VIN on a Chinese moped
VIN on a 1996 Porsche 993 GT2
VIN visible in the windshield
VIN recorded on a Chinese vehicle licence

A vehicle identification number (VIN; also called a chassis number or frame number) is a unique code, including a serial number, used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, as defined by the International Organization for Standardization in ISO 3779 (content and structure) and ISO 4030 (location and attachment).[1]

There are vehicle history services in several countries that help potential car owners use VINs to find vehicles that are defective or have been written off.


VINs were first used in 1954 in the United States.[2] From 1954 to 1981, there was no accepted standard for these numbers, so different manufacturers and even divisions within a manufacturer used different formats. By 1966, GM had settled on a 13-digit VIN, and standardized its VIN format across its divisions in 1972.

In 1981, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States standardized the format.[2] It required all on-road vehicles sold to contain a 17-character VIN, which does not include the letters O (o), I (i), and Q (q) (to avoid confusion with numerals 0, 1, and 9).

After the introduction of the ISO norm, the manufacturers which produced vehicles for the American market very quickly adjusted to this standard. The ISO introduced recommendations for applying the VIN standard and its structure, and the VIN was also used in Europe. However, the sets of information contained in it were introduced gradually. For example, Volkswagen started to encode bigger chunks of information during 1995–1997, and the control digit during 2009–2015 for selected models from the group. The VIN control digit is also used, although not in all brand-models. In the European vehicles, it can be found e.g. in Audi A1.[3]


There are at least four competing standards used to calculate the VIN.


Modern VINs are based on two related standards, originally issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1979 and 1980: ISO 3779[6] and ISO 3780,[7] respectively. Compatible but different implementations of these ISO standards have been adopted by the European Union and the United States.[8]

The VIN comprises the following sections:

Standard 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
ISO 3779 World manufacturer identifier Vehicle descriptor section Vehicle identifier section
European Union[9]

more than 500 vehicles/year

World manufacturer identifier Indication of "the general characteristics of the vehicle" Indication that provides "clear identification of a particular vehicle"
European Union[9]

500 or fewer vehicles/year

World manufacturer identifier 9 Indication of "the general characteristics of the vehicle" Indication that provides "clear identification of a particular vehicle"
North America

more than 2,000 vehicles/year

World manufacturer identifier Vehicle attributes Check digit Model year Plant code Sequential number
North America

2,000 or fewer vehicles/year

World manufacturer identifier 9 Vehicle attributes Check digit Model year Plant code Manufacturer identifier Sequential number
VIN in a GM-T-Platform body next to a passenger seat

World manufacturer identifier

The first three characters uniquely identify the manufacturer of the vehicle using the world manufacturer identifier or WMI code. A manufacturer who builds fewer than 1,000 vehicles per year uses a 9 as the third digit, and the 12th, 13th and 14th position of the VIN for a second part of the identification. Some manufacturers use the third character as a code for a vehicle category (e.g., bus or truck), a division within a manufacturer, or both. For example, within 1G (assigned to General Motors in the United States), 1G1 represents Chevrolet passenger cars; 1G2, Pontiac passenger cars; and 1GC, Chevrolet trucks.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in the US assigns WMIs to countries and manufacturers.[10]

The first character of the WMI is typically the region in which the manufacturer is located although there are exceptions e.g. the WMI 7SA was assigned to Tesla Inc. in the United States in 2021.[11] In practice, each is assigned to a country of manufacture, although in Europe the country where the continental headquarters is located can assign the WMI to all vehicles produced in that region (Example: Opel/Vauxhall cars whether produced in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom or Poland carry a WMI of W0L because Adam Opel AG is based in Rüsselsheim, Germany).

In the notation below, assume that letters precede numbers and that zero is the last number. For example, 8X–82 denotes the range 8X, 8Y, 8Z, 81, 82, excluding 80.[10]

Country or region codes

A–C = Africa J–R = Asia S–Z = Europe 1–5, 7 = North America 6 = Oceania 8–9 = South America

AA-AH South Africa
AJ-AK Côte d'Ivoire
AL-AM Lesotho
AN-AP Botswana
AR-AS Namibia
AT-AU Madagascar
AV-AW Mauritius
AX-AY Tunisia
AZ-A1 Cyprus
A2-A3 Zimbabwe
A4-A5 Mozambique
A6-A0 unassigned
BA-BB Angola
BC Ethiopia
BD-BE unassigned
BF-BG Kenya
BH Rwanda
BJ-BK unassigned
BL Nigeria
BM-BP unassigned
BR Algeria
BS unassigned
BT Swaziland
BU Uganda
BV-B2 unassigned
B3-B4 Libya
B5-B0 unassigned
CA-CB Egypt
CC-CE unassigned
CF-CG Morocco
CH-CK unassigned
CL-CM Zambia
CN-C0 unassigned

J Japan
KA-KE Sri Lanka
KF-KK Israel
KL-KR Korea (South)
KS-KT Jordan
L China
MA-ME, MY-M0 India
MF-MK Indonesia
ML-MR Thailand
MS Myanmar
MU Mongolia
MX Kazakhstan
NA-NE Iran
NF-NK Pakistan
NL-NR Turkey
NS-NT Uzbekistan
NU-N0 unassigned
PA-PE Philippines
PF-PK Singapore
PL-PR Malaysia
PS-PT Bangladesh
PU-P0 unassigned
RA-RE United Arab Emirates
RF-RK Taiwan
RL-RP Vietnam
RS-RT Saudi Arabia
R1-R7 Hong Kong

SA-SM United Kingdom
SN-ST Germany (former East Germany)
SU-SZ Poland
S1-S2 Latvia
S3 Georgia
S4 Iceland
S5-S0 unassigned
TA-TH Switzerland
TJ-TP Czech Republic
TR-TV Hungary
TW-T2 Portugal
T3-T5 Serbia
T6 Andorra
T7-T8 Netherlands
T9-T0 unassigned
UA-UC Spain
UD-UG unassigned
UH-UM Denmark
UN-UR Ireland
US-UT unassigned
UU-UX Romania
UY-UZ unassigned
U1-U2 North Macedonia
U3-U4 unassigned
U5-U7 Slovakia
U8-U0 Bosnia and Herzegovina
VA-VE Austria
VF-VR France
VS-VW Spain
VX-V2 France
V3-V5 Croatia
V6-V8 Estonia
V9-V0 unassigned
W Germany (former West Germany)
XA-XC Bulgaria
XD-XE Russia
XF-XH Greece
XJ-XK Russia
XL-XR Netherlands
XS-XW Russia (former USSR)
XX-XY Luxembourg
XZ-X0 Russia
YA-YE Belgium
YF-YK Finland
YL-YM unassigned
YN Malta
YP-YR unassigned
YS-YW Sweden
YX-Y2 Norway
Y3-Y5 Belarus
Y6-Y8 Ukraine
Y9-Y0 unassigned
ZA-ZU Italy
ZV-ZW unassigned
ZX-ZZ Slovenia
Z1 San Marino
Z2 unassigned
Z3-Z5 Lithuania
Z6-Z0 Russia

1, 4, 5 or 7 United States
2 Canada
3A-3X Mexico
34 Nicaragua
35 Dominican Republic
36 Honduras
37 Panama
38-39 Puerto Rico
30 unassigned

6 Australia
6Y-61 New Zealand

8A-8E Argentina
8F-8K Chile
8L-8R Ecuador
8S-8W Peru
8X-82 Venezuela
82-82 Bolivia
83-80 unassigned
9A-9E Brazil
9F-9K Colombia
9L-9R Paraguay
9S-9W Uruguay
9X-92 Trinidad & Tobago
93–99 Brazil
90 unassigned

Vehicle descriptor section

The fourth to ninth positions in the VIN are the vehicle descriptor section or VDS. This is used, according to local regulations, to identify the vehicle type, and may include information on the automobile platform used, the model, and the body style. Each manufacturer has a unique system for using this field. Most manufacturers since the 1980s have used the eighth digit to identify the engine type whenever there is more than one engine choice for the vehicle. Example: for the 2007 Chevrolet Corvette, U is for a 6.0-liter V8 engine, and E is for a 7.0-liter V8.

North American check digits

One element that is inconsistent is the use of position nine as a check digit, compulsory for vehicles in North America and China, but not Europe.

Vehicle identifier section

The 10th to 17th positions are used as the vehicle identifier section or VIS. This is used by the manufacturer to identify the individual vehicle in question. This may include information on options installed or engine and transmission choices, but often is a simple sequential number.

Model year encoding

The North American implementation of the VIS uses the 10th digit to encode the model year of the vehicle. Besides the three letters that are not allowed in the VIN itself (I, O and Q), the letters U and Z and the digit 0 are not used for the model year code. Outside North America the 10th digit is usually 0.

The year 1980 was encoded by some manufacturers, especially General Motors and Chrysler, as "A" (since the 17-digit VIN was not mandatory until 1981, and the "A" or zero was in the manufacturer's pre-1981 placement in the VIN), yet Ford and AMC still used a zero for 1980. Subsequent years increment through the allowed letters, so that "Y" represents the year 2000. 2001 to 2009 are encoded as the digits 1 to 9, and subsequent years are encoded as "A", "B", "C", etc.

