Soyuz TM-1
COSPAR ID1986-035A Edit this at Wikidata
SATCAT no.16722
Mission duration9 days
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft typeSoyuz-TM
ManufacturerNPO Energia
Launch mass6,450 kilograms (14,220 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date21 May 1986 (1986-05-21Z) UTC
Launch siteBaikonur 1/5
End of mission
Landing date30 May 1986 (1986-05-31Z) UTC
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
RegimeLow Earth
Docking with Mir
Docking date23 May 1986
Undocking date29 May 1986

Soyuz TM-1 was an unmanned test flight of the Soyuz-TM spacecraft, intended for use in the Mir space station program. This was the maiden flight of the Soyuz-TM spacecraft, intended as the successor to the Soyuz-T spacecraft used in the Salyut program.[1] It docked to Mir on 23 May 1986, and undocked on the 29th.[2] It was the last uncrewed Soyuz flight until Soyuz MS-14, in 2019.

Mission parameters


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