Pakistani comics
Earliest publications1950s-

Pakistani comics (Urdu: پاکستانی کامکس) are comics or graphic novels originating from Pakistan. They have been publishing for a long time and Pakistani comics creators have gone to produce influential work in the comics industry.


After independence, comics are only used for politics and social issues.[1] There was no professional comic artist but cartoonists started making it for newspaper articles.

In 21st century, artists started creating comic books. Some new characters and superheroes arose.[2]

Notable Pakistani comic book artists

Notable Pakistani comic book illustrators and publishers include Nigar Nazar,[3] Farooq Qaiser, Jawed Iqbal, and Yusuf Lodhi.


No. Book Writer(s) Publisher
1 Paasban – The Guardians (2015)[4] Gauher Aftab CFx Comics (Creative Frontiers)
2 Zindan: The Last Ansaars (2015)[5] Omar Mirza
Khurram Methabin
Kachee Goliyan
3 Umru Ayar (2013)[6] Hasan Ansari Kachee Goliyan
4 Team Muhafiz (2015) Imran Azhar AzCorp
5 Pakistan Man (2013)[7] Hassan Sohail Siddiqui HS comics
6 Pakistan Girl (2017)[8] Hassan Sohail Siddiqui HS comics
7 Blood Lines (2017)[9] Mehran Khan Crucible studios
8 KODA (2015)[10] Mudassar But[11] Comic Con Pk
9 Paak Legion (2017)[12] Umair Najeeb Khan UNK
10 Karachi but Haunted (2019)[13] Komal Ashfaq [14] N/A


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