Code Year Code Year Code Year Code Year Code Year Code Year
A 1980 L 1990 Y 2000 A 2010 L 2020 Y 2030
B 1981 M 1991 1 2001 B 2011 M 2021 1 2031
C 1982 N 1992 2 2002 C 2012 N 2022 2 2032
D 1983 P 1993 3 2003 D 2013 P 2023 3 2033
E 1984 R 1994 4 2004 E 2014 R 2024 4 2034
F 1985 S 1995 5 2005 F 2015 S 2025 5 2035
G 1986 T 1996 6 2006 G 2016 T 2026 6 2036
H 1987 V 1997 7 2007 H 2017 V 2027 7 2037
J 1988 W 1998 8 2008 J 2018 W 2028 8 2038
K 1989 X 1999 9 2009 K 2019 X 2029 9 2039

On April 30, 2008, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration adopted a final rule amending 49 CFR Part 565, "so that the current 17 character vehicle identification number (VIN) system, which has been in place for almost 30 years, can continue in use for at least another 30 years", in the process making several changes to the VIN requirements applicable to all motor vehicles manufactured for sale in the United States. There were three notable changes to the VIN structure that affect VIN deciphering systems:

Plant code

Compulsory in North America and China is the use of the 11th character to identify the assembly plant at which the vehicle was built. Each manufacturer has its own set of plant codes.

Production number

In the United States and China, the 12th to 17th digits are the vehicle's serial or production number. This is unique to each vehicle, and every manufacturer uses its own sequence.

Check-digit calculation

A check-digit validation is used for all road vehicles sold in the United States and Canada.

When trying to validate a VIN with a check digit, first either (a) remove the check digit for the purpose of calculation or (b) use a weight of zero (see below) to cancel it out. The original value of the check digit is then compared with the calculated value. If the calculated value is 0–9, the check digit must match the calculated value. If the calculated value is 10, the check digit must be X. If the two values do not match (and there was no error in the calculation), then there is a mistake in the VIN. However, a match does not prove the VIN is correct, because there is still a 1/11 chance that any two distinct VINs have a matching check digit: for example, the valid VINs 5GZCZ43D13S812715 (correct with leading five) and SGZCZ43D13S812715 (incorrect with leading character "S"). The VINs in the Porsche image, WP0ZZZ99ZTS392124, and the GM-T body image, KLATF08Y1VB363636, do not pass the North American check-digit verification.

Transliterating the numbers

Transliteration consists of removing all of the letters, and replacing them with their appropriate numerical counterparts. These numerical alternatives (based on IBM's EBCDIC) are in the following chart. I, O, and Q are not allowed in a valid VIN; for this chart, they have been filled in with N/A (not applicable). Numerical digits use their own values.

Transliteration key: values for VIN decoding
A: 1 B: 2 C: 3 D: 4 E: 5 F: 6 G: 7 H: 8
J: 1 K: 2 L: 3 M: 4 N: 5 P: 7 R: 9
S: 2 T: 3 U: 4 V: 5 W: 6 X: 7 Y: 8 Z: 9

S is 2, and not 1. There is no left-alignment linearity.

Weights used in calculation

The following is the weight factor for each position in the VIN. The 9th position is that of the check digit. It has been substituted with a 0, which will cancel it out in the multiplication step.

Weight factor table
Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Weight 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 10 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Worked example

Consider the hypothetical VIN 1M8GDM9A_KP042788, where the underscore will be the check digit.

VIN 1 M 8 G D M 9 A K P 0 4 2 7 8 8
Value 1 4 8 7 4 4 9 1 0 2 7 0 4 2 7 8 8
Weight 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 10 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
Products 8 28 48 35 16 12 18 10 0 18 56 0 24 10 28 24 16
  1. The VIN's value is calculated from the above transliteration table. This number is used in the rest of the calculation.
  2. Copy the weights from the weight factor row above.
  3. The products row is the result of the multiplication of the columns in the Value and Weight rows.
  4. The products (8, 28, 48, 35 ... 24, 16) are all added together to yield a sum, 351.
  5. Find the remainder after dividing by 11
    351 MOD 11 = 10
    351 ÷ 11 = 311011
  6. The remainder is the check digit. If the remainder is 10, the check digit is X. In this example, the remainder is 10, so the check digit is transliterated as X.

With a check digit of X, the VIN 1M8GDM9A_KP042788 is written 1M8GDM9AXKP042788.

A VIN with straight-ones (seventeen consecutive 1s) has the nice feature that its check digit 1 matches the calculated value 1. This is because a value of one multiplied by 89 (sum of weights) is 89, and 89 divided by 11 is 8 with remainder 111; thus 1 is the check digit. This is a way to test a VIN-check algorithm.

VIN scanning

The VIN is marked in multiple locations; normally in the lower corner of the windshield on the driver's side, under the bonnet next to latch, at the front end of the vehicle frame, and inside the door pillar on the driver's side.[13] On newer vehicles VINs may be optically read with barcode scanners or digital cameras, or digitally read via OBD-II.[14] There are smartphone applications that can pass the VIN to websites to decode the VIN.[15]

List of common WMI

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) assigns the WMI[16] (world manufacturer identifier) to countries and manufacturers. The following list shows a selection of world manufacturer codes.

WMI Country Manufacturer


AAA South Africa Audi South Africa made by Volkswagen of South Africa
AAK FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) Ltd.
AAM MAN Automotive (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd. includes VW Truck & Bus
AAV Volkswagen of South Africa[17]
ABJ Mitsubishi Colt & Triton pickups made by Mercedes-Benz South Africa 1994–2011
ABJ Mitsubishi Fuso made by Daimler Trucks & Buses Southern Africa
ABM BMW BMW Southern Africa
ACV Isuzu Motors South Africa 2018-
AC5 Hyundai Automotive South Africa (cars)
ADD UD Trucks Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
ADM General Motors South Africa includes Isuzu through 2018
ADN Nissan South Africa (Pty) Ltd
ADR Renault Sandero made by Nissan South Africa (Pty) Ltd
ADX Tata Automobile Corporation (SA) Ltd.
AFA Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa & Samcor
AFB Mazda BT-50 made by Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa
AHH Hino South Africa
AHM Honda Ballade made by Mercedes-Benz South Africa 1982–2000
AHT Toyota South Africa Motors[17]
BAB [BMW] BMW cars 1986-2019
BF9 Kenya KIBO Motorcycles
CL9 Tunisia Wallyscar
DA1 DA4 Egypt Arab American Vehicles
DAA Fiat Auto Egypt Industrial Co
DF9 Morocco Laraki
GA1 Madagascar Renault /SOMACOA - Société Malgache de Construction Automobile


