Kondor-E (Export)
ManufacturerNPO Mashinostroyeniya
Country of originRussia
ApplicationsOptical imaging
Radar imaging
Launch mass1,000 kilograms (2,200 lb)
RegimeLow Earth
Design life3-5 years
StatusIn production
On order4
Maiden launchKosmos 2487 (Kondor No.202)[1]
27 June 2013
Last launchKondor-FKA No.1
26 May 2023

Kondor, GRAU index 14F133, is a series of Earth imaging or military reconnaissance satellites developed by NPO Mashinostroyeniya for the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces which in 2015 became the Russian Space Forces and export customers.[2] Satellites for the Russian military are designated "Kondor", whilst those for export are designated Kondor-E.

Kondor satellites are equipped to carry either synthetic aperture radar or electro-optical imaging payloads, with the first satellite, and are launched using the Strela carrier rocket, developed by NPO Mashinostroyeniya from retired UR-100NUTTKh missiles.[3]

A mass simulator named Gruzomaket (aka Kondor-E-GVM, COSPAR 2003-055A [4]) was launched on 5 December 2003, and almost ten years later, on 27 June 2013, the first spacecraft was launched. Kondor No.202 (aka Kosmos 2487, Kondor 1, COSPAR 2013-032A[5]) was operated by the Russian military,[1] and carried a radar imaging payload.[6] It was the first radar imaging satellite to be operated by the Russian military after the Soviet RORSAT and Almaz-T series. The first Kondor-E (Kondor-E 1, COSPAR 2014-084A[7]) launched 19 December 2014 for South Africa.[8]

Civilian versions of the satellite have been designed under the name Kondor-FKA or Kondor-FKA-M.[9][10] The launch of the first Kondor-FKA satellite took place on 26 May 2023 from the Vostochny Cosmodrome,[11] while the launch of the second is planned for 2024.[12]


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