South African International Exhibition
BIE-classUnrecognized exposition
NameSouth African International Exhibition
CountryCape Colony
CityCape Town, Cape Colony
Coordinates33°55′42″S 18°25′07″E / 33.9282485°S 18.41851°E / -33.9282485; 18.41851
Opening15 February 1877
Closure17 November 1877

The South African International Exhibition held in Cape Town, Cape Colony was a world's fair held in 1877[1] which opened on 15 February[2][3] by Henry Bartle Frere.


The exhibition was held in the grounds of the Lodge de Goede Hoop which was being used for the Parliament of the Cape of Good Hope[4] in a building erected for the exhibition.[5] The building was built of wood, iron, and glass which measured 184 x 78 feet; 56 feet high; and cost £10,027.[citation needed]


During 1876 Signor Cagli had canvassed American and European industries to exhibit “manufactures of all kinds”[4] which were to be grouped in 10 classes: "alimentation", chemicals (perfume, medicine and surgical equipment), furniture, fabric and jewellery, transport, hardware, machinery, agriculture, science and education, and miscellany.[5]

Exhibitors included Wertheim safes;[6] Taylor's sewing machines, who won a medal;[7] Sheffield based Samuel Marshall who showed hooks, hay knives, scythes and sheep shears[8] and linen manufacturers Rylands & Sons who won a prize (and another a year later at the Paris exhibition).[9]

There were 395 exhibitors from 14 nations:


After the exhibition, the main building was used as an assembly hall and a theatre, known as the Exhibition Theatre. In the afternoon of 21 February 1892, carpenters and scenery painters were preparing for a new play when a fire broke out about 3:30, near the theatre entrance. In less than one hour, the entire building was destroyed along with the adjoining Masonic Lodge and Native Affairs Office.[10]


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