J81 Japan Chevrolet/Geo car made by Isuzu
J87 Pontiac/Asüna car made by Isuzu for GM Canada
J8B J8C Chevrolet commercial trucks made by Isuzu
J8D J8T GMC commercial trucks made by Isuzu
J8Z Chevrolet pickup truck made by Isuzu
JA3 Mitsubishi car
JA4 Mitsubishi MPV/SUV
JA7 Mitsubishi truck
JAA Isuzu truck
JAB Isuzu car
JAE Acura SLX made by Isuzu
JAL Isuzu commercial trucks & Chevrolet commercial trucks made by Isuzu 2016+ & Hino S-series truck made by Isuzu
JAM Isuzu commercial trucks
JB3 Dodge car made by Mitsubishi Motors
JB4 Dodge MPV/SUV made by Mitsubishi Motors
JB7 Dodge truck made by Mitsubishi Motors
JC0 Ford brand cars made by Mazda
JC1 Fiat 124 Spider made by Mazda
JC2 Ford Courier made by Mazda
JD1 Daihatsu car
JD2 Daihatsu SUV
JD4 Daihatsu truck
JDA Daihatsu
JE3 Eagle car made by Mitsubishi Motors
JE4 Mitsubishi
JF1 SubaruFuji Heavy Industries car
JF2 SubaruFuji Heavy Industries SUV
JF3 SubaruFuji Heavy Industries truck
JF4 Saab 9-2X made by Subaru
JG1 Chevrolet/Geo car made by Suzuki
JG7 Pontiac/Asuna car made by Suzuki for GM Canada
JGC Chevrolet/Geo SUV made by Suzuki
JGT GMC SUV made by Suzuki for GM Canada
JH2 Honda motorcycle/ATV
JH3 Honda ATV
JH4 Acura car
JHL Honda MPV/SUV[17]
JHM Honda car[17]
JJ3 Chrysler car made by Mitsubishi Motors
JK8 Suzuki QUV620F UTV made by Kawasaki
JKA JKB Kawasaki
JKS Suzuki Marauder 1600/Boulevard M95 motorcycle made by Kawasaki
JL5 JL6 Mitsubishi FUSO Truck & Bus Corp
JLF Mitsubishi FUSO Truck & Bus Corp
JLS Sterling Trucks 360 made by Mitsubishi FUSO Truck & Bus Corp
JM0 Mazda for Oceania export
JM1 Mazda car
JM2 Mazda truck
JM6 Mazda[17]
JM7 Mazda
JMA JMB Mitsubishi[17]
JMF Mitsubishi
JMY Mitsubishi
JMZ Mazda for Europe export
JN Nissan[17]
JN1 Nissan car & Infiniti car
JN3 Nissan incomplete vehicle
JN6 Nissan truck
JN8 Nissan MPV/SUV & Infiniti SUV
JNA Nissan Diesel/UD Trucks incomplete vehicle
JNC Nissan Diesel/UD Trucks
JNE Nissan Diesel/UD Trucks truck
JNK Infiniti car
JNR Infiniti SUV
JNX Infiniti incomplete vehicle
JP3 Plymouth car made by Mitsubishi Motors
JP4 Plymouth MPV/SUV made by Mitsubishi Motors
JP7 Plymouth truck made by Mitsubishi Motors
JPC Nissan Diesel/UD Trucks
JR2 Isuzu Oasis made by Honda
JS Suzuki[17]
JS1 Suzuki motorcycle & Kawasaki KLX400S/KLX400SR motorcycle made by Suzuki
JS2 Suzuki car
JS3 Suzuki SUV
JSA Kawasaki KFX400 ATV made by Suzuki
JSK Kawasaki KLX125/KLX125L motorcycle made by Suzuki
JSL Kawasaki KFX400 ATV made by Suzuki
JT Toyota[17]
JT2 Toyota car
JT3 Toyota MPV/SUV
JT4 Toyota truck
JT5 Toyota incomplete vehicle
JT6 Lexus SUV
JT8 Lexus car
JTD Toyota car
JTF Toyota van/truck
JTG Toyota MPV/bus
JTH Lexus car
JTK Toyota car
JTL Toyota SUV
JTM Toyota SUV
JTN Toyota car
JW6 Mitsubishi FUSO division of Mitsubishi Motors (through mid 2003)
JY Yamaha Motor[17]
JY3 Yamaha Motor 3-wheel ATV
JY4 Yamaha Motor 4-wheel ATV
JYA Yamaha Motor motorcycles
JYE Yamaha Motor snowmobile
KAL Sri Lanka Lanka Ashok Leyland
KAA RS Automotive
KA1 KEWR Technologies
KF3 Israel Merkavim
KF6 Automotive Industries, Ltd.
KF9 004 Tomcar
KLA South Korea Daewoo/GM Korea[17]
KLT KLU Tata Daewoo
KL1 GM Daewoo/GM Korea Chevrolet car
KL2 Daewoo/GM Daewoo Pontiac
KL3 GM Daewoo/GM Korea Holden
KL4 GM Korea Buick
KL5 GM Daewoo Suzuki
KL6 GM Daewoo GMC
KL7 Daewoo GM Canada brands: Passport, Asuna (Pre-2000)
KL7 GM Daewoo/GM Korea Chevrolet MPV/SUV (Post-2000)
KL8 GM Daewoo/GM Korea Chevrolet car (Spark)
KMA Asia Motors
KME Hyundai commercial truck
KMF Hyundai van & commercial truck & Bering Truck
KMH Hyundai car[17]
KMJ Hyundai bus & minibus
KMT Genesis Motor car
KMU Genesis Motor SUV
KMY Daelim Motor Company, Ltd/DNA Motors Co., Ltd.
KM4 Hyosung Motors/S&T Motors/KR Motors
KM8 Hyundai SUV
KNA KNC KNE Kia car[17]
KND Kia SUV/MPV & Hyundai Entourage
KNJ Ford Festiva & Aspire
KNM Renault Samsung Motors & Nissan Rogue made by Renault Samsung Motors
KPA SsangYong pickup
KPB SsangYong car
KPH Mitsubishi Precis
KPT SsangYong SUV/MPV[17]
L1C China Hubei Huawei Special-Purpose Automobile
L2C Chery Jaguar Land Rover
L5Y Znen Taizhou Zhongneng Motorcycle Co. Ltd.
L6T Geely
L8A Jinhua Youngman Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
L8Y Zhejiang Jonway Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
L9N Zhejiang Taotao Vehicles Co., Ltd.
LA6 King Long
LA9 LC0 BYD Auto
LAL Sundiro Honda Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
LB1 Fujian Benz
LB2 Geely motorcycle
LB3 Geely
LBB Qianjiang Motorcycle & Benelli
LBE Beijing Hyundai
LBP Chongqing Jianshe Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.
LBV BMW Brilliance
LC0 BYD Auto Industry Co. Ltd.
LC2 Changzhou Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd.
LC6 Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motorcycle Co. Ltd.
LCE CF Moto by Chunfeng Holding Group Hangzhou Motorcycles Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
LCR Gonow
LDC Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroën
LDK FAW Bus (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
LDN Soueast
LDY Zhongtong Bus
LE4 Beijing Benz & Beijing Benz-Daimler Chrysler Automotive Co., Ltd.
LET Jiangxi Isuzu
LF3 Lifan motorcycle
LFM FAW Toyota
LFN FAW Bus (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
LFV FAW-Volkswagen
LGA Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. trucks
LGB Dongfeng Nissan
LGC Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. buses
LGG Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor
LGJ Dongfeng Fengshen (Aeolus)
LGL Guilin Daewoo
LGW Great Wall (Haval)
LGZ Guangzhou Denway Bus
LH1 FAW Haima
LHG Guangzhou Honda
LJ8 Zotye Auto
LJC Jincheng Corporation
LJD Dongfeng Yueda Kia
LJN Zhengzhou Nissan
LJS Yaxing Coach
LJU Shanghai Maple Automobile & Kandi
LJV Sinotruk Chengdu Wangpai Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.
LKC Changhe
LKG Youngman Lotus Automobile Co., Ltd.
LKL Higer Bus
LKT Yunnan Lifan Junma Vehicle Co., Ltd. commercial vehicles
LL3 Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co. Ltd
LL6 GAC Mitsubishi
LL8 Jiangsu Linhai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
LLC Loncin Holdings
LLN Qoros
LLV Lifan
LM6 SWM (automobiles)
LMG GAC Trumpchi
LNP NAC MG UK Limited & Nanjing Fiat Automobile
LNY Yuejin
LPA Changan PSA (DS Automobiles)
LPS Polestar
LRB SAIC General Motors Buick
LRD Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. Auman trucks
LRE SAIC General Motors Cadillac
LRW Tesla
LS5 Changan Automobile & Changan Suzuki
LS7 JMC Heavy Duty Vehicle
LSF SAIC Maxus & Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation
LSG SAIC General Motors Chevrolet
LSV SAIC Volkswagen
LSY Brilliance & Jinbei GM
LTN Soueast built Chrysler & Dodge vehicles
LTV FAW Toyota (Tianjin)
LUC Honda Automobile (China)
LUD Dongfeng Nissan Diesel Motor Co Ltd
LUX Dongfeng Yulon Motor Co. Ltd
LVA LVB LVC Foton Motor
LVF Changhe Suzuki
LVG GAC Toyota
LVH Dongfeng Honda
LVM Chery Commercial Vehicle
LVR Changan Mazda
LVS Changan Ford & Changan Ford Mazda
LVV Chery
LVX Landwind
