NLEX Harbor Link
NLEX Harbor Link 18.jpg
NLEX Harbor Link Segment 10 northbound towards Karuhatan Exit in Valenzuela
Route information
Maintained by NLEX Corporation
Length24.8 km[1][2] (15.4 mi)
Segment 8.1 (Mindanao Avenue Link) – 2.7 km (1.7 mi)
Segment 9 (Karuhatan Link) – 2.42 km (1.50 mi)
Segment 10 (Harbor Link) – 8.18 km (5.08 mi) (including C-3–R-10 section)
Segment 8.2 (C-5 Link) – 11.5 km (7.1 mi) (construction pending)
  • C-5 C-5 from Mindanao Avenue to Karuhatan
  • E5
Major junctions
West end AH 26 (N120) (Radial Road 10) in Navotas
Major intersections
East end N128 (Mindanao Avenue) in Valenzuela
Future: N129 (Katipunan Avenue) / C.P. Garcia Avenue in Quezon City
Major citiesCaloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Quezon City, Valenzuela
Highway system
  • Roads in the Philippines
E4 E6

NLEX Harbor Link (North Luzon Expressway Harbor Link), signed as E5 of the Philippine expressway network, is a four- to six-lane expressway that serves as a spur of North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) linking it to the Port of Manila to the west and Quezon City to the east.[3] [1] It runs from Katipunan (a component of Circumferential Road 5) and C.P. Garcia Avenues in Quezon City to Radial Road 10 in Navotas, which in turn leads to the Port of Manila. Currently, its segment from Mindanao Avenue in Valenzuela to Navotas is operational.

Route description

The NLEX Harbor Link Project is the extension of the North Luzon Expressway that runs currently from Mindanao Avenue in Valenzuela at the east to Radial Road 10 in Navotas at the west, where an access to the Port of Manila is found. It aims to connect with Port of Manila, while improving cargo movement between NLEX and Radial Road 10. It is divided into four segments, namely: Segment 8.1 (Mindanao Avenue Link), 8.2 (C-5 Link / Citi Link), 9 (Karuhatan Link), and 10 (Harbor Link).[1] It forms part of the expressway's open section. Both Segments 8.1 and 9, located in Valenzuela, are components of Circumferential Road 5 (C-5) of Manila's arterial road network.

Mindanao Avenue to NLEX main

NLEX Segment 8.1 (Mindanao Avenue Link) westbound towards Harbor Link Interchange

NLEX Segment 8.1 (Mindanao Avenue Link) is a four-lane, 2.7-kilometer (1.7 mi) expressway that runs from the Harbor Link Interchange to Mindanao Avenue in Valenzuela. Lying on the ground level east of the interchange, it begins at the intersection with Mindanao Avenue in Barangay Ugong and then approaches the Mindanao toll plazas, widening to 6 lanes serving only westbound traffics. It terminates at the Harbor Link Interchange with NLEX Main and continues to the west as Segment 9 (Karuhatan Link).

NLEX main to Karuhatan

NLEX Segment 9 (Karuhatan Link) westbound

NLEX Segment 9 (Karuhatan Link) is a four-lane, 2.42-kilometer (1.50 mi) expressway that runs from Harbor Link Interchange to MacArthur Highway in Karuhatan, Valenzuela. It is the first segment of the NLEX Harbor Link project.[4] It begins at the Harbor Link Interchange with NLEX Main, picking-up from where Segment 8.1 (Mindanao Avenue Link) left off. Lying on the ground level west of the interchange, it then traverses Barangays Gen. T. De Leon, Parada, and Maysan, where two exits towards the first two barangays, respectively, are found. It then enters Barangay Karuhatan, where it approaches the Karuhatan toll plaza, widening to 6 lanes serving only eastbound vehicles, and Segment 10 (Harbor Link) and finally terminates at MacArthur Highway.

