Hidalgo Street
Hidalgo Street looking east towards Plaza del Carmen and San Sebastian Church
Former name(s)Calle San Sebastian
Calle Crespo
NamesakeFélix Resurrección Hidalgo
Length0.8 km (0.50 mi)
LocationManila, Philippines
West endGomez Street
Villalobos Street
N170 (Quezon Boulevard)
Bautista Street
Elizondo Street
East endBilibid Viejo Street and Plaza del Carmen

Hidalgo Street (also F. R. Hidalgo Street or R. Hidalgo Street) is a street located in Quiapo in the old downtown of Manila, Philippines. It runs east–west through the center of the district linking two of the district's most popular landmarks, Quiapo Church and San Sebastian Church. It is divided by Quezon Boulevard into two sections: the western section is a pedestrian zone that forms the southern boundary of Plaza Miranda running parallel to Carriedo Street, while the eastern section is a two-lane street which leads to the San Sebastian Church. Formerly known during the Spanish colonial times in sections as Calle [de] San Sebastian and Calle Crespo,[1][2] respectively, it was renamed after the Filipino painter Félix Resurrección Hidalgo.[3][4] It was once considered “the most beautiful street in Manila.”

Calle San Sebastian (now Hidalgo Street)

Among the historic structures along the Hidalgo Street area are:[5][6]


Located along the street are Manuel Luis Quezon University Manila Campus, and Nazarene Catholic School (formerly Quiapo Parochial School) Elementary and Secondary School buildings. Hidalgo also serves as entrance road towards Guzman College of Science and Technology on De Guzman Street.

To go to Santa Rita College and San Sebastian College – Recoletos de Manila, one has to access Hidalgo Street.


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