LVY Volvo Cars Daqing factory
LWB Wuyang Honda Motorcycle (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
LWL Qingling Isuzu
LWV GAC Fiat Chrysler
LXV Beijing Borgward Automotive Co., Ltd.
LXY Chongqing Shineray Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
LYB Weichai (Yangzhou) Yaxing Automobile Co., Ltd.
LYM Zhuzhou Jianshe Yamaha Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
LYV Volvo Cars Chengdu factory & Luqiao factory
LZF SAIC Iveco Hongyan
LZG Shaanxi Automobile Group Shacman Bus
LZK Sinotruk (CNHTC) Huanghe bus
LZS Zongshen
LZU Guangzhou Isuzu Bus
LZY Yutong
LZZ Sinotruk (CNHTC) Howo, Sitrak
MA1 India Mahindra
MA3 Maruti Suzuki India Limited
MA6 General Motors India Pvt. Ltd.
MA7 Hindustan Motors Ltd & Mitsubishi Motors models made by Hindustan Motors & Isuzu models made by Hindustan Motors
MAH Fiat India Automobiles Pvt. Ltd
MAJ Ford India
MAK Honda Cars India
MAL Hyundai Motor India
MAN Eicher Polaris Multix
MAT Tata Motors
MB1 Ashok Leyland Ltd
MB8 Suzuki Motorcycle India Limited
MBF Royal Enfield
MBH Nissan Pixo made by Maruti Suzuki India Limited
MBJ Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd
MBK MAN Trucks India Pvt. Ltd
MBL Hero MotoCorp
MBU Swaraj Vehicles Limited
MBV Premier Automobiles Ltd
MBX Piaggio India Piaggio Ape
MBY Asia Motor Works Ltd
MC1 Force Motors Limited
MC2 Eicher Motors Limited
MC4 Dilip Chhabria Design Pvt Ltd
MCA FCA India Automobiles Pvt. Ltd
MCB General Motors India Pvt. Ltd.
MCD Mahindra Two Wheelers
MCG Atul Auto
MCL International Cars And Motors Ltd
MD2 Bajaj Auto Ltd & KTM and Husqvarna models built by Bajaj
MD6 TVS Motor Company
MD7 LML Ltd including Genuine Scooter Company Stella
MDE Kinetic Engineering Limited
MDH Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd
MDT Kerala Automobiles Limited
ME1 India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd
ME3 Royal Enfield
ME4 Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India
MEC Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. BharatBenz
MEE Renault India Private Limited
MEG Harley-Davidson India
MER Benelli
MET Piaggio India Vespa
MEX Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd. 2015 on
MYH Ather Energy
MZ7 MG Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
MZB Kia India Pvt. Ltd.
MZD Classic Legends Private Limited – Jawa
M3G Isuzu Motors India
M6F UM Lohia Two Wheelers Private Limited
MH1 Indonesia PT Astra Honda Motor
MH3 PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg.
MH4 PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia
MHF PT Toyota Astra Motor
MHH BMW - BMW cars 2003-2019 India[clarification needed]
MHK PT Astra Daihatsu Motor including Toyotas made by Astra Daihatsu
MHL PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia
MHR PT Honda Prospect Motor
MHY PT Suzuki Indomobil Motor
MJB GM Indonesia
MK2 Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Indonesia
MK3 PT SGMW Motor Indonesia Wuling
ML0 Thailand Ducati Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
ML3 Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand)
ML5 Kawasaki Motors Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
MLC Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.
MLE Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
MLH Honda motorcycle
MLY Harley-Davidson
MM0 MM6 MM7 Mazda (Ford-Mazda AAT plant)
MM8 Mazda (Ford-Mazda AAT plant)[18]
MMA MMB Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand)[17]
MMC MMD Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand)
MMH Tata[20]
MMK Toyota (Toyota Auto Works plant)[21]
MMM Chevrolet[22]
MMR Subaru[23]
MMS Suzuki[24]
MMT Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand)[25]
MMU Holden
MNA Ford (Ford-Mazda AAT plant) for Australia/New Zealand export
MNB Ford (Ford-Mazda AAT plant)[26] for other right-hand drive markets
MNC Ford (Ford-Mazda AAT plant) for left-hand drive markets
MNK Hino Motors Manufacturing Thailand Co Ltd
MNT Nissan Motor Thailand
MPA IMCT Isuzu Motors Company Thailand
MPB Ford (FTM plant)[27]
MP1 IMCT Isuzu Motors Company Thailand
MP2 Mazda BT-50 pickup built by Isuzu Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
MP5 Foton[28]
MRH Honda car
MR0 Toyota (Ban Pho and Samrong plant)[29]
MR1 Toyota (Samrong plant) (Fortuner)
MR2 Toyota (Gateway plant)[30]
MS0 Myanmar SSS MOTORS Myanmar/Kia
MS3 Suzuki Myanmar Motor Co., Ltd.
MXV Kazakhstan IMZ-Ural Ural Motorcycles
MX3 Hyundai Trans Auto
N3C Iran Kavir motor Company (Yektaz)
N58 Kavir motor Company (EURASIA)
NAA Iran khodro Company
NAD Saipa Diesel
NAG Bahman Industrial Group
NAP Pars Khodro
NAS Saipa Co.
NC0 South Africa BMW South Africa
NFB Pakistan Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Ltd
NG3 Lucky Motor Corporation
NLA Turkey Honda cars
NLC Askam Kamyon Imalat Ve Ticaret A.S.
NLH Hyundai Assan Otomotiv car/SUV
NLJ Hyundai Assan Otomotiv van
NLN Karsan Automotive Industry & Trade
NLR Otokar
NL1 Togg
NMA MAN Türkiye A.Ş.[17]
NMB Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S.
NMC BMC Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
NMH Honda motorcycle
NMT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey
NM0 Ford Otosan
NM1 Oyak-Renault Oto Fab AS
NM4 Tofas (Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi AS)
NNA Anadolu Isuzu
PAB Philippines Isuzu Philippines Corporation
PAD Honda Cars Philippines
PAF BMW Philippines
PE1 Ford Motor Company Philippines
PE3 Mazda Philippines made by Ford Motor Company Philippines
PL1 Malaysia Proton
PL8 Hyundai/Inokom
PLP Subaru
PLZ Isuzu Malaysia
PMH Honda car
PML Hicom
PM2 Perodua
PM9 Bufori
PMK Honda Boon Siew motorcycle
PMN Modenas
PMV Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd.
PNA Naza/Kia/Peugeot
PNA Peugeot
PNV Volvo Cars
PN1 PN2 Toyota
PN8 Nissan
PP1 Mazda
PP3 Hyundai
PPP Suzuki
PPV Volkswagen
PR8 Ford
PRA Sinotruk
PRH Chery
LFA Taiwan Ford Lio Ho Motor Co Ltd old designation
LM1 LM4 Tai Ling Motor Co Ltd old designation
LPR Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co. Ltd. old designation
RF3 Aeon Motor
RF5 Yulon Motor Co Ltd
RFB Kymco
RFC Taiwan Golden Bee
RFD Tai Ling Motor Co Ltd new designation
RFG SYM Motors
RFV PGO Scooters including Genuine Scooter Company models made by PGO
RGS Kawasaki made by Kymco
RHA Ford Lio Ho Motor Co Ltd new designation
RK7 Kawasaki ATV made by Tai Ling Motor Co Ltd (rebadged Suzuki ATV) new designation
RKJ Prince Motors Taiwan
RKL Kuozui Motors (Toyota)
RKM China Motor Corporation
RKR Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co. Ltd. new designation
RKT Honda Taiwan
RL0 Vietnam Ford Vietnam
RL4 Toyota Motor Vietnam
RLA Vina Star Motors Corp. – Mitsubishi
RLC Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co. Ltd.
RLE Isuzu Vietnam Co.
RLF BMW BMW cars 2003-2014 Vietnam
RLH Honda Vietnam Co. Ltd.
RLM Mercedes-Benz Vietnam
RLV Vietnam Precision Industrial CO., Ltd. Can-Am DS 70 & DS 90
RP8 Piaggio Vietnam Co. Ltd.
R4N Hong Kong Elyx Smart Technology Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd.


