Clinical data
Routes of
Oral administration
Drug classOpioid antagonist; κ-Opioid receptor antagonist

CVL-354 is an opioid antagonist which is under development for the treatment of major depressive disorder and substance-related disorders.[1][2]

It acts as a selective antagonist of the κ-opioid receptor.[1][2] The drug is also more weakly an antagonist of the μ-opioid receptor, with about 31-fold lower affinity and 27-fold lower inhibitory potency at the μ-opioid receptor relative to the κ-opioid receptor.[2] CVL-354 is taken by mouth.[1] It was originated by Pfizer and is under development by Cerevel Therapeutics.[1] As of September 2022, CVL-354 is in phase 1 clinical trials for major depressive disorder and is in the preclincal stage of development for substance-related disorders.[1]

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