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Tejpura is a town, apparently in Mahesana Taluka, Mehsana District, and former minor princely state in Gujarat, western India.


The jurisdictional state in Mahi Kantha was part of Katosan Thana and was ruled by Kshatriya Makwana Koli Chieftains.[1]

In 1901 it has a population of 1,034, yielding (together with the personal union) a state revenue of 3,500 Rupees (1903-4, all from land), paying 308 Rupees tribute to the Gaekwar Baroda State.[2][3]

In 1940, the Attachment Scheme saw Tejpura and many other (tributary) petty (e)states merged into the Gaekwar Baroda State, its suzerain salute state, which in 1949 merged into independent India's Bombay State.


The rulers of Tejpura were titled 'Thakor Saheb'.[citation needed]

Thakor Sahebs

Titular Thakor Sahebs

Heir Apparent Yuvraj Jayendrasinhn(b. 1960 - d. 1995)

Current Heir Apparent Rajkunvar Rajendrasinh(b. 1996 - present )

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