Zhou Shutao

Zhou Shutao (Chinese: 周叔弢; July 18, 1891, Yangzhou – February 14, 1984, Tianjin) was a collector of rare books, an industrialist, and the deputy mayor of Tianjin.

His names

Zhou was born Zhou Mingyang (周明扬), then changed to Zhou Mingxian (周名暹). Shutao was his style (), that he primarily used. He also used an alternate name taken at older age (晚号): Shuweng (弢翁).

Early life

Zhou was home schooled since 5 years-old in Yangzhou, and collected books from 1912 until 1984.[1]: 4 

Private life

He was the major figure and shareholder in his uncle Zhou Xuexi's empire. A successful industrialist in his own right, he managed Huzxin Textile Co. (华新纺织公司) and Qixin Cement Co. (Wade–Giles: Chee Hsin; Chinese: 启新洋灰).[2]

Public life

Due to his favorable view of the communist party and cooperation, he was appointed the first deputy mayor of Tianjin in 1950. Since then, he was elected or appointed to numerous organizations that included:[1]: 61 

Book collection

He began to collect books in 1912 and to donate in 1949.[1]: 74  He accumulated more than 37,000 books, of which 2,672 were rare. He collected Chinese and foreign, dating back to Song dynasty.[1]: 95  He donated the entire rare book collection (善本书) to National Library of China in 1952. His other books, Chinese and foreign, thread - bound (线装) to Tianjin Library and Nankai University.[4]



Zhou had three wives and ten children. He's the younger brother of M. D. Chow.


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Further reading

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