The Border Security Agency (BSA), also known as AKSEM (Malay: Agensi Kawalan SEmpadan Malaysia, Jawi: اڬيسي كاولن سمڤادن مليسيا) was a Malaysian government agency that guard the country’s entry and exit points from illegal activities such as smuggling, illegal migration and human trafficking.[1][2]


Established in 2015, the agency manned by some 10,000 officials from the Malaysian Armed Forces, Royal Malaysia Police, General Operations Force and the Smuggling Prevention Unit (UPP).[3][4]

The Border Security Agency, which was tasked with protecting the borders of Malaysia, was officially dissolved in the latter part of 2022.[5]

Following its dissolution, the responsibility of safeguarding the borders has now been taken over by two other prominent security agencies in Malaysia - the Royal Malaysia Police and the Malaysian Armed Forces.

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