Rajpara (originally Rajpura) is a village and former Hindu non-salute Rajput princely state (native state) on Saurashtra peninsula in Gujarat, western India.

Coat of arms of Rajpura (Halar)


The Fifth Class Non-Salute Princely state and taluka, in Halar prant, was ruled by Jadeja Rajput Chieftains by primogeniture. It is an offshoot of the Kotda-Sangani State, whose first Thakur (title) Togujiraj, the founder of the house, the second son of Sangoji of Kotda-Sangani, received in appanage (jagir) with some other villages.

The Rajpura fort.

In 1901 it comprised twelve more villages, covering 39 square kilometers, with a combined population of 1,862 in 1901 (2,268 in 1921), yielding 13,654 Rupees state revenue (1903-4, mostly from land; later 27,000 Rs), paying 3,163 Rupees tribute, to the British and Junagadh State.

The Emblem of Rajpura


The Rajpura housed one of the most elegant houses in its time, the royal house, Rangmahel, having a scenic landscape surrounding itself, also served as the administrative office of the Taluka Rajpura.

The Rangmahel


T.S. Asājiraj Bhimjiraj Jadeja
T.S. Lakhajiraj Asājiraj Jadeja
T.S. Prithviraj Lakhajiraj Jadeja

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