Lacson Avenue

Lacson Avenue looking northwest in Sampaloc, Manila
Former name(s)Governor Forbes Street (Forbes Street)
NamesakeArsenio H. Lacson
William Cameron Forbes (formerly)
Length2.9 km (1.8 mi)
From Tayuman to Nagtahan:
North endYuseco Street in Santa Cruz
South end N180 (Legarda Street / Magsaysay Boulevard) at Nagtahan Interchange

Lacson Avenue is the principal northwest–southeast artery located in Sampaloc district in northern Manila, Philippines. It is a 6-8 lane median divided avenue that runs approximately 2.9 kilometers (1.8 mi) from Tayuman Street in Santa Cruz to Nagtahan Interchange. It is a component of Circumferential Road 2 of the Manila arterial road network and N140 of the Philippine highway network.

Route description

Mabini Bridge

Travelling south, traffic emerges from Yuseco Street at the junction with Oroquieta Street in Santa Cruz. It then widens as it crosses Tayuman and Consuelo Streets across SM City San Lazaro. From here, it becomes a component of both Circumferential Road 2 (C-2) and N140 highway. The road then intersects with Dimasalang Street and España Boulevard in Sampaloc, passing the University of Santo Tomas campus. The southern end of Lacson lies at the Nagtahan Interchange, where it continues south as Nagtahan Street towards Nagtahan Bridge and the districts of Pandacan, Paco, and Malate, where C-2 terminates, as Quirino Avenue.


The avenue was originally named Forbes Street or Governor Forbes Street, after William Cameron Forbes, governor-general of the Philippines, under whose administration the road was begun. It was extended south to meet Calle Nagtahan (Nagtahan Street) at the boundary of Sampaloc, San Miguel and Santa Mesa at the old Carriedo Rotonda, when the pontoon bridge of Nagtahan that connected it to Pandacan south of the Pasig River was built. Nagtahan Bridge was renamed to Mabini Bridge in 1967,[1] while in 1971, Governor Forbes Street was renamed to Arsenio H. Lacson Street, after the former Manila mayor who served from 1952 to 1962.[2]


University of Santo Tomas Hospital

These are ordered from its western end at Yuseco Street to its eastern end at Nagtahan Interchange:


The entire route is located in Manila

Yuseco Street, Oroquieta StreetNorthern terminus. Unsignaled intersection. Continues westward as Yuseco Street. Access to N150 (Rizal Avenue). Oroquieta Street is a one-way road.
Manuel Hizon StreetUnsignaled intersection.
Felix Huertas Road, S. Herrera StreetUnsignaled intersection.
N140 (Tayuman Street)Southbound only. Start of N140 designation.
Consuelo StreetNorthbound only.
Kalimbas StreetSouthbound only.
Alfonso Mendoza Street, Aragon StreetTraffic light intersection. Access to Quiapo via N170 (Quezon Boulevard).
Maria Clara StreetTraffic light intersection. One-way road providing access to N162 (Dimasalang Street), N160 (Blumentritt Road) and Santa Mesa Heights in Quezon City.
N162 (Dimasalang Street), Laon Laan StreetTraffic light intersection. Southwestward goes to Quiapo; Plaza Lawton & Manila City Hall; northeastward goes to Santa Mesa Heights; northbound goes to Balintawak & La Loma districts.
Dapitan StreetTraffic light intersection. One-way road towards University of Santo Tomas.
Piy Margal StreetNorthbound only.
Leon Ma. Guerrero DriveSouthbound only. University of Santo Tomas Gate 14. Access to UST Hospital.
P. Florentino StreetNorthbound only. One-way road from Quezon City.
N170 (España Boulevard)Traffic light intersection. Access to Welcome Rotonda & NLEX Connector.
Manuel Earnshaw StreetBoth segments accessible thru nearest crossings. Southbound segment provides access to N180 (Legarda Street) and San Miguel district.
Sergio H. Loyola StreetTraffic light intersection. One-way road.
Jacobo Fajardo StreetTraffic light intersection. One-way road.
F. Jhocson StreetSouthbound only. Access to National University.
Alcantara StreetSouthbound only.
General Geronimo StreetNorthbound only.
P. Guevarra StreetSouthbound only.
Gerardo Tuazon StreetBoth segments accessible thru nearest crossings. Northbound segment goes to E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue; southbound segment goes to J. Figueras & Legarda Streets.
North end of Mabini Flyover
Loreto Street ExtensionNorthbound only.
N180 (Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard/Legarda Street), N140 (Nagtahan Street), Jose P. Laurel StreetTraffic light intersection. Southern terminus. Access to Malacañang Palace & San Miguel district via J.P. Laurel Street; Santa Mesa & Cubao districts via Magsaysay Boulevard; Quiapo & University Belt via Legarda Street, and Paco & Pandacan districts via Nagtahan Street.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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