SA9 United Kingdom < 500 units Morgan Motor Company
SA9 OX Global
SA9 005 Panther
SA9 019 TVR
SA9 039 Westfield Sportscars
SA9 048 McLaren F1
SA9 050 Marcos Engineering
SA9 130 MG Sport and Racing
SA9 202 Morgan 3-Wheeler
SA9 506 KaiserRushforth
SAA United Kingdom Austin
SAB Optare
SAD Daimler until April 1987
SAD Jaguar SUV
SAH Honda made by Austin Rover Group
SAJ Jaguar
SAL Land Rover[17]
SAM Morris
SAR Rover & MG Rover Group[17]
SAT Triumph car[17]
SAX Austin Rover Group including Sterling Cars
SAY Norton Motorcycles
SAZ Freight Rover
SBB Leyland Vehicles
SBC Iveco Ford Truck
SBJ Leyland Bus
SBL Leyland Motors & Leyland DAF
SBM McLaren Group[17]
SBS Scammell
SBV Kenworth & Peterbilt trucks made by Leyland Trucks
SB1 Toyota Manufacturing UK[17]
SCA Rolls-Royce Motor Cars & Rolls-Royce Motors car
SCB Bentley Motors Limited
SCC Lotus Cars Limited[17]
SCE DeLorean
SCF Aston Martin Lagonda Limited[17]
SCG Triumph Engineering original Triumph Motorcycle company
SCK Ifor Williams Trailers
SCR London Electric Vehicle Company & London Taxi Company & London Taxis International
SCV Volvo Truck & Bus
SC6 INEOS Automotive[17]
SDB Talbot Motor Company
SDF Dodge Trucks – UK 1981–1984
SDG Renault Trucks Industries 1985–1992
SDK Caterham Cars
SDP MG Motor NAC MG UK & MG Motor UK
SD7 Aston Martin SUVs
SED IBC Vehicles (Isuzu Bedford Company)
SEG Dennis Eagle
SFA Ford of Britain
SFD Dennis
SFE Alexander Dennis
SFN Foden
SFZ Tesla Roadster made by Lotus
SGD Swift Group Ltd.
SHH Honda UK Manufacturing car[17]
SHS Honda UK Manufacturing SUV[17]
SJA Bentley SUV
SJK Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK[17] Infiniti
SJN Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK[17] Nissan
SKA Vauxhall Motors
SKF Bedford Vehicles
SLA Rolls-Royce Motor Cars SUV
SLP JC Bamford Excavators
SLV Volvo Bus
SMT Triumph Motorcycles Ltd current Triumph Motorcycle company
SNE East Germany Wartburg
SNT Trabant
SNZ MZ Motorrad- und Zweiradwerk
SUA Poland Sanocka Fabryka Autobusow Sfa / Autosan
SUD Wielton
SUF Fabryka Samochodów Małolitrażowych
SUJ Jelcz
SUL FSC Lublin Automotive Factory
SUM Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o.
SUN FSD [pl]
SUP Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych
SUU Solaris Bus & Coach
SZA Scania Production Slupsk
TAM Switzerland Mowag
TAP Polaris Europe (based in Switzerland)
TCC Micro Compact Car[17] (until 5/99)
TEB Bucher Municipal including Johnston Sweepers of the UK (owned by Bucher Municipal of Switzerland)
TK9 SL5 Czech Republic SOR Libchavy
TLJ Jawa Moto
TMA Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech car[17]
TMB Škoda Auto AS[17]
TMC Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech SUV
TMK Karosa
TMP Škoda Ostrov
TMT Tatra car
TNA Avia/Daewoo Avia
TNT TNU Tatra trucks
TRA Hungary Ikarus Bus
TRU Audi[17]
TSM Suzuki[17]
TW1 Portugal Toyota Caetano Portugal
TW3 Renault Portuguesa SARL
TW7 Mini Moke made by British Leyland & Austin Rover
TW8 General Motors De Portugal Lda
TWG Salvador Caetano
TX5 Mini Moke made by Cagiva
TYA Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp.
TYB Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp.
U5Y Slovakia Kia Motors Slovakia car[17]
U6Y Kia Motors Slovakia SUV
ULA Denmark ASA-LIFT: Vegetable Technology Specialist (Agricultural Machinery)
UU1 Romania Dacia[17]
UU2 Oltcit
UU5 Rocar
UU6 Daewoo Romania
UU7 Euro Bus Diamond
UU9 Astra Bus
UZT UTB (Uzina de Tractoare Brașov)
VA0 Austria ÖAF[17]
VAG Steyr-Daimler-Puch Puch G & Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer
VAN Steyr-Daimler-Puch Steyr Trucks
VBK Husqvarna Motorcycles & Gas Gas under KTM ownership
VCF Fisker Inc. (Fisker Ocean) made by Magna Steyr
VF1 France Renault[17] & Eagle Medallion made by Renault
VF2 Renault Trucks[17]
VF3 Peugeot[17]
VF4 Talbot[17]
VF5 Iveco Unic[17]
VF6 Renault Trucks[17]
VF7 Citroën[17]
VF8 Matra/Talbot/Simca[17]
VF9 607 Mathieu Fayat Group
VF9 673 Venturi Automobiles
VF9 795 Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.[17]
VFA Alpine
VG5 MBK & Yamaha Motor
VG6 Renault Trucks & Mack Trucks medium duty trucks made by Renault Trucks
VG7, VG8 Renault Trucks
VGA Peugeot Motocycles
VJ1 Heuliez Bus
VK8 Venturi Automobiles
VL4 Bluecar
VLU Scania Production Angers
VMK Renault Sport Spider
VN1 Renault SOVAB
VNE Iveco Bus
VNK Toyota Motor Manufacturing France
VNV Nissan
VR1 DS Automobiles
VR3 Peugeot
VR7 Citroën
VPS MLT Automotive
VXE Opel Automobile GmbH/Vauxhall van
VXK Opel Automobile GmbH/Vauxhall car/SUV
VYC Lancia (models on PSA CMP platform)
VS1 Spain Pegaso
VS5 Renault España
VS6 Ford Espana
VS7 Citroën
VS8 Peugeot
VSC Mercedes-Benz Espana SA (Vitoria)
VSE Santana Motor
VSK Nissan Motor Iberica SA, Nissan passenger car/MPV/van/SUV/pickup & Ford Maverick 1993–1999
VSX Opel Automobile Espana, SA
VTD Montesa Honda Honda Montesa motorcycle models
VTH Derbi
VTL Yamaha Motor España SA & Yamaha Sociedad Española de Motocicletas
VTM Montesa Honda Honda motorcycle models
VTR Gas Gas
VTT Suzuki Motor España Motorcycle
VV9 Tauro Sport Auto
VWA Nissan Vehiculos Industriales SA, Nissan Commercial Vehicles
VX1 Yugoslavia/Serbia Zastava Automobiles
V31 Croatia Tvornica Autobusa Zagreb (TAZ)
V39 AB8 Rimac Automobili
WAC Germany Audi/Porsche RS 2 Avant
WAG Neoplan[17]
WAU Audi car[17]
WAP Alpina[17]
WBA BMW car[17]
WBS BMW M car[17]
WBY BMW i car
WB1 BMW Motorrad Motorcycle
WB3 BMW Motorrad Motorcycles made in India
WB4 BMW Motorrad Motorscooters made in China
WCD Freightliner Sprinter "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats) 2008–2019
WD0 Dodge Sprinter truck (cargo van with 1 row of seats) 2005–2009
WD1 Freightliner Sprinter 2002 & Sprinter (Dodge or Freightliner) 2003–2005 incomplete vehicle
WD2 Freightliner Sprinter 2002 & Sprinter (Dodge or Freightliner) 2003–2005 truck (cargo van with 1 row of seats)
WD3 Mercedes-Benz truck (cargo van with 1 row of seats) (North America)
WD4 Mercedes-Benz MPV (van with 2 or 3 rows of seats) (North America)
WD5 Freightliner Sprinter 2002 & Sprinter (Dodge or Freightliner) 2003–2005 MPV (van with 2 or 3 rows of seats)
WD6 Freightliner Unimog truck
WD7 Freightliner Unimog incomplete vehicle
WD8 Dodge Sprinter MPV (van with 2 or 3 rows of seats) 2005–2009
WDA Mercedes-Benz incomplete vehicle (North America)
WDB Mercedes-Benz & Maybach[17]
WDC Mercedes-Benz SUV[17]
WDD Mercedes-Benz car
WDF Mercedes-Benz van (French & Spanish built models – Citan & Vito & X-Class)
WDP Freightliner Sprinter incomplete vehicle 2005–2019
WDR Freightliner Sprinter MPV (van with 2 or 3 rows of seats) 2005–2019
WDW Dodge Sprinter "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats) 2008–2009
WDX Dodge Sprinter incomplete vehicle 2005–2009
WDY Freightliner Sprinter truck (cargo van with 1 row of seats) 2005–2019
WDZ Mercedes-Benz "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats) (North America)
WEB EvoBus Mercedes-Benz buses[17]
WEL e.GO Mobile AG
WF0 Ford of Europe[17]
WF1 Merkur
WJM Iveco/Iveco Magirus
WJR Irmscher[17]
WKK Setra & Karl Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke[17]
WME Smart[17] (from 5/99)
WMW Mini car[17]
WMX Mercedes-AMG used for Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG & Mercedes-AMG GT (not used in North America)
WNA Next.e.GO Mobile SE
WP0 Porsche car[17]
WP1 Porsche SUV[17]
WS5 StreetScooter
WUA Audi Sport GmbH & Quattro GmbH car[17]
WU1 Audi Sport GmbH SUV
WVG Volkswagen SUV[17]
WVM Arbeitsgemeinschaft VW-MAN
WVP Viseon Bus
WVW Volkswagen car[17]
WV1 Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles[17]
WV2 Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles[17]
WZ1 Toyota Supra Fifth generation
W04 Buick Regal & Buick Cascada
W06 Cadillac Catera
W08 Saturn Astra
W09 B09 Bitter Cars
W09 B16 Brabus
W09 D05 Drögmöller
W09 R06 Ruf Automobile[17]
W0L Adam Opel AG/Vauxhall[17] & Holden
W0S Opel Special Vehicles[17]
W0V Opel Automobile Gmbh/Vauxhall & Holden
W1A Smart
W1H Freightliner Econic
W1K Mercedes-Benz car
W1N Mercedes-Benz SUV
W1T Mercedes-Benz truck
W1V Mercedes-Benz van
W1W Mercedes-Benz MPV (van with 2 or 3 rows of seats) (North America)
W1X Mercedes-Benz incomplete vehicle (North America)
W1Y Mercedes-Benz truck (cargo van with 1 row of seats) (North America)
W1Z Mercedes-Benz "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats) (North America)
W2W Freightliner Sprinter MPV (van with 2 or 3 rows of seats)
W2X Freightliner Sprinter incomplete vehicle
W2Y Freightliner Sprinter truck (cargo van with 1 row of seats)
W2Z Freightliner Sprinter "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats)
XBB Bulgaria Great Wall Motors/Litex Motors AD
XL9 003 Netherlands Autobusfabriek Bova BV
XL9 320 VDL Bova
XL9 363 Spyker Cars
XLB Volvo Car B.V./NedCar B.V. (Volvo Cars)
XLE Scania Nederland B.V.
XLR DAF Trucks[17] & Leyland DAF
XMC NedCar B.V. Mitsubishi Motors
XMG VDL Bus International
XNC NedCar B.V. Mitsubishi Motors (Colt CZC convertible)
XNL VDL Bus & Coach
XP7 Tesla Europe (based in the Netherlands)
XTA Russia AvtoVAZ[17]
XU1 UAZ Special Purpose Vehicles
XUF General Motors Russia
XUU Chevrolet made by Avtotor
XW7 Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia
XW8 Volkswagen Group Rus
XWE Hyundai Motor Company & Kia made by Avtotor
X4X BMW made by Avtotor
X7L Renault Russia
X8J IMZ-Ural Ural Motorcycles
X9F Ford Motor Company ZAO
X9P Volvo Vostok ZAO Volvo Trucks
X9X Great Wall Motors IMS Avtotrade-12 LLC
Z6F Ford Sollers
Z8N Nissan Manufacturing Rus
Z94 Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus
Z9M Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok
XWB Uzbekistán UzDaewoo GM Uzbekistan Ravon
Y6D Ukraine ZAZ
Y6J Bogdan group
Y6U Škoda Auto made by Eurocar
Y7B Bogdan group
Y7C Great Wall Motors KrASZ
YAR Belgium Toyota Motor Europe (based in Belgium) used for Toyota ProAce & Toyota ProAce City
YB3 Volvo Trucks
YB6 Jonckheere
YC1 Honda
YE2 Van Hool[17]
YH2 Finland Lynx (snowmobile)
YH4 Fisker Automotive (Fisker Karma) built by Valmet Automotive
YK1 Saab[17] built by Valmet Automotive
YK7 Sisu Auto
YS2 Sweden Scania, Södertälje[17] truck
YS3 Saab[17]
YS4 Scania, Katrineholm[17] bus
YSC Cadillac BLS built by Saab
YSM Polestar
YT9 007 Koenigsegg Automotive AB[31]
YU7 Husaberg Swedish built models
YV1 Volvo Cars car[17]
YV2 Volvo Trucks[17]
YV3 Volvo Buses[17]
YV4 Volvo Cars SUV
YV5 Volvo Trucks incomplete vehicle
YYC Norway Think Nordic
ZA9 A12 Italy Lamborghini through mid 2003
ZA9 D38 Cizeta Automobili SRL
ZA9 D39 Bugatti Automobili S.p.A
ZA9 F76 Pagani Automobili S.p.A.
ZA9 M09 Italdesign Automobili Speciali
ZA9 M27 Dallara Stradale
ZA9 M91 Automobili Pininfarina
ZAA Autobianchi
ZAC Jeep and Dodge Hornet
ZAM Maserati car[17]
ZAP Piaggio and Vespa and Gilera[32]
ZAR Alfa Romeo car[17] & Nissan Cherry Europe
ZAS Alfa Romeo Alfasud & Sprint through 1989
ZAS Alfa Romeo SUV 2018-
ZBA BMW For South africa
ZBB Gruppo Bertone
ZBI BMW For Indonesia
ZBM BMW For Philippines
ZBN Benelli
ZBP BMW For Malaysia
ZBT BMW For Thailand
ZBW Rayton-Fissore Magnum
ZC2 Chrysler TC by Maserati
ZC6 Effedi Veicoli Commerciali
ZCF Iveco[17]
ZCG Cagiva & MV Agusta
ZCG Husqvarna Motorcycles Under MV Agusta ownership
ZD0 Yamaha Motor Italia SpA & Belgarda SpA
ZD3 Betamotor S.p.A.
ZD4 Aprilia
ZDC Honda Italia Industriale S.p.A.
ZDM Ducati Motor Holding
ZDT De Tomaso Modena SpA
ZDY Cacciamali
ZE8 Bremach
ZES Bimota
ZF4 Qvale
ZFA Fiat car[17] Also Fiat Fullback
ZFC Ram 1200
ZFF Ferrari[17]
ZFM Fantic Motor
ZFR Pininfarina
ZGA Iveco Bus[17]
ZGU Moto Guzzi
ZHU Husqvarna Motorcycles Under Cagiva ownership
ZHW Lamborghini car[17] from mid 2003
ZJM Malaguti
ZJN Innocenti
ZJT Italjet
ZKH Husqvarna Motorcycles Srl Under BMW ownership
ZK5 Hyundai Automobili Italia Importazioni
ZLA Lancia[17]
ZLM Moto Morini srl
ZLV Laverda
ZN0 SWM Motorcycles S.r.l.
ZN3 Iveco Defence
ZN6 Maserati SUV
ZNN Energica Motor Company
ZPB Lamborghini SUV
ZPY DR Automobiles
ZZ1 Slovenia Tomos motorcycle

