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Gopalanand Swami
Khushal Bhatt

(1781-02-01)1 February 1781
Torda, Idar state (present day, Gujarat)
Died21 April 1852(1852-04-21) (aged 70)
Vadtal, Gujarat (present-day Gujarat, India)
Senior posting
  • Nirgundasji Swami
Literary worksGopalanand Swamini Vato

Gopalanand Swami (1781–1852) was a paramhansa of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya who was ordained by Swaminarayan. He worked and guided many followers to spread the Swaminarayan Sampradaya. The Swaminarayan Sampradaya believes that Gopalanand Swami is regarded as one of the yogis who attained the positions of Ashthangyog or the 8 fold paths in the field of sacred yog. It is also believed that Gopalanand Swami was appointed as the head of both Vadtal and Amdavaad Desh.


Born as Khushal Bhatt, he was born in the Arvalli District's, Torda Village of Idar, Sabarkantha, Gujarat. His father was an audichiya brahmin, Motiram Bhatt and his mother was Jiveeba Bhatt. Gopalanand Swami pursued deep study and showed great interest of grammar, Indian philosophy of Nyaya and Vedanta. Gopalanand Swami was a scholar, with knowledge in Vyakaran (grammar), Nyaya, Mimasa, astrology. He was married to Adityabai and had two children Harisankar and Anupamba though he felt no attachment.[2] Swaminarayan gave diksha (the becoming of a saint in which vows such as celibacy and renunciation of all personal possessions and of all worldly duties, including family ties are taken) to Gopalanand Swami in Akshar ordi(Gadhada), Gujarat. Swaminarayan held Gopalanand Swami in very high regard and he was very learned in Ashtang yoga. Gopalanand Swami Returned to Akshardham in 1852 at place Vadtal.[3]

Responsibility of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya

When Swaminarayan returned to his abode (1 June 1830), he left responsibility of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya and the Acharyas in his hands and he looked after the satsang after Swaminarayan went to Akshardham .[4]

Sarangpur temple

Gopalanand Swami arranged for an idol of Kastabhanjan Dev Hanumanji to be installed in the Sarangpur temple which is said to have come alive and moved when installed by him.[5]


Sanskrit Books

Vernacular Books


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