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No smoking sign in a restaurant at the National Palace Museum

Smoking in Taiwan is regulated by the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act (Taiwan). Tobacco advertising is banned,[1] and smoking is banned in all indoor public places.[2] Taiwan was the second Asian country to institute an indoor smoking ban, after Bhutan.[3] The Government of Taiwan (Republic of China) is planning to extend the smoking ban to cars, motorbikes, and pedestrians.[2]


Of Taiwan's population of 23 million, about 5 million people smoke.[2] Within Taipei, Taiwan's capital city, the prevalence rate decreased to 15.3% in 2009.[4] 2010 was Taipei's Anti-smoking year.[4]

However, in 2013 Taiwan recorded 18% of adult smoking rate, the lowest since 1990. This was the result of the government efforts to discourage smoking since the enactment of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act in 1997.[5] Studies have shown that the smoke-free legislation has had a positive effect on the rate of quitting attempts and annual cessation rates in Taiwan.[6]


Smoking is prohibited in the following places:

Conspicuous non-smoking signs shall be placed at all entrances of the places prescribed in the preceding paragraph. No smoking paraphernalia shall be supplied or displayed therein.

Guidelines for related measures of space, equipment and establishment of the indoor smoking rooms prescribed in the preceding Subparagraph 3 of Paragraph 1 and the provision of the preceding Subparagraph 11 of Paragraph 1 shall be enacted by the central competent authority in charge.

As per the authorization of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act (“the Act” hereafter) promulgated on 11 July 2007, the guidelines for related measures of space, equipment and establishment of the indoor smoking rooms (“the room” hereafter) prescribed in the Act’s Subparagraph 3 of Paragraph 1 in Article 15 and the provision of the Act’s Subparagraph 11 of Paragraph 1 in Article 15 were enacted by Department of Health, Executive Yuan, and are summarized as follows:[7]


Fines have been issued to both individuals and businesses for violations.[9] The government created a hotline (0800-531-531) and offers a monetary reward for citizens who submit photos of violations.[9]


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