Zheng Wantong (Chinese: 郑万通, born (1941-04-00)April 1941) is a Chinese male politician, who was the vice chairperson of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.[1][2]

Career Data

2008—2013 Vice-chairman, 11th CPPCC, National Committee §
2003—2008 Secretary-General, 10th CPPCC, National Committee
(Co-Editor, Tianjin Open to the World)
2002—2007 Member, 16th CPC, Central Committee
2001— Vice-president, Chinese Research Association for Economy and Society, 1st Council
1998—2003 Secretary-General, 9th CPPCC, National Committee
1997—???? Vice-president, China Overseas Friendship Association
1997—1998 Vice-chairman, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Executive Committee
1993—1998 Deputy Secretary-General, 8th CPPCC, National Committee
1993—1998 Deputy Head, CPC, Central Committee, United Front Work Department
1988—1993 Vice-chairman, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Executive Committee
1988—1993 Member, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Secretariat
Guest Research Fellow, Tianjin Academy of Social SciencesTianjin Municipality
1983—1988 Secretary-General, CPC, Municipal Committee  Tianjin Municipality
1982—1983 Director, CPC, District Committee, General Office  Tianjin, Hebei District
1974—1978 Deputy Head, CPC, District Committee, Publicity DepartmentTianjin, Hebei District
1970—1974 Cadre, CPC, District Committee, Publicity Department  Tianjin, Hebei District
1968—1970 Worker, Cultural Revolution, May 7 Cadre School  Tianjin, Hebei District
1965—1968 Head, CYLC, District-Level, School Work Department  Tianjin, Hebei District
1961—1965 Teacher,  Tianjin Municipality (No.78 Middle School)
1961 Graduate, Tianjin Teachers' College, Chinese Language Department  Tianjin Municipality
1960 Joined, CPC


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