Ortigas Avenue
Looking west towards Ortigas Center from IPI
Route information
Maintained by Department of Public Works and Highways
Length12.1 km (7.5 mi)
Including extension from Pasig to Taytay
Major junctions
West end N184 (Bonny Serrano Avenue) at the Quezon CitySan Juan boundary
Major intersections
East end N60 (Corazon C. Aquino Avenue) / Taytay Diversion Road / L. Wood Street in Taytay
RegionsMetro Manila, Calabarzon
Major citiesSan Juan, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Pasig
TownsCainta, Taytay
Highway system
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Ortigas Avenue is a 12.1 km (7.5 mi) highway running from eastern Metro Manila to western Rizal in the Philippines. It is one of the busiest highways in Metro Manila, serving as the main thoroughfare of the metro's east–west corridor, catering mainly to the traffic to and from Rizal.

The western terminus of the highway is at the boundary of San Juan and Quezon City. The highway then traverses through Ortigas Center and along the cities of Mandaluyong, Quezon City, and Pasig, followed by the municipality of Cainta, and finally ending in the municipality of Taytay.

The portion of Ortigas Avenue from Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Avenue (C-5) in Pasig to Taytay Diversion Road in Taytay is designated as a component of Radial Road 5 (R-5). The highway is also designated as National Route 60 (N60) and National Route 184 (N184) of the Philippine highway network, respectively.


The highway is named after Filipino lawyer and businessman Don Francisco Emilio Barcinas Ortigas Sr. (1875–1935), who was popularly known as "Don Paco", or simply as Francisco Ortigas. Ortigas is known for establishing a partnership between him and several businessmen (now Ortigas & Company) to purchase the 4,033 hectares (40.33 km2) Hacienda de Mandaluyon from the Augustinian Order in 1931, which now spans the cities of San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Quezon City.[1][2][3]

Route description

View of the avenue east towards Cainta from Rosario pedestrian overpass

Ortigas Avenue cuts eastwards from the city boundary of San Juan and Quezon City in Metro Manila to Antipolo in Rizal, passing through residential, industrial, and commercial areas, including Ortigas Center, its namesake central business district. Its section from Bonny Serrano Avenue to EDSA forms part of National Route 184 (N184), a secondary national road under the Philippine highway network. Meanwhile, the rest of the route east of EDSA forms part of National Route 60 (N60), a primary national road. Eastwards past the C5–Ortigas Interchange in Pasig, the avenue is called Ortigas Avenue Extension. Its section from Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue in Pasig to Felix Avenue at the Cainta Junction is officially known as Pasig–Cainta Road and forms part of the Manila East Road. From Cainta Junction to Kaytikling Rotunda in Taytay, it is alternatively known as Cainta-Kayticling-Antipolo-Teresa-Morong Road.

Ortigas Avenue starts as a physical continuation of Granada Street past Bonny Serrano Avenue at the boundary of San Juan and Quezon City. It then cuts through Greenhills, San Juan and northeast of Wack Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong. It crosses EDSA at the EDSA–Ortigas Interchange at the boundary of Mandaluyong and Quezon City, making the highway goes back to Quezon City after it goes far away from San Juan-Quezon City border in Bonny Serrano Street, and runs through Ortigas Center, making a slight curve on Meralco Avenue. The avenue soon cuts through Ugong, enters Pasig, and crosses Circumferential Road 5 at the C5–Ortigas Interchange where the Bridgetowne is located. It soon crosses Marikina River and Manggahan Floodway which enters the barangay of Rosario, still in Pasig. The avenue partially becomes a single carriageway and changing back into a dual carriageway, and then enters the province of Rizal at Cainta, past SM City East Ortigas (formerly Ever Gotesco Ortigas).

It crosses Bonifacio and Felix Avenues at Cainta Junction. It then continues to Taytay and passes over the Kaytikling Rotunda with Taytay Diversion Road in Taytay, Rizal before continuing as Manila East Road.

Bicycle lanes

Most of the road from its intersection with Bonny Serrano Avenue to the Pasig-Cainta border at the Sapang Bato River has Class II paint-separated one-way bicycle lanes as part of the Metropolitan Bike Lane Network.[4] Additionally, the entire span of Ortigas Avenue from Bonny Serrano Avenue to Connecticut Street in San Juan has bollards as protection. However, these bollards are frequently damaged by motorists that intrude into the bicycle lanes, as the San Juan city government struggles to regularly replace damaged bollards since its implementation in 2020.[5]

On August 18, 2023, San Juan mayor Francis Zamora issued an advisory stating that the city has removed the bollards along the Ortigas Avenue bicycle lanes, to be replaced with cat eye markers. The advisory stated that this was done following a "thorough evaluation" conducted by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority to "restore roads to their optimal capacity" due to "congestion and a reduction in road capacity".[6]


