Native toAfghanistan
Native speakers
3,500 (2009)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3prc
Ghulam Maheuddin, Parachi from Ghulam Maheuddin, Parachi from Deh-i Kal in Shutul, northeast of Charikar. September 1924.
Ghulam Maheuddin, a Parachi man from Deh-i-Kal in Shutul valley, northeast of Charikar, photographed by Georg Morgenstierne in September 1924.

Parachi (Parāčī) is an Iranian language. Parachi is spoken by some 600 individuals of the Parachi ethnic group in eastern Afghanistan, mainly in the upper part of Nijrab District, northeast of Kabul, out of a total ethnic Parachi population of some 5,000.

It is closely related to the Ormuri language of Kaniguram in South Waziristan, Pakistan. Parachi is usually classified as a member of the Southeastern group of the Eastern Iranian languages,[2] although this is an areal group rather than a genetical one.


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