merging with Mahanadi river near Subalaya, Tebhapadar and Ambasarabhata. It had created a small delta at the meeting place. Near this delta, the land is fertile and farmers from nearby villages cultivate various vegetables.

The Odisha Bridge and Construction Corporation limited has constructed a bridge over Surubalijore near Subalaya and Kamira village. This bridge is playing a vital role in connecting various town viz. Rairakhol, Boudh, Subalaya, Birmaharajpur, Dharmasala, Sonepur and Sambalpur.[5] it is the largest jore of Odisha.


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