North America[edit]

1A4 1A8 United States Chrysler brand MPV/SUV 2006–2009 only
1AC American Motors Corporation MPV
1AF American LaFrance truck
1AM American Motors Corporation car & Renault Alliance 1983 only
1B3 Dodge[17] car 1981–2011
1B4 Dodge MPV/SUV 1981–2002
1B6 Dodge incomplete vehicle 1981–2002
1B7 Dodge truck 1981–2002
1B9 133 Buell Motorcycle Company through mid 1995
1B9 975 Motus Motorcycles
1BA Blue Bird Corporation bus
1BB Blue Bird Wanderlodge MPV
1BD Blue Bird Corporation incomplete vehicle
1BL Balko, Inc. from Ladysmith, WI
1C3 Chrysler brand[17] car 1981–2011
1C3 Chrysler Group (all brands) car (including Lancia) 2012-
1C4 Chrysler brand MPV 1990–2005
1C4 Chrysler Group (all brands) MPV 2012–
1C6 Chrysler Group (all brands) truck 2012–
1C8 Chrysler brand MPV 2001–2005
1C9 291 CX Automotive
1CM Checker Motors Corporation
1CU Cushman Haulster (Cushman division of Outboard Marine Corporation)
1CY Crane Carrier Company
1D3 Dodge truck 2002–2009
1D4 Dodge MPV/SUV 2003–2011 only
1D7 Dodge truck 2002–2011
1D8 Dodge MPV/SUV 2003–2009 only
1F Ford[17]
1F1 Ford SUV – limousine (through 2009)
1F6 Ford stripped chassis made by Detroit Chassis LLC
1F9 ST2 Seagrave
1FA Ford car
1FB Ford "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats)
1FC Ford stripped chassis made by Ford
1FD Ford incomplete vehicle
1FT Ford truck
1FU 1FV Freightliner Trucks
1G General Motors[17]
1G0 GMC "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats) 1981–1986
1G0 GMC Rapid Transit Series (RTS) bus 1981–1986
1G0 Opel car 2007–2017
1G1 Chevrolet car
1G2 Pontiac car
1G3 Oldsmobile car
1G4 Buick car[33]
1G5 GMC MPV/SUV 1981–1986
1G6 Cadillac car
1G7 Pontiac car only sold by GM Canada
1G8 Chevrolet MPV/SUV 1981–1986
1G8 Saturn car 1991–2010
1G9 495 Google & Waymo
1GA Chevrolet "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats)
1GB Chevrolet incomplete vehicles[33]
1GC Chevrolet truck
1GD GMC incomplete vehicles[33]
1GE Cadillac incomplete vehicle
1GF Flxible bus
1GG Isuzu pickup trucks made by GM
1GH Oldsmobile MPV/SUV 1990–2004
1GH Holden Acadia 2019–2020
1GJ GMC "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats) 1987–
1GM Pontiac MPV
1GN Chevrolet MPV/SUV 1987-
1GT GMC truck
1GY Cadillac SUV
1H9 A Crane Carrier Company
1HA Chevrolet incomplete vehicles made by Navistar International
1HD Harley-Davidson
1HF Honda motorcycle/ATV/UTV
1HG Honda[17] car made by Honda of America Mfg. in Ohio
1HS International Trucks & Caterpillar Trucks truck
1HT International Trucks & Caterpillar Trucks & Chevrolet Silverado 4500HD, 5500HD, 6500HD incomplete vehicle
1HV IC Bus incomplete bus
1J4 Jeep[17] SUV 1989–2011 (using Chrysler-style VIN structure)
1J7 Jeep truck 1989–1992 (using Chrysler-style VIN structure)
1J8 Jeep SUV 2002–2011 (using Chrysler-style VIN structure)
1JC Jeep SUV 1981–1988 (using AMC-style VIN structure)
1JT Jeep truck 1981–1988 (using AMC-style VIN structure)
1JU Marmon Motor Company
1L Lincoln[17]
1L1 Lincoln car – limousine
1L9 234 Laforza
1LJ Lincoln incomplete vehicle
1LN Lincoln car
1M0 John Deere Gator
1M1 1M2 Mack Trucks
1M8 Motor Coach Industries
1M9 682 Mosler Automotive
1M9 816 Proterra Through mid-2019
1MB Mercedes-Benz Truck Co.
1ME Mercury car[17]
1MR Continental Mark VI & VII 1981–1985 & Continental sedan[17] 1982–1985
1N4 Nissan car
1N6 Nissan truck
1N9 013 Neoplan USA
1N9 393 Nikola Corporation
1NK Kenworth incomplete vehicle
1NP Peterbilt incomplete vehicle
1NX Toyota car made by NUMMI
1P3 Plymouth car
1P4 Plymouth MPV/SUV
1P9 213 Panoz
1S9 098 Scania AB Scania CN112 bus made in Orange, CT
1S9 842 Saleen S7
1S9 944 SSC North America
1T7 1T8 Thomas Built Buses
1T9 899 Tomcar USA
1TU Transportation Manufacturing Corporation
1UT Jeep DJ made by AM General
1V1 Volkswagen truck
1V2 Volkswagen SUV
1V9 048 Vector Aeromotive
1VH Orion Bus Industries
1VW Volkswagen car[17]
1WU White truck
1WV 1WW Winnebago Industries
1WX 1WY White incomplete vehicle
1XK Kenworth truck
1XM Renault Alliance/GTA/Encore 1984–1987
1XP Peterbilt truck
1Y1 Chevrolet/Geo car made by NUMMI
1YJ Rokon International, Inc.
1YV Mazda[17]
1Z3 1Z7 Mitsubishi Raider
1Z9 332 Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles LLC
1ZV Ford made by AutoAlliance International
1ZW Mercury made by AutoAlliance International
10R E-Z-GO
10T Oshkosh Corporation
12A Avanti
137 AM General Hummer & Hummer H1
15G Gillig bus
16X Vixen 21 motorhome
17N John Deere incomplete vehicle (RV chassis)
19U Acura[17] car made by Honda of America Mfg. in Ohio
19V Acura car made by Honda Manufacturing of Indiana
19X Honda car made by Honda Manufacturing of Indiana
2A3 Canada Imperial
2A4 2A8 Chrysler brand MPV/SUV 2006–2011 only
2AY 2AZ Hino
2B1 Orion Bus Industries
2B3 Dodge[17] car 1981–2011
2B4 Dodge MPV 1981–2002
2B5 Dodge "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats) 1981–2002
2B6 Dodge incomplete vehicle 1981–2002
2B7 Dodge truck 1981–2002
2BC Jeep Wrangler (YJ) 1987–1988 (using AMC-style VIN structure)
2BP Ski-Doo
2BV Can-Am & Bombardier ATV
2BW Can-Am Commander E LSV
2BX Can-Am Spyder
2BZ Can-Am Freedom Trailer for Can-Am Spyder
2C1 Geo/Chevrolet car made by CAMI Automotive
2C3 Chrysler brand[17] car 1981–2011
2C3 Chrysler Group (all brands) car (including Lancia) 2012-
2C4 Chrysler brand MPV/SUV 2000–2005
2C4 Chrysler Group (all brands) MPV (including Lancia & VW) 2012-
2C7 Pontiac car made by CAMI Automotive only sold by GM Canada
2C8 Chrysler brand MPV/SUV 2001–2005
2C9 145 Campagna Motors
2CC American Motors Corporation MPV
2CG Asüna/Pontiac SUV made by CAMI Automotive only sold by GM Canada
2CK GMC Tracker SUV made by CAMI Automotive only sold by GM Canada 1990–1991 only
2CK Pontiac Torrent SUV made by CAMI Automotive 2006–2009 only
2CM American Motors Corporation car
2CN Geo/Chevrolet SUV made by CAMI Automotive 1990–2011 only
2CT GMC Terrain SUV made by CAMI Automotive 2010–2011 only
2D4 Dodge MPV 2003–2011 only
2D6 Dodge incomplete vehicle 2003
2D7 Dodge truck 2003
2D8 Dodge MPV 2003–2011 only
2DG Ontario Drive & Gear
2E3 Eagle car 1989–1997 (using Chrysler-style VIN structure)
2E4 Lancia MPV
2F Ford[17]
2FA Ford car
2FT Ford truck
2FU 2FV Freightliner Trucks
2FW Sterling Trucks truck
2FY New Flyer
2FZ Sterling Trucks incomplete vehicle
2Gx General Motors[17]
2G0 GMC "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats) 1981–1986
2G1 Chevrolet
2G2 Pontiac
2G3 Oldsmobile car
2G4 Buick
2G5 GMC MPV 1981–1986; BrightDrop Zevo delivery van
2G6 Cadillac
2G7 Pontiac car only sold by GM Canada
2G8 Chevrolet MPV 1981–1986
2G9 Gnome Homes
2GA Chevrolet "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats)
2GB Chevrolet incomplete vehicles
2GC Chevrolet truck
2GD GMC incomplete vehicles
2GE Cadillac incomplete vehicle
2GH GMC GM New Look bus & GM Classic series bus
2GJ GMC "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats) 1987–
2GN Chevrolet MPV/SUV 1987-
2GT GMC truck
2HG Honda car made by Honda of Canada Manufacturing
2HH Acura car made by Honda of Canada Manufacturing
2HJ Honda truck made by Honda of Canada Manufacturing
2HK Honda MPV/SUV made by Honda of Canada Manufacturing
2HM Hyundai
2HN Acura SUV made by Honda of Canada Manufacturing
2HS International Trucks truck
2HT International Trucks incomplete vehicle
2J4 Jeep Wrangler (YJ) 1989–1992 (using Chrysler-style VIN structure)
2L1 Lincoln incomplete vehicle – limo
2L9 Les Contenants Durabac
2LJ Lincoln incomplete vehicle – hearse
2LM Lincoln SUV
2LN Lincoln car[17]
2M1 2M2 Mack Trucks
2ME Mercury car[17]
2MG Motor Coach Industries (Produced from Sept. 1, 2008 on)
2MR Mercury MPV
2NK Kenworth incomplete vehicle
2NP Peterbilt incomplete vehicle
2NV Nova Bus
2P3 Plymouth car
