This is a list of association football clubs in Japan from 2023 season.

Japan Professional Football League (J.League)

See also: J.League

J1 League

See also: J1 League and 2023 J1 League

18 clubs : in Alphabetical order

J2 League

See also: J2 League and 2023 J2 League

22 clubs : in Alphabetical order

J3 League

See also: J3 League and 2023 J3 League

20 clubs : in Alphabetical order

Japan Football League (JFL)

See also: Japan Football League and 2023 Japan Football League

Top division of the amateur leagues, from where some teams aiming to be promoted to J. League in the near future through associate membership system. Such teams are indicated with (A) in parentheses.

16 clubs: In Alphabetical order

4 teams from 2022 Japanese Regional Football Champions League final choose 2 teams for battle promotion to JFL from next season.

Japanese Regional Leagues

See also: Japanese Regional Leagues and 2023 Japanese Regional Leagues

Hokkaidō League

See also: Hokkaido Soccer League

Tōhoku League

See also: Tohoku Soccer League

Division 1

Division 2


Kantō League (KSL)

See also: Kantō Soccer League

Division 1

Division 2

Hokushin'etsu League (HFL)

See also: Hokushinetsu Football League

Division 1

Division 2

Tōkai League

See also: Tōkai Adult Soccer League

Division 1

Division 2

Kansai League

See also: Kansai Soccer League

Division 1

Division 2

Chūgoku League

See also: Chūgoku Soccer League

Shikoku League

See also: Shikoku Soccer League

Kyūshū League (Kyu-League)

See also: Kyushu Soccer League


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