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Black latex gloves

Glove fetishism is a form of sexual fetishism referring to a sexual preoccupation with gloves of various kinds. People with this fetish may be aroused by visualizing, wearing, or interacting with gloves or gloved hands. The fetish can be enhanced by the material of the glove (e.g., leather, cotton, latex, nitrile, PVC, satin or nylon).

Movements made by the gloved fingers or the hand can provide the individual with a visual stimulus and sexual arousal. Glove fetishism may also coexist with hand fetishism. Many enjoy erotic spanking with gloves worn by the provider, which can be a large part of the fetish.[citation needed] Gloves are also used for fisting and sounding.

Males seem to make up the majority of those with glove fetishes.[citation needed] Glove fetishists appear to make up a relatively small portion of the community.[citation needed]

There is a related fetish called GOM, which stands for 'Glove Over Mouth', where a gloved hand is placed firmly over one's mouth and/or nose and is sometimes associated with breath control. This can be arousing to the giver and/or the receiver.[citation needed]

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