Karuhatan to Navotas

NLEX Segment 10 southbound towards Caloocan Interchange
The C3–R10 section westbound

NLEX Segment 10 (Harbor Link), the second phase of the NLEX Harbor Link project, is a four-lane, 5.65-kilometer (3.51 mi) fully elevated expressway which connects with the Karuhatan Link (Segment 9) in Valenzuela to C-3 Road in Caloocan, where two ramps carry it to the west for another 2.60 kilometers (1.62 mi) up to Radial Road 10 (R-10) in Navotas.[4] It begins at Karuhatan Exit with Segment 9 (Karuhatan Link) and MacArthur Highway. The section near the northern terminus traverses an industrial and residential area, which necessitated the demolition of numerous houses, buildings, and warehouses. It soon follows the railway right-of-way where it rises up to as high as 19 meters (62 ft) to provide necessary ground clearance for the viaduct carrying the future Manila–Clark Railway of the Philippine National Railways (PNR). It then crosses Tullahan River, where it enters Malabon. It then enters Caloocan, where past Samson Road and the PNR rolling stock shops in Caloocan, it shifts east of the railway's right of way (ROW), which also necessitated the demolition of a wet market. An exit to C-3 Road could then be found before meeting the Caloocan Interchange, where the expressway veers west as the C3–R10 spur alignment with connection to NLEX Connector that would lead southwards to Manila. The 2.60-kilometer (1.62 mi) C3–R10 section runs above C-3 Road, where a westbound exit ramp towards Dagat-Dagatan Avenue could be found. It then crosses the Navotas River and enters Navotas, where it veers southeast towards R-10 and ends at the Navotas Interchange, which provides access to the Port of Manila via Mel Lopez Boulevard.

At the Navotas Interchange, the expressway has a possible future connection to the proposed NLEX–CAVITEX Port Expressway Link or Harbor Link Port Access Mobility Facility towards Manila–Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX) or Anda Circle, respectively.[5][6]


The C-3–R-10 section of Segment 10 (Harbor Link) under construction at C-3 Road, 2019

Construction of NLEX Segment 8.1 (Mindanao Avenue Link), the first segment of the Harbor Link project, broke ground on April 2, 2009,[7] with actual construction work beginning on April 21, 2009.[8] It was then opened on June 5, 2010.[9] The spur road became part of the C-5 Road North Extension and is built to provide another entry point to the expressway from Metro Manila and decongest Balintawak Interchange.[10]

In 2013–2014, the construction of NLEX Segments 9 (Karuhatan Link) and 10 (Harbor Link) broke ground.[11][12] On March 18, 2015, NLEX Segment 9 was opened, providing continuation to Segment 8.1 that runs from the western side of the Harbor Link Interchange to MacArthur Highway in Karuhatan, Valenzuela.

On February 28, 2019, the main stretch of NLEX Segment 10 from MacArthur Highway to C-3 Road in Caloocan was inaugurated and opened to traffic.[13][14] However, this section of NLEX Segment 10 was supposed to be operational in December 2016,[15] but was delayed repeatedly due to right of way issues and delayed right of way acquisition. On February 21, 2020, its C-3–R-10 section was partially opened up to its Malabon (Dagat-Dagatan) exit ramp.[16] On June 15, its remaining section up to Radial Road 10 was finally opened.[17] This section was originally expected to open in March 2020, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Segment 8.2 (NLEX–C-5 Link)

NLEX Segment 8.2, also named NLEX C-5 Link and NLEX Citi Link,[4][18] will be an 11.5-kilometer (7.1 mi) segment part of the NLEX Harbor Link Project that will connect the existing NLEX Segment 8.1 (Mindanao Avenue Link) to Katipunan Avenue, a part of C-5. It is divided into two sections: the 8.30-kilometer (5.16 mi) Section 1 from Mindanao Avenue to Luzon Avenue and the 3.2-kilometer (2.0 mi) Section 2 from Luzon Avenue to C.P. Garcia Avenue.[1][19][20] The planned segment will at first run parallel to Republic Avenue before making a southward turn to Luzon Avenue after which it will then cross to Commonwealth Avenue and end at the intersection of C.P. Garcia and Katipunan Avenues.[4] The segment will include five interchanges at Mindanao Avenue, Quirino Highway, Regalado Avenue, Congressional and Luzon Avenues, and Katipunan and C.P. Garcia Avenues, with three local road crossings at Sauyo Road, Chestnut Avenue, and Commonwealth Avenue.[21][22]