Kaytikling Rotunda in Taytay, Rizal
Quezon CitySan Juan boundary95.6Bonny Serrano AvenueTraffic light intersection. Western terminus. Continues west as Granada Street.
San JuanXavier StreetRestricted eastbound access for North Greenhills. Former westbound access for heavy traffic in the Xavier School vicinity.
95.6Madison StreetTraffic light intersection. Access for North Greenhills and the Xavier School-ICA vicinity.
Roosevelt StreetTraffic light intersection. No left turn on both sides. Access for North Greenhills and West Greenhills.
Club Filipino DriveTraffic light intersection. Provides access to the Greenhills Shopping Center.
106.2Wilson StreetTraffic light intersection. Provides access to the Greenhills Shopping Center.
San JuanMandaluyong boundaryConnecticut StreetTraffic light intersection. Access for West Greenhills and the Greenhills Shopping Center.
MandaluyongLa Salle StreetFormer westbound access to Greenhills East.
Holy Cross StreetFormer westbound access to Greenhills East.
116.8Notre Dame StreetEastbound access only. Access for Wack-Wack Village.
Columbia StreetEastbound access served by a U-turn slot. Access for Greenhills East.
MandaluyongQuezon City boundary AH 26 (N1) (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue)EDSA–Ortigas Interchange. Traffic light intersection below interchange. Route number change from N184 to N60.
Quezon CityArcadia AvenueWestbound access only. Access for Arcadia Village.
ADB AvenueEastbound access only. Traffic light intersection on the eastbound side.
Zalameda StreetWestbound access only. Access for Corinthian Gardens.
Quezon CityPasig boundaryE. Abello StreetWestbound access only.
Pasig12.17.5F. Ortigas Jr. RoadEastbound access only.
Meralco AvenueTraffic light intersection.
Gardner StreetWestbound access only. Access for Meralco Sports Club.
138.1Royal Palm StreetEastbound access only. Access for Valle Verde IV.
M. D. Camacho RoadWestbound access only.
Lanuza AvenueTraffic light intersection.
Green Meadows AvenueTraffic light intersection.
Central AvenueEastbound access only.
148.7 N11 (Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Avenue)Traffic light intersection under interchange. Start of R-5 concurrency.
West DriveAccess from westbound service road only.
Rosario Bridge over Marikina River
Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue / ROTC StreetLeft turns from westbound provided by U-turn under Rosario Bridge. Start of Manila East Road.
Eulogio Amang Rodriguez AvenueRight-in, right out. Left turns via U-turn slots.
159.3C. Raymundo Avenue / Tramo StreetLeft turns provided by U-turn locations
15.59.6West Bank RoadEastbound exit and westbound entrance. U-turn location used for left turns from Sixto Antonio and C. Raymundo intersections.
Ortigas Bridge over Manggahan Floodway
East Bank RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance.
President Quezon StreetWestbound access only.
De Castro AvenueEastbound access only.
Pearl Street
Melbourne Street
Countryside Avenue
Monaco Street
Riverside Drive
Saint Joseph Drive
Kamagong Sur StreetRestricted westbound access.
5th Avenue
Buli CreekCainta-Buli Bridge
RizalCaintaMalinis StreetWestbound access only.
Gloria ExtensionEastbound access only.
1811 N601 (Bonifacio Avenue) / Felix AvenueCainta Crossing. Traffic light intersection. End of Manila East Road (Rosario–Cainta Road) segment.
Brookside DriveUnsignaled intersection.
Sunrise Drive
Marlo DriveEastbound access only.
Sunset Drive / J.G. Garcia Sr. StreetAccess from opposite directions accessible via U-turn slot. Former traffic light intersection.
Robin Street
2012Hunters ROTC Guerilla Street
Eagle StreetWestbound access only.
CaintaTaytay boundaryGeneral A. Ricarte Street / Don Celso Tuason StreetTraffic light intersection.
Sampaloc StreetEastbound access only.
Santol StreetEasttbound access only.
Tanguille StreetEastbound access only.
Suburban DriveUnsignaled intersection
TaytayDao StreetEastbound access only.
Narra Street
E. Rodriguez AvenueTraffic light intersection.
N. Pascual StreetEastbound access only.
Baltao Street
Pearl AvenueEastbound access only.
Palmera Avenue
2113 N60 (Corazon C. Aquino Avenue) / Taytay Diversion Road / L. Wood StreetRoundabout (Kaytiking Rotunda). Eastern terminus. End of N60 and R-5 designations.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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