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Guest House of Imperial Envoys
General information
LocationZhongzheng, Taipei, Taiwan
ManagementTaipei Botanical Garden[1]

The Guest House of Imperial Envoys (Chinese: 欽差行臺; Wade–Giles: ch'in ch'ai hsing t'ai) is the former site of the Qing dynasty government yamen that ruled Taiwan. The building is located at Taipei Botanical Garden in Zhongzheng District, Taipei.[2] The building is the only office of the Qing dynasty remaining in Taiwan.


The hall was built in 1882, late in the Qing period.[3]


The building served as the residential quarters for Qing government officials in Taipei on their inspection visits to Taiwan.

West gate of the hall under Qing rule


The building is accessible within walking distance South from Xiaonanmen Station of the Taipei Metro.

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