The project implementation has been delayed for years due to right of way issues,[2][23] as it will affect informal settlers in 8 barangays of Quezon City.[24] Construction of the expressway segment's first phase, particularly the 2-kilometer (1.2 mi) Section 1A between Mindanao Avenue and Quirino Highway, is set to commence in 2024.[25]


Karuhatan toll plaza on Karuhatan Link

NLEX Harbor Link is part of North Luzon Expressway's open section, as it is located in Metro Manila and south of NLEX Main's Bocaue Toll Plaza in Bocaue, Bulacan. The section employs the use of a barrier toll system, wherein vehicles are charged a flat toll based on its class. Entering vehicles from NLEX Main do not need another toll collection on NLEX Harbor Link as their toll fees have already been collected at Balintawak or one of the southbound toll plazas from Bocaue to Paso de Blas, whereas those from elsewhere from Caloocan Interchange northwards/eastwards are charged a toll fee at Mindanao or Karuhatan toll plazas; eastbound vehicles exiting at Karuhatan are charged a toll fee upon exit. Vehicles traversing the C-3–R-10 section to and from the NLEX Connector are charged a toll fee at the latter.

It accepts cash payments and adopts the electronic toll collection (ETC) system, which is operated by Easytrip Services Corporation. In accordance with law, all toll rates include a 12% Value-Added Tax (VAT).

The toll rates, implemented since June 15, 2023, are as follows:[26]

Class Toll
Class 1
(cars, motorcycles, SUVs, jeepneys)
Class 2
(buses, light trucks)
Class 3
(heavy trucks)


Harbor Link Interchange
C-3 Road Exit
Caloocan Interchange
Malabon (Dagat-Dagatan) Exit
Navotas Interchange (C-3–R-10 ramp)

This entire route is located in Metro Manila. Exit numbers are numbered by kilometer posts. The kilometer count, which would be shown here in its approximate values, increments east and west of Harbor Link Interchange as it branches off NLEX Main, with Rizal Park in Manila designated as kilometer 0

Quezon CityC.P. Garcia N129 (Katipunan Avenue) / C.P. Garcia AvenueFuture eastern terminus;[19] C-5 segment of NLEX Harbor Link will start here. Possible link to the proposed C-5 Expressway
Congressional N129 (Congressional Avenue Extension, Luzon Avenue)
Regalado[27]Regalado Avenue
Quirino Highway N127 (Quirino Highway)
Valenzuela15.99.9Mindanao Avenue N128 (Mindanao Avenue) – Quezon CityCurrent eastern terminus; C-5 segment of NLEX Harbor Link currently starts here.
15.399.56Mindanao Toll Plaza (westbound only)
15.299.50Mindanao Toll Plaza expansion (westbound only; exclusively for Class 1)
138.1Harbor Link Interchange AH 26 (E1) (NLEX Main) – Balintawak, TarlacCloverleaf interchange with collector lanes; former western terminus (2010-2015)
14.719.14ParadaParada, MaysanWestbound exit only
15.009.32Gen. T. De LeonGen. T. de LeonEastbound exit only
16.1510.04Karuhatan Toll Plaza (eastbound only)
Karuhatan N1 (MacArthur Highway) – KaruhatanDiamond interchange. C-5 segment of NLEX Harbor Link ends here. former western terminus (2015-2019)
MalabonNo major junctions
CaloocanC-3 Road N130 (C-3 Road) – CaloocanWestbound exit and eastbound entrance; Former western terminus (2019-2020)
Caloocan InterchangeNLEX ConnectorDirectional T interchange; veers west to C3–R10 section
Malabon (Dagat-Dagatan)Dagat-Dagatan Avenue – Caloocan, MalabonWestbound exit and future eastbound entrance[28]
Navotas AH 26 (N120) (R-10) – Navotas Fish Port ComplexFuture westbound exit and eastbound entrance, access to NALEX (Northern Access Link Expressway) [29]
Navotas Interchange (C-3–R-10 Ramp)[29] AH 26 (N120) (R-10) – Port of ManilaWestern terminus, future connection to Southern Access Link Expressway, NLEX–CAVITEX Port Expressway Link or Harbor Link Port Access Mobility Facility
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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