Li Chendian (1823–1864) was promoted to candidate of tidu during the war against Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

The provincial military commander (Chinese: 提督; pinyin: tídū) was the highest military official in the Chinese provinces of the Green Standards (綠營 lǜyíng) in Qing dynasty (1644–1911).[1] There was usually one in each province, but sometimes there were two in a province which one in charge of the army and another on in charge of the navy (like Fujian).[1] Under the jurisdiction of the provincial governor (巡撫 xúnfǔ) and sometimes a governor-general (總督), he was in charge of the Chinese military forces known as the Green Standards (綠營 lǜyíng), but had no control over the Eight Banners.[1] The provincial military commander is also known as provincial commander-in-chief and general-in-chief.[1]

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