2P4 Plymouth MPV 1981–2000
2P5 Plymouth "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats) 1981–1983
2P9 001 Prevost 1981–1995
2PC Prevost 1996-
2S2 Suzuki car made by CAMI Automotive
2S3 Suzuki SUV made by CAMI Automotive
2T1 Toyota car
2T2 Lexus SUV
2T3 Toyota SUV
2V4 2V8 Volkswagen Routan
2WK Western Star Trucks truck
2WL 2WM Western Star Trucks incomplete vehicle
2XK Kenworth truck
2XM Eagle Premier 1988 only (using AMC-style VIN structure)
2XP Peterbilt truck
3A4 3A8 Mexico Chrysler brand MPV 2006–2010 only
3AK 3AL Freightliner Trucks
3AV BMW Mexico 1999-2009
3B3 Dodge car 1981–2011
3B4 Dodge SUV 1986–1993
3B6 Dodge incomplete vehicle 1981–2002
3B7 Dodge truck 1981–2002
3BJ Western Star 3700 truck made by DINA S.A.
3BK Kenworth incomplete vehicle
3BM Motor Coach Industries bus made by DINA S.A.
3BP Peterbilt incomplete vehicle
3C3 Chrysler brand car 1981–2011
3C3 Chrysler Group (all brands) car (including Fiat) 2012-
3C4 Chrysler brand MPV 2001–2005
3C4 Chrysler Group (all brands) MPV (including Fiat) 2012-
3C6 Chrysler Group (all brands) truck 2012–
3C7 Chrysler Group (all brands) incomplete vehicle 2012–
3C8 Chrysler brand MPV 2001–2005
3CE Volvo Buses de Mexico
3CZ Honda SUV
3D2 Dodge incomplete vehicle 2007–2009
3D3 Dodge truck 2006–2009
3D4 Dodge SUV 2009–2011
3D6 Dodge incomplete vehicle 2003–2011
3D7 Dodge truck 2002–2011
3E4 Fiat SUV
3F Ford
3F6 Sterling Bullet
3FA Ford car
3FC Ford stripped chassis made by Ford & IMMSA
3FN 3FR Ford F-650/F-750 made by Blue Diamond Truck Co.
3FT Ford truck
3G General Motors[17]
3G0 Saab 9-4X 2011
3G0 Holden Equinox 2018–2020
3G1 Chevrolet car
3G2 Pontiac car
3G4 Buick car
3G5 Buick SUV
3G7 Pontiac SUV
3GC Chevrolet truck
3GM Holden Suburban
3GN Chevrolet SUV
3GS Saturn SUV
3GT GMC truck
3GY Cadillac SUV
3H1 Honda motorcycle/UTV
3H3 Hyundai de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. for Hyundai Translead (truck trailers)
3HA International Trucks incomplete vehicle
3HC International Trucks truck
3HG Honda car[17]
3HS International Trucks & Caterpillar Trucks truck
3HT International Trucks & Caterpillar Trucks incomplete vehicle
3JB Can-Am ATV/UTV & Can-Am Ryker
3KP Kia/Hyundai car[17]
3LN Lincoln car
3MD Mazda car
3ME Mercury car
3MV Mazda SUV
3MY Toyota car made by Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation
3MZ Mazda car
3N1 Nissan[17] car
3N6 Nissan truck & Chevrolet City Express
3N8 Nissan MPV
3NE Polaris Inc. ATV
3NS Polaris Inc. UTV
3P3 Plymouth car
3PC Infiniti SUV made by COMPAS
3TM Toyota truck made by TMMBC
3TY Toyota truck made by TMMGT
3VV Volkswagen SUV
3VW Volkswagen car[17]
3WK Kenworth truck
3WP Peterbilt truck
4A3 United States Mitsubishi Motors car
4A4 Mitsubishi Motors SUV
4B3 Dodge car made by Diamond-Star Motors factory
4B9 038 BYD Coach & Bus LLC
4C3 Chrysler car made by Diamond-Star Motors factory
4C9 561 Czinger
4CD Oshkosh Chassis Division incomplete vehicle (RV chassis)
4DR IC Bus
4E3 Eagle car made by Diamond-Star Motors factory
4F2 Mazda[17] SUV made by Ford
4F4 Mazda truck made by Ford
4G1 Chevrolet Cavalier convertible made by Genasys L.C. – a GM/ASC joint venture
4G2 Pontiac Sunfire convertible made by Genasys L.C. – a GM/ASC joint venture
4G3 Toyota Cavalier made by GM
4G5 General Motors EV1
4GD WhiteGMC Brigadier 1988–1989 made by GM
4GD Opel Sintra
4GL Buick incomplete vehicle
4GT Isuzu incomplete vehicle built by GM
4JG Mercedes-Benz SUV[17]
4KB Chevrolet W-Series incomplete vehicle (gas engine only)
4KD GMC W-Series incomplete vehicle (gas engine only)
4KL Isuzu commercial truck built by GM
4M2 Mercury MPV/SUV
4ML Oshkosh Trailer Division
4MZ Buell Motorcycle Company
4N2 Nissan Quest made by Ford
4NU Isuzu Ascender made by GM
4P1 Pierce Manufacturing
4P3 Plymouth car made by Diamond-Star Motors factory 1990–1994
4P3 Mitsubishi Motors SUV made by Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America 2013–2015 for export only
4RK Nova Bus & Prevost made by Nova Bus (US) Inc.
4S1 Isuzu truck made by Subaru Isuzu Automotive
4S2 Isuzu SUV made by Subaru Isuzu Automotive
4S3 Subaru car[17]
4S4 Subaru SUV/MPV[17]
4S6 Honda SUV made by Subaru Isuzu Automotive
4S7 Spartan Motors incomplete vehicle
4S9 197 Smith Electric Vehicles US Corp.
4S9 419 Spartan Motors truck
4S9 454 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus car
4S9 542 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG Boot (M.P.V.)
4S9 544 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus car
4S9 559 Spartan Fire, LLC truck (formerly Spartan ER)
4S9 560 Spartan Fire, LLC incomplete vehicle (formerly Spartan ER)
4T1 Toyota[17] car made by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky
4T3 Toyota MPV/SUV made by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky
4T4 Toyota car made by Subaru of Indiana Automotive
4T9 208 Xos, Inc.
4TA Toyota truck made by NUMMI
4UF Arctic Cat
4US BMW car[17]
4UZ Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation & gas-powered Mitsubishi Fuso trucks assembled by Freightliner Custom Chassis & Thomas Built Buses FS-65 & Saf-T-Liner C2
4V1 WhiteGMC truck
4V2 WhiteGMC incomplete vehicle
4V4 Volvo Trucks North America truck
4V5 Volvo Trucks North America incomplete vehicle
4VA 4VG Volvo Trucks North America truck
4VE 4VH 4VM Volvo Trucks North America incomplete vehicle
4VZ Spartan Motors/The Shyft Group incomplete vehicle – bare chassis only
4XA Polaris Inc.
4YM Carry-On Trailer, Inc.
4Z3 American LaFrance truck
43C Consulier
46G Gillig incomplete vehicle
478 Honda ATV
480 Sterling Trucks truck
49H Sterling Trucks incomplete vehicle
5B4 Workhorse Custom Chassis, LLC incomplete vehicle (RV chassis)
5BZ Nissan "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats)
5CD Indian Motorcycle Company of America Gilroy, CA
5CX Shelby Series 1
5DF Thomas Dennis Company LLC
5EH Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle
5FN Honda[17] MPV/SUV made by Honda Manufacturing of Alabama
5FP Honda truck made by Honda Manufacturing of Alabama
5FR Acura[17] SUV made by Honda Manufacturing of Alabama
5FY New Flyer
5G8 Holden Volt
5GD Daewoo G2X
5GN Hummer H3T
5GR Hummer H2
5GT Hummer H3
5GZ Saturn MPV/SUV
5HD Harley-Davidson for export markets
5J6 Honda[17] SUV made by Honda of America Mfg. in Ohio
5J8 Acura SUV made by Honda of America Mfg. in Ohio
5KB Honda[17] car made by Honda Manufacturing of Alabama
5KJ 5KK Western Star Trucks truck
5L1 Lincoln SUV (2004–2009)
5LD Ford & Lincoln incomplete vehicle – limousine (2010–2014)
5LM Lincoln SUV
5LT Lincoln truck
5MZ Buell Motorcycle Company for export markets
5N1 Nissan & Infiniti SUV
5N3 Infiniti SUV
5NM Hyundai SUV
5NP Hyundai car
5NT Hyundai truck
5PV Hino incomplete vehicle
5S3 Saab 9-7X
5SA Suzuki ATV
5SX American LaFrance incomplete vehicle (Condor)
5TB Toyota[17] truck made by TMMI
5TD Toyota MPV/SUV made by TMMI
5TE Toyota truck made by NUMMI
5TF Toyota truck made by TMMTX
5UM BMW M car[17]
5VC Autocar incomplete vehicle
5VP Victory Motorcycles
5WE IC Bus incomplete vehicle
5XX Kia car
5XY Kia/Hyundai SUV
5Y2 Pontiac Vibe made by NUMMI
5Y4 Yamaha Motor Company ATV, UTV
5YA Indian Motorcycle Company Kings Mountain, NC
5YF Toyota car made by TMMMS
5YJ Tesla[17]
5Z6 Suzuki truck made by Nissan
50E Lucid Motors
50G Karma Automotive
516 Autocar truck
51R Brammo Motorcycles
523 VPG
52C GEM subsidiary of Polaris Inc.
538 Zero Motorcycles
53G Coda Automotive
53T Think North America in Elkhart, IN
546 EBR
54C Winnebago Industries trailer
54D Isuzu & Chevrolet commercial trucks built by Spartan Motors/The Shyft Group
55S Mercedes-Benz car[17]
56K Indian Motorcycle International, LLC Polaris subsidiary
57W Mobility Ventures
57X Polaris Slingshot
58A Lexus car made by TMMK


6F1 Australia Ford[17]
6F2 Iveco Trucks Australia Ltd.
6F4 Nissan Motor Australia
6F5 Kenworth Australia
6FM Mack Trucks Australia
6FP Ford
6G General Motors
6G1 Holden & Chevrolet
6G2 Pontiac
6G3 Chevrolet
6H Holden
6MM Mitsubishi[17]
6MP Mercury Capri
6T1 Toyota
6T9 Trailer
6U9 Low Volume (Grey) Import Vehicles which don't have 17 Digit VIN. Uses NON ISO VIN with "Filler 0's between WMI & Non Iso VIN – I.e Japanese VIN PV35-400637 would become 6U90000PV35400637 see note below
6ZZ Low Volume (Grey) Import Vehicles which don't have 17 Digit VIN. Uses NON ISO VIN with "Filler 0's between WMI & Non Iso VIN – I.e Japanese VIN PV35-400637 would become 6ZZ0000PV35400637 see note below
7A1 New Zealand Mitsubishi
7A3 Honda
7A4 Toyota
7A5 Ford
7A7 Nissan New Zealand
7A8 NZ Transport Agency (pre-2009)
7AT NZ Transport Agency (post–2009)

North America[edit]

7FA United States Honda SUV made by Honda Manufacturing of Indiana
7FC Rivian truck
7GZ GMC incomplete vehicles made by Navistar International
7G2 Tesla Cybertruck & Tesla Semi
7H4 Hino truck
7JR Volvo Cars car
7JZ Proterra From mid-2019 on
7KG Vanderhall Motor Works
7MM Mazda SUV made by MTMUS (Mazda-Toyota Joint Venture)
7MU Toyota SUV made by MTMUS (Mazda-Toyota Joint Venture)
7NA Navistar Defense
7NY Lordstown Motors
7PD Rivian SUV
7RZ Electric Last Mile Solutions
7R4 Icon Electric Vehicles
7SA Tesla SUV 2022+
7SU Blue Arc electric trucks made by The Shyft Group
7SV Toyota SUV made by TMMTX
7SX Global Electric Motorcars
7Z0 Zoox

South America[edit]

8AC Argentina Mercedes-Benz vans (for South America)
8AD Peugeot
8AE Peugeot van
8AF Ford Motor Argentina[17]
8AG General Motors de Argentina Chevrolet
8AJ Toyota Argentina
8AN Nissan
8AP Fiat
8AT Iveco
8AW Volkswagen Argentina
8A1 Renault Argentina
8A3 Scania Argentina
8BB Agrale Argentina S.A
8BC Citroën
8BN Mercedes-Benz incomplete vehicle (North America)
8BR Mercedes-Benz "bus" (van with more than 3 rows of seats) (North America)
8BT Mercedes-Benz MPV (van with 2 or 3 rows of seats) (North America)
8BU Mercedes-Benz truck (cargo van with 1 row of seats) (North America)
8CH Honda motorcycle
8C3 Honda car/SUV
8F9 Chile Reborn Electric Motors SPA
8G1 Automotores Franco Chilena S.A Renault
8GD Automotores Franco Chilena S.A Peugeot
8GG General Motors Chile Ltda.
8L4 Ecuador Great Wall Motors made by Ciudad del Auto Ciauto Cia. Ltda.
8LB General Motors OBB
8LF Maresa (Mazda)
8LG Aymesa (Hyundai Motor & Kia)
8XD Venezuela Ford Motor Venezuela
8XJ Mack de Venezuela C.A.
8XV Iveco Venezuela C.A.
8Z1 General Motors Venezolana C.A.
829 Bolivia Quantum Motors
9AM Brazil Massari (?)
9BD Fiat Automóveis
9BF Ford Brasil
9BG General Motors do Brasil Chevrolet
9BH Hyundai Motor Brasil
9BM Mercedes-Benz car & SUV & commercial truck
9BN Mafersa
9BR Toyota
9BS Scania Brazil
9BV Volvo Trucks
9BW Volkswagen do Brasil[17]
9BY Agrale S.A.
9C2 Honda Motorcycles[17]
9C6 Yamaha Motor[17]
9CD Suzuki (motorcycles) assembled by J. Toledo Motos do Brasil
9DW Kenworth & Peterbilt trucks made by Volkswagen do Brasil
932 Harley-Davidson
935 Citroën
936 Peugeot
937 Dodge
93C General Motors do Brasil Chevrolet SUV (Mexico)
93H Honda car/SUV
93K Volvo Trucks
93P Volare
93S Navistar International
93U Audi 1999–2006
93V Navistar International
93W Fiat Ducato made by Iveco 2000–2016
93X Souza Ramos – Mitsubishi Motors / Suzuki Jimny
93Y Renault do Brasil
93Z Iveco
94D Nissan
94G Indabra
94M HVR-Busscar
94N RWM Brazil
94T Troller Veículos Especiais
953 VW Truck & Bus / MAN Truck & Bus
95P CAOA / Hyundai & CAOA Chery
95V Dafra Motos (motorscooters from SYM) & Ducati, KTM, & MV Agusta assembled by Dafra
95V BMW motorcycles assembled by Dafra Motos 2009–2016
95Z Buell Motorcycle Company assembled by Harley-Davidson Brazil
96P Kawasaki
97N Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
988 Jeep and Fiat (made at the Goiana plant)
98M BMW car/SUV
98R Chery
99A Audi 2016-
99J Jaguar Land Rover
99K Haojue & Kymco assembled by JTZ Indústria e Comércio de Motos
99Z BMW Motorrad Motorcycle assembled by BMW 2017-
9FB Colombia Sofasa (Renault)
9FC Compañía Colombiana Automotriz S.A. (Mazda)
9GA GM Colmotores S.A. (Chevrolet)
9UJ Uruguay Chery assembled by Chery Socma S.A.
9UK Lifan
9UW Kia made by Nordex S.A.
9V7 Citroen made by Nordex S.A.
9V8 Peugeot made by Nordex S.A.

Note: Vehicles to be registered in Australia without a 17 character VIN[34]

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