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Kurumkan Airport
Airport typePublic / Military
OwnerRussian Federation
OperatorJSC "Domestic Airport Kurumkan"
LocationKurumkan, Russia
Coordinates54°18′36″N 110°17′49″E / 54.30989°N 110.296888°E / 54.30989; 110.296888
Kurumkan Airport is located in Republic of Buryatia
Kurumkan Airport
Kurumkan Airport
Kurumkan Airport is located in Russia
Kurumkan Airport
Kurumkan Airport

Kurumkan Airport is located in Kurumkan in Buryatia, Russian Federation. Re-opened in 2013, services operate to Baikal International Airport.


The Kurumkan Airport was constructed during the Soviet era, as an airport for seasonal beach tourism around Lake Baikal. In 1992 the airport was partially closed, and closed altogether in 2001 due to financial difficulties of the Bural airline. In 2013 the airport was re-opened, when PANH opened the new regular flight to Ulan-Ude.

Airlines and destinations

Bural operated by PANH Ulan-Ude