Com Hem Holding AB
Company typeAktiebolag
FateMerged into Tele2 in 2018–2019; discontinued as a brand as of April 2021
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
Area served
Key people
Anders Nilsson, CEO
ServicesCable television
Broadband internet
Fixed-line telephone
MVNO (via Com Hem Mobil and Penny)
RevenueIncrease SEK 4.91 billion (2016)
Increase SEK 1.48 billion (2016)
Number of employees
993 (2016)
ParentKinnevik (18,5%)
Public since 17 June 2014
SubsidiariesBoxer TV Access

Com Hem was a Swedish brand owned by Tele2 AB[1] which supplied Triple Play services that included cable television, broadband internet and fixed-line telephone.

Founded in 1983 as Televerket Kabel-TV as part of the former state-owned Televerket, the company was successively named Svenska Kabel-TV AB and Telia InfoMedia TeleVision AB, before becoming 'Com Hem' (a play on the Swedish phrase Kom hem, "come home") in 1999. In 2003, Telia had to sell Com Hem to EQT Partners to satisfy EU competition requirements as a result of its merger with Sonera of Finland that same year.[2]

In 2021 the company had 135+ TV channels available. Digital TV was introduced in 1997. A broadband service that used the company's proprietary cable network was launched in 1999. In 2004 VoIP telephone was introduced, and the company became Sweden's first nationwide triple play service provider.

All households connected to the Com Hem Cable Network had access to broadband Internet services, services, fixed-line telephony and a wide range of TV channels. Com Hem also provided interactive services that facilitated management, communication and maintenance for property owners.

The company had around 1000 employees, with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Västerås, Härnösand, Sundsvall and Örnsköldsvik.

In 2011, EQT sold the company to BC Partners. Com Hem held its initial public offering (IPO) on 17 June 2014 and became listed on Stockholm Stock Exchange. On 27 April 2017 Kinnevik acquired approximately 18.5% of the stock and became Com Hem's largest stock holder. Com Hem also operated mobile services as an MVNO using its own brand and since early-2020, also with an online-only brand called Penny (managed by Tele2 since 2021) whose operations are modelled after Google Fi Wireless, and is also a broadband flanker brand using Com Hem/Tele2's fixed-line infrastructure.[3] Com Hem's mobile services utilised the Tele2 (SUNAB and Net4Mobility) infrastructure in 2G GSM, 3G UMTS and 4G LTE.

Com Hem had been ranked as the TV brand with the least satisfied customers in Sweden in 2007, 2008 and 2009 according to Svenskt Kvalitetsindex, an independent customer survey company.[citation needed] It has since almost reached the top of the ranking with the most satisfied customers, according to the same source.[4][5] Analogue channels were withdrawn from the cable television network on 8 September 2020.[citation needed]

On 27 April 2021, the owner Tele2 discontinued the use of the Com Hem brand, while continuing to provide the same services under its own brand.[6]

Analogue channels - Withdrawn

The analogue package could also include a few local channels, usually an open access channel such as public access channels known as Öppna Kanalen (sv). In areas near Denmark, Norway or Finland, Com Hem usually included channels from the neighboring countries such as TV Finland, YLE TV1, DR1, TV2 Denmark and NRK1.

Digital channels

Channel 8 favorites Package
1. SVT1 Small
2. SVT2 Small
3. TV3 Yes Medium
4. TV4 Small
5. Kanal 5 Yes Medium
6. TV6 Small
7. TV4 Plus Yes Medium
8. TV8 Yes Medium
9. Kanal 9 Yes Medium
10. Eurosport Yes Medium
11. TV10
12. Kanal 11
13. TV12
14. Kanal 10
15. Kanal Global
16. Horse1
17. Lifestyle TV
18. Öppna Kanalen
19. TVins
20. Com Hem-kanalen
36. BBC Knowledge Yes Large
37. BBC HD Yes Large/HDTV
38. History Channel HD Yes Large/HDTV
39. Nat Geo Wild Yes Large
40. TV7 Yes Medium
41. Animal Planet Yes Medium
42. Axess TV Small
43. BBC Entertainment Yes Medium
44. Discovery Channel Yes Medium
45. Discovery World Yes Large
46. Discovery Science Yes Large
47. TLC Yes Large
48. Discovery HD Yes HDTV
49. Kanal 10 Yes No
50. MTV Yes Medium
51. MTV Rocks Yes Large
52. Mezzo TV Yes Large
53. National Geographic Channel Yes Large
54. Playboy TV Yes Large
55. Star! Yes Medium
56. Travel Channel Yes Large
57. TNT Yes Medium
58. National Geographic Channel HD Yes HDTV
59. VH1 Yes Medium
60. Viasat Nature/Crime Yes Medium
61. Viasat History Yes Medium
62. Comedy Central Yes Medium
63. TV4 Fakta Yes Large
64. TV4 Guld Yes Medium
65. TV4 Komedi Yes Medium
66. SVT HD Small
67. Silver HD Yes HDTV
68. FashionTV Yes No
69. Yacht & Sail Yes No
70. TV4 Fakta XL Yes Large
71. CBS Reality Yes No
72. TV4 HD Yes Large/HDTV
73. BBC Lifestyle Yes Large
74. Sjuan Yes Medium
75. C More Sport No Canal+
76. C More Fotboll No Canal+
77. C More Hockey No Canal+
79. C More First No Canal+
80. C More Hits No Canal+
81. C More Action No Canal+
82. C More Series No Canal+
83. C More Emotion No Canal+
84. C More Live No Canal+
85. Viasat Film No TV1000
86. Viasat Film Comedy No TV1000
87. Viasat Film Family No TV1000
88. Viasat Film Action No TV1000
89. AMC No
90. Viasat Film Classic No TV1000
91. Viasat Film Drama No TV1000
92. Showtime Yes No
93. TCM Yes Medium
94. TV4 Film Yes Medium
95. Silver Yes Large
96. Viasat Explorer Yes Large
97. Sundance Channel No
98. SF-kanalen No Canal+
99. Hustler TV No No
100. Viasat Sport Yes Medium
101. Extreme Sports Channel Yes Large
102. Eurosport HD Yes HDTV
103. TV4 Sport Xtra Yes Medium
104. ESPN Classic Yes Large
105. Viasat Fotboll No Viasat Sport
106. Viasat Hockey No Viasat Sport
107. Viasat Motor No Viasat Sport
108. Motors TV Yes Large
109. Viasat Golf No No
110. Fuel TV Yes No
111. Viasat Sport HD No Viasat Sport
113. C More Tennis No
114. C More Extreme
115. Viasat Ticket
119. SVT24
120. CNN International Yes Medium
121. BBC World News Yes Large
122. CNBC Europe Yes Large
123. Bloomberg TV
124. euronews
125. Kunskapskanalen Small
126. Sky News International Yes Large
127. Channel NewsAsia Large
128. Al Jazeera English Yes Large
129. RT
150. Cartoon Network Yes Medium
152. Nickelodeon Yes Medium
153. SVT Barnkanalen Small
154. Disney Channel Yes Large
155. Disney XD Yes Large
156. Disney Junior Yes Medium
157 Nick Jr. Channel
158. C More Kids
170. DR1 Yes No
171. NRK1 Yes No
172. Yle Fem Yes No
174. HRT1 Yes No
175. Pink Plus No No
176. Channel One Russia Worldwide No No
177. DW-TV Yes No
178. TV Chile No No
179. TVP Polonia Yes No
180. TV5MONDE Yes No
181. TVE Internacional Yes No
182. ZDF Yes No
183. Al Jazeera Arabic Yes No
184. MBC Europe Yes No
185. Show TV Yes No
186. TRT Türk Yes No
187. IRIB 2 Yes No
200. ART Movies Yes No
201. LBC Europe Yes No
202. IRINN Yes No
206. RTS Sat Yes No
207. RTK Yes No
208. OBN Yes No
209. TVCG Montenegro Yes No
210. 3sat Yes No
211. Canal 24 Horas Yes No
212. Canal de las Estrellas Yes No
213. Rai Italia Yes No
214. RTP Internacional Yes No
215. France 2 Yes No
216. Duna TV Yes No
217. m2 Yes No
218. NEPIT World Yes No
219. PRO TV Internaţional Yes No
220. Polsat International Yes No
221. Wion Tv Yes Yes
222. TVP1 No Yes
223. TVP2 No Yes
224. TVP Info No Yes
223. RTL No Yes
223. ProSieben No Yes
224. RIK Sat No Yes
225. Sat.1 Yes Yes
226. NPO 1 No Yes
227. NPO 2 No Yes
228. BBC One (Scotland) Yes Yes
229. RTE One Yes Yes
230. S4C Yes Yes

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