Emblem of the Afsharid dynasty.svg
Seal of Nader Shah
Afsharid Imperial Standard (3 Stripes).svg
Afsharid flag under Nader Shah
Parent familyAfshar tribe
CountryAfsharid Iran
Place of originGreater Khorasan, Iran
FounderNader Shah
Final rulerShahrokh Shah
Final headNader Mirza Afshar
TitlesShah of Iran
TraditionsShia Islam (Twelver)

The Afsharid dynasty (Persian: افشاریان) was an Iranian[1] dynasty founded by Nader Shah (r. 1736–1747) of the Qirqlu clan of the Turkoman Afshar tribe.[1][2]

List of Afsharid monarchs

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No. Shah Portrait Reigned from Reigned until Time in office Seal Coinage
1 Nader Shah
Nader Shah Afshar (cropped).jpg
8 March 1736 20 June 1747 11 years, 104 days
Emblem of the Afsharid dynasty.svg
Coin of Nader Shah, minted in Isfahan.jpg
2 Adel Shah
Portrait of Adel Shah.jpg
6 July 1747 1 October 1748 1 year, 87 days
Coin of the Afsharid shah Adel Shah, struck at the Mashhad mint.jpg
3 Shahrokh Shah 1 October 1748 January 1750 1 year, 92 days
Shahrokh Afshar coin, struck at the Mashhad mint.jpg
4 Ebrahim Afshar 8 December 1748 1749
Coin of Ebrahim Shah, struck at the Qazvin mint.jpg

Family tree

Imam Qoli
(d. 1704)
Ebrahim Khan
(d. 1738)
Nader Shah
(r. 1736–1747)1
Adel Shah
(r. 1747–1748)2
Ebrahim Afshar
(r. 1748)3
Reza Qoli Mirza
(b. 1719 – d.1747)
Shahrokh Shah
(r. 1748–1796)4
Nader Mirza